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BACK IN BLACK BLACK FRIDAY MC SALE 30% Bonus MC and Bonus Content  Starts: Friday Nov 16th  5 PM PDT (Nov 17th 01:00 AM UTC) Ends: Thursday Nov 23rd  4 PM PDT (Nov 24th 00:00 PM UTC)   BUY...
Published Nov 17, 2018
Countdown to Mech_Con Event with Daily Challenges 13 Days - Nov 17th 12 Days - Nov 18th  11 Days - Nov 19th 10 Days - Nov 20th 9 Days - Nov 21st 8...
Published Nov 16, 2018
MECH CHALLENGE EVENTS Starts: Nov 14th 00:00 UTC Ends: Dec 1st 00:00 UTC VAPOR EAGLE MECH CHALLENGE CUSTOMER REWARDS MECH CHALLENGES Look for an in-game sale on Standard and Hero Variants...
Published Nov 13, 2018
Upcoming Patch - 13 November 2018 @ 10AM – 1PM PDT Patch Number: Client Patch Size: 453MB Direct Download:  http://patcher.mwomercs.com/patch/Production/frontend/FrontendPatch_347.ziphttp://patcher.mwomercs.com/patch/Produc...
Published Nov 10, 2018
COUNTDOWN TO VAPOR EAGLE Release Date Nov 13th BUY THE VAPOR EAGLE MECH PACK VAPOR EAGLE LIVE STREAM PREVIEW ARCHIVE  Join Phil, and Daeron as they take a look at the Vapor...
Published Nov 7, 2018
Nov 6th Mech Release: Blood Asp for C-Bills and Flea for MC Blood Asp for C-Bills BLOOD ASP BAS-PRIME             17,007,446 C-Bills BLOOD ASP BAS-A                     17,653,446...
Published Nov 6, 2018
  MECHWARRIOR ONLINE  2018 REWARDS PROGRAM COUNTDOWN MWO REWARDS COUNTDOWN CLOCK! Greetings MechWarriors! Welcome to the MWO 2018 Customer Rewards Program Countdown Previews...
Published Nov 5, 2018
Greetings MechWarriors! We have had a recent influx of questions about a November preorder Mech and questions surrounding what Mech would be shipping in January. We thought it would be a good idea to share...
Published Nov 5, 2018
Join the Faction Fight and Complete Challenges to unlock rewards! Each Faction Event features a Faction Customization Content Sale at the same time! Check in-game for the sale items! Faction...
Published Oct 30, 2018
Published Oct 29, 2018
Skye March Tactical Feed

PGI have announed this year's Trick or Treat event! Check it out here

There are 150 prizes to be won per player, plus extras for those who have pre-ordered. Most importantly, if you get all 150, you automatically win a special 'Mech (either a Hunchback or Stormcrow) with pattern and 30% C-bill bonus!

So let's see you all in Teamspeak over the next week for both Quick Play and Faction Play!

Speaking which... Faction Play for the next week will be Clan vs Clan and Inner Sphere vs Inner Sphere! Let's show House Davion what we're made of!

[HPTGEN] William Slayer HHoD is ORGANIZED for this weekends event! Let's get our groove on Rangers! :-)
[SenSGM] GDL Griffster I don't think I have anything going on this weekend. I'll need to pick up the Captain if we're going sail...
[HPTGEN] William Slayer I have been in touch with members of HHoD (Head Hunters of Davion) and they are set to take us on Friday night and Satur...


It is my privilege to report that the 17th has been performing above expectations on the faction battlefield during their weekly sorties. Responding well to commands, being eager to learn, and having great attitudes while winning their matches, and even while losing the odd one. I am happy to recommend the following Rangers for promotion.

Thunderw to CP
WaffleIron to SCP
Ellaria81 to SCP
Allan Noble to SCP
Werekoala to SCP
DuckGoose to SCP
BurkeNichols to SCP
Hunter56 to SG
Aishka to SG
Doomfist to SG
WizDresden to SSG

Congratulations Rangers!


[SenSGM] GDL Griffster Congrats to all!
[SSG] Burke Nichols Congrats team! Putting in the work gets results. Keep it up.
[HPTGEN] William Slayer Awesome to hear 17th! Keep up the great work Rangers!
by Tina Benoit in [ Announcements ] on, Oct 20, 2017 10:20 PM UTC 17  comments
Total # of Scout Matches
Total # of Scout Match wins
Clan: 6050
IS: 7023
Total # of Siege Matches
Total # of Siege Match attacker/defender wins
Clan: 988
IS: 635
Total Match Score earned
Clan: 16393631
IS: 14455993
Top 20 most used Mechs
  • HUNTSMAN HMN-P  | 5102 |
  • NOVA NVA-PRIME  | 5043 |
  • PAKHET  | 4795 |
  • NOVA NVA-S  | 4248 |
  • MIST LYNX MLX-G  | 4072 |
  • |HUNTSMAN HMN-PRIME  | 3708 |
  • HELLBRINGER HBR-F(L)  | 2753 |
  • EBON JAGUAR EBJ-A  | 2728 |
  • SHADOW CAT SHC-B  | 2414 |
  • EBON JAGUAR EBJ-B  | 2279 |
  • HUNCHBACK IIC HBK-IIC(C)  | 2206 |
  • | HELLBRINGER HBR-A  | 2099 |
  • VIPER VPR-C  | 2018 |
  • ARCTIC CHEETAH ACH-E  | 1964 |
Inner Sphere:
  • GRIFFIN GRF-2N  | 5683 |
  • ASSASSIN ASN-21  | 5441 |
  • BUSHWACKER BSW-P1  | 4341 |
  • BUSHWACKER BSW-X1  | 4003 |
  • BUSHWACKER BSW-X2  | 3177 |
  • WARHAMMER WHM-6R  | 2860 |
  • MARAUDER MAD-3R  | 2706 |
  • CENTURION CN9-AH(L)  | 2521 |
  • WARHAMMER WHM-6D  | 2466 |
  • BATTLEMASTER BLR-1G  | 2197 |
  • SHADOW HAWK SHD-2D2  | 2089 |
  • BUSHWACKER BSW-P2  | 1879 |
  • MAULER MAL-MX90  | 1827 |
  • CENTURION CN9-A(NCIX)  | 1821 |
  • PHOENIX HAWK PXH-2(C)  | 1703 |
  • BLACK WIDOW  | 1695 |
  • JAGERMECH JM6-DD  | 1640 |
  • |BUSHWACKER BSW-S2  | 1498 |
  • CYCLOPS CP-10-Q  | 1497 |
  • HIGH ROLLER  | 1487 |
Number of Conquest, Skirmish, Assault, Domination Matches:
  • Conquest: 149
  • Skirmish: 138
  • Assault: 143
  • Domination: 109
  • Incursion: 136
Win/Loss ratio for Clans vs IS
Clan: 7459 Wins/7902 Losses = 0.9439
IS: 7902 Wins/ 7457 Losses = 1.0597
Kurita stats:
  • Total Players participated in at least 1 match: 999
  • Total Damage: 8688629
  • Total Kills: 19035
  • Total deaths: 25658
  • Total Assists: 105076
  • Total Team Kills: 90
  • Total Wins: 8048 (per player per match)
  • Total Loss: 9507 (per player per match)
  • Total W/L Ratio: 8048/9507 = 0.8465
Smoke Jaguar stats:
  • Total Players participated in at least 1 match: 916
  • Total Damage: 8690135
  • Total Kills: 18919
  • Total deaths: 21032
  • Total Assists: 104029
  • Total Team Kills: 118
  • Total Wins: 7372 (per player per match)
  • Total Loss: 7790 (per player per match)
  • Total W/L Ratio: 7372/7790 = 0.9463
[HPT-KM] Deathshade Those IS mechs should be the new meta unless they were nerfed on the next patch.
[SenSGM] Jexvrok well, we dominated scouting, that's for sure.
by Alexander Garden in [ Announcements ] on, Oct 17, 2017 8:55 PM UTC
Greetings MechWarriors,
The October 17 patch was originally scheduled to release at 2PM Pacific to ensure some final-hour changes were properly implemented and tested, but during the subsequent testing phase we identified an End of Round bug we were not willing to release as-is. As a result of this issue, we have decided to delay the patch until Wednesday, October 18th at 2PM Pacific.
We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience this delay may cause; particularly if you were looking forward to getting into your Escalation 'Mechs tonight.
Special Note: To help compensate somewhat for the delay, all accounts that have logged in within the last 60 Days will receive 2 Days of Banked Premium Time.
Additionally, Escalation pack owners of any pack or tier will also receive 1 free MechBay (to a max of 1).
These bonuses will arrive with the patch.
We will do our best to make the patch downtime tomorrow as quick as possible. Thank you for your patience, MechWarriors.
Original Announcement
Due to some final-hour changes to the Nightstar arm orientation and the partial rollback of previously planned Laser changes, the expected downtime for this patch will run from 2 to 4 PM Pacific, rather than our usual time of 10AM.
Apologies for any inconvenience; once the patch downtime begins 2PM we'll do our best to make it as quick as possible!
You can check out the details of our Laser change rollback through our devpost here, and the results of our Nightstar arm angle adjustment here.
[HPT] Papaspud haha, I got forum banned for complaining about the stealth nerf to the nightstar, then they "fixed" it...
Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 @ 10AM – 1PM PDT
Standalone Client Patch Size: TBA
Steam Client Patch Size: TBA
Please note that due to compression differences the Steam patch size may be larger than the standalone client patch size. 
Quick Links
• Ballistics
• Missiles
• Energy
• Quirks
• Other
Greetings MechWarriors,
The Civil War: Escalation 'Mechs have arrived, and are now en-route to the MechBays of eligible MechWarriors!
This patch contains a large number of gameplay-related fixes, adjustments, and improvements, including a Quirk pass on 9 'Mechs, balance adjustments for an array of weapons, a fix for MRM firing rates, the restoration of persistent, friendly UAV markers, a number of community-requested feature improvements, and more.
The Special Events system is receiving a few key improvements in this patch, including the ability to toggle visibility of Faction Play Objectives for which you are specifically eligible, along with a potential fix for the issue that prevented the Event Browser from populating for certain players. If you continue to encounter this issue after applying the patch, please contact Support services at technical@mwomercs.com.
Rounding out the patch we have the release of three new Halloween Cockpit Items, the delivery of three additional Warhorns for WC 2017 Tournament Supporter Pack owners, and an array of miscellaneous improvements and fixes.
In other news, our three 2017 MechWarrior Online World Championship Finalists have been decided! The forces of EmpyreaL, EON Synergy, and 228th Black Watch will meet on-site and in person at Mech_Con 2017 on December 9th in Vancouver, BC to determine who among them will be crowned the 2017 MechWarrior Online World Champions. If you can't make it in person be sure to tune into the Mech_Con 2017 livestream to catch all the action!
In the meantime, read on for all the details of the October patch and we'll see you on the battlefield!
- The MechWarrior Team


It is my pleasure to highlight the actions of one of our own today, and recognise the skill, poise, and teamwork needed to pull victory from the jaws of defeat. Skyshroud, a member of the 10th Regiment recently demonstrated all three of these abilitys.

On Crimson Strait, Skyshroud was one of two surviving mechs in an assault match where a half dozen enemys were still on the field. Using good positioning and teamwork, Skyshroud and fellow Ranger Aliencreature were able to set up an ambush that allowed them to take the enemy completely by suprise. When the smoke cleared Skyshroud and Aliencreature had not only survived, but had wiped the entire enemy team off the map.

Skyshroud finished the match with 7 kills to his credit!

For this outstanding act of teamwork and tactics, I hereby award him the McKennsy Ground Pounders Medal for valorous action on the battlefield.

Congratulations Skyshroud, you are a credit and inspiration to all the Skye Rangers!


William Slayer
RCOM, 22nd Regiment

[LT-GEN] Poptart82 Well done warriors!
[SenSGM] GDL Griffster Very nice and well deserved.
[HPT] Canefire Excellent! I wish I could have seen you in action! Congrats.

Yes Rangers, the Clans are finally getting a 20-tonner. It might be small but it's fast and will have a lot of hardpoints. Details here.

Additional info: It has now been confirmed to be eligible for the annual rewards programme.

[LT-GEN] Poptart82 as if the Mistlynx knife fighter wasn't tough enough to deal with. This looks to be way better than the Pirates�...
[KM-GEN] Hercu1 a Only 20 tons, if you can hit it, should come apart pretty easily.
[SenSGM] ToneLoc99 Not looking forward to a 12 MG mech on my back, but hopefully they're easy to splat.
Standard Skye Timezone
November 2018
Super FW matches tonight Rangers. 2 great wins and one close loss. You guys are AWESOME!
Welcome Epicirby2000 & Jemel...!
Welcome Philatrocius, Tellatale & Bluekittin...!
We did drop the hammer pretty hard. Congrats to Steiner for holding off those FRR buggers.
I hope we dropped the hammer on FRR. Wish I could have joined yall!
Who's ready to take on FRR in FW? Starting at 8pm Skye Time tonight!
Welcome Murrax9 & Nax...!
I'll take a double-woooooo
Faction Friday! Woooo!
Welcome Vector...!
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