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Skye Rangers  -  A Mechwarrior House Steiner affiliated gaming guild...
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game MechWarrior Online - PC
Recruitment information
The Skye Rangers offer a full suite of tools and services via our website to fully support our 'Mechwarriors as they drop into battle:

- A friendly, helpful, honorable and huge, active community of fellow 'Mechwarriors
- Regularly updated website news, events and archive system
- Standardized (but not too restrictive) set of Bylaws and Code of Conduct (rules/regs)
- Summer Palace Market - Fictional lore/canon 'Mechwarrior gear available for purchase w/ earned website credit points (not real world $)
- Events calendar & unit match/tracking system for tourneys within the SR or vs. outside units
- Dedicated 100-slot TS3 server (with a 50-slot backup Mumble server)
- Robust Chat/PM/Messaging system
- Active User Forums
- Member-supported Gallery for art, posters & tactical maps, etc.
- Loads of MW/BT based fiction
- Fully user-editable profiles, can also add 'characters' under main display name for MWO
- Canon Lyran rank system
- Canon Lyran medal/award system based on contributions and merit
- Canon Patents of Nobility system for RP'ing & forum activity
- Extensive Brigade piloting tactics & suggested 'mech builds info
- Member-only Intel on major House and Merc units in MWO
- Several Line and Support Regiments to participate in, catering to all styles of play (from fiction/art support to hardcore MWO play)
- Robust Enjin CMS, everything is linked and cross-linked...simple website to navigate and it's tough to get too 'lost'

Join the Skye Federation to vanquish the enemies of the Archon!

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Casual Social Roleplaying PvP voice TS3
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A Mechwarrior House Steiner affiliated gaming guild...