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BACK IN BLACK BLACK FRIDAY MC SALE 30% Bonus MC and Bonus Content  Starts: Friday Nov 16th  5 PM PDT (Nov 17th 01:00 AM UTC) Ends: Thursday Nov 23rd  4 PM PDT (Nov 24th 00:00 PM UTC)   BUY...
Published Nov 17, 2018
Countdown to Mech_Con Event with Daily Challenges 13 Days - Nov 17th 12 Days - Nov 18th  11 Days - Nov 19th 10 Days - Nov 20th 9 Days - Nov 21st 8...
Published Nov 16, 2018
MECH CHALLENGE EVENTS Starts: Nov 14th 00:00 UTC Ends: Dec 1st 00:00 UTC VAPOR EAGLE MECH CHALLENGE CUSTOMER REWARDS MECH CHALLENGES Look for an in-game sale on Standard and Hero Variants...
Published Nov 13, 2018
Upcoming Patch - 13 November 2018 @ 10AM – 1PM PDT Patch Number: Client Patch Size: 453MB Direct Download:  http://patcher.mwomercs.com/patch/Production/frontend/FrontendPatch_347.ziphttp://patcher.mwomercs.com/patch/Produc...
Published Nov 10, 2018
COUNTDOWN TO VAPOR EAGLE Release Date Nov 13th BUY THE VAPOR EAGLE MECH PACK VAPOR EAGLE LIVE STREAM PREVIEW ARCHIVE  Join Phil, and Daeron as they take a look at the Vapor...
Published Nov 7, 2018
Nov 6th Mech Release: Blood Asp for C-Bills and Flea for MC Blood Asp for C-Bills BLOOD ASP BAS-PRIME             17,007,446 C-Bills BLOOD ASP BAS-A                     17,653,446...
Published Nov 6, 2018
  MECHWARRIOR ONLINE  2018 REWARDS PROGRAM COUNTDOWN MWO REWARDS COUNTDOWN CLOCK! Greetings MechWarriors! Welcome to the MWO 2018 Customer Rewards Program Countdown Previews...
Published Nov 5, 2018
Greetings MechWarriors! We have had a recent influx of questions about a November preorder Mech and questions surrounding what Mech would be shipping in January. We thought it would be a good idea to share...
Published Nov 5, 2018
Join the Faction Fight and Complete Challenges to unlock rewards! Each Faction Event features a Faction Customization Content Sale at the same time! Check in-game for the sale items! Faction...
Published Oct 30, 2018
Published Oct 29, 2018
Skye March Tactical Feed

The new look of an old classic...

The 45 ton Phoenix Hawk

...coming soon

[CP] Insanus Yes! I have a strange feeling that this will be my main medium mech
VWinter Will decide after some detailes of them
BloodyEyes So which hero mech is everyone looking at since there will be two to choose from?

For the next few days Resistance 2 and Origins IIC 'Mechs are 25% off the MC price. There are also 50% discounts on MC-priced cam patterns. Enjoy!

Alexander Fury Anyone who wants the Black Knight. Now would be the time!

Kodiak Lore and Blueprint

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Feb 22, 2016 11:00 PM UTC

Mithrall want it!
BloodyEyes I wonder how many gauss you could fit in that balistic HP....

Starts: FEB 18th 10:00:00 AM (PST) (6:00:00 PM UTC)
Ends: FEB 22nd 10:00:00 AM (PST) (6:00:00 PM UTC)


Greetings MechWarriors,

Welcome to the Rifleman Leaderboard and Challenge Event! It's time to see who among you can claim superiority in a Rifleman.

This Event is comprised of Leaderboard components for each individual 'Mech variant from our Rifleman Collections, along with a cumulative Personal Challenge reward component that all players are eligible for!

If you don't own a Rifleman 'Mech that qualifies for the Leaderboard event you'll still have plenty of opportunity to earn some rewards in the cumulative Personal Challenge component, or you can pick up a Rifleman Collection if you want to throw down the gauntlet against other Rifleman pilots.

Cumulative Challenge Details and Conditions

The Personal Challenge portion of this Event is based on cumulative achievements in Quick Play only! Faction Play matches do not count toward these cumulative goals.

Check out the Goal and Rewards tables below for all Reward items and conditions. These Goals are cumulative, so achieving a total of 5,000 DMG before February 22nd at 10:00 AM PST would reward you with the .50 Cal Hanging Item and 50 MC. Likewise, racking up a combined total of 2,000,000 C-Bills through the course of the event will reward you with an additional one-time reward of 500,000 C-Bills.

More info : http://mwomercs.com/tournaments?t=201602mechs

PGI have just released the patch notes for next week!

Four brand new 'grey block' test maps are being released in this patch, intended purely with future competitive gameplay in mind. We'll be actively seeking your feedback on the layout and sight lines in these maps from a competitive standpoint. To that end we'll soon be establishing a dedicated sub-forum to compile feedback and centralize discussion not just regarding these new test maps, but toward competitive gameplay in MWO as a whole. We intend to iterate on these maps with every patch.

This patch additionally features an array of gameplay-related fixes and changes, including Quirk adjustments for both Inner and Clan 'Mechs, improvements to MASC, Clan Targeting Computers, and Flamers, and a number of general 'quality of life' improvements, such as a fix for the random assignment of leadership, a fix for an issue with the Capture Accelerator Module, a fix for extra fall damage being received when Leg Structure Quirks were present, and more.

This patch also includes a number of fixes and changes for maps, 'Mechs, and miscellaneous, including an array of Jump Jet animation fixes, the addition of breakable objects to the Crimson Strait and Canyon Network Quick Play Maps and breakable trees in the Sulfurous Rift Faction Play Map, a retrofit of the Stalker weapon visuals, collision improvements to Caustic Valley, and much more.



[COL] Kristee BUT WHEN????? THESE ARE THE THINGS I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!! o7 Sirs

Starts: Feb 12th 10:00 AM PST (6:00 PM UTC)

Ends: Feb 16th 10:00 AM PST (6:00 PM UTC)

Happy Valentine's Day, MechWarrior!

Whether we've been seeing each other since Beta, or we just met, we're so glad that you're spending time with us this Valentine's Day weekend. As a thank you, we have a bunch of Valentine's gifts for you to obtain.

We're trying something a little different this time around: the Prizes are a mystery! Achieve them to discover the Reward, or check the forums for revelations from other players.

Check your Progress on your stats page: https://mwomercs.com/profile/stats?type=challenges

Check out what the prizes are at the MWO Reddit:  https://www.reddit.com/r/OutreachHPG/comments/45byd4/valentines_weekend_challenge_mystery_prizes/

Oh and make sure to get your valentine something nice and shiney, to destract them...so you can get all your matches in.

Rifleman Scale

[KM-GEN] Hercu1 a posted Feb 12, 16

Hard points are look'n good :)

Standard Skye Timezone
November 2018
Super FW matches tonight Rangers. 2 great wins and one close loss. You guys are AWESOME!
Welcome Epicirby2000 & Jemel...!
Welcome Philatrocius, Tellatale & Bluekittin...!
We did drop the hammer pretty hard. Congrats to Steiner for holding off those FRR buggers.
I hope we dropped the hammer on FRR. Wish I could have joined yall!
Who's ready to take on FRR in FW? Starting at 8pm Skye Time tonight!
Welcome Murrax9 & Nax...!
I'll take a double-woooooo
Faction Friday! Woooo!
Welcome Vector...!
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