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PRE-ORDER MW5 MERCS MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Community Pre-order ends April 30th 11:59:59 UTC Pre-order before April 9th to qualify for CPLT-C2 (S), WHM-9D (S), MAD- 9M (S), KGC-001 (S) Pre-order...
Published Mar 21, 2019
Published Mar 19, 2019
Mech Release - Mech Variants for MC Available in the in-game Store JAVELIN JVN-11F                          1820 MC RIFLEMAN RFL-8D                       3280 MC WARHAMMER...
Published Mar 19, 2019
Published Mar 19, 2019
Upcoming Patch - 19th March 2019 @ 10AM – 1PM PDT Patch Number: Standalone Client Patch Size: 532MB Please note that due to compression differences the Steam patch size may be larger...
Published Mar 14, 2019
Countdown to Corsair Release March 19th! Buy the Mech Pack here! CORSAIR LIVE STREAM PREVIEW  Join Phil, and Daeron as they take a look at the Corsair Monday March 18th @ 12pm PDT / 3 pm EDT / 7pm UTC  live...
Published Mar 13, 2019
LUCKY CHARMS 2019! OVERALL EVENT PAGE! https://mwomercs.com/luckycharms CHALLENGE TRACKING PAGES PHASE 1 >>> PHASE 2 >>> PHASE 3 >>> *Be sure to redeem...
Published Mar 13, 2019
MW5:Mercs DISCORD AMA SESSIONS 13-MAR-2019 TOPIC: MW5 Career Path - Replayability DATE: Wednesday March 13th  There will be 2 sessions to best accommodate for the different time-zones: @...
Published Mar 9, 2019
Published Mar 7, 2019
Published Mar 6, 2019
Skye March Tactical Feed

Halloween Sale 50% off Select Customization

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Oct 26, 2016 4:00 PM UTC
50% off Select Customization Items
Starts: Oct 26th 10 am PDT
Ends: Nov 1st 10 am PDT
Phraken Permanent Pattern - 50% off for all Chasis
50% off Select Colors (Phraken,Oranges, Purples, and Greens)
Halloween Cockpit items 50% off (new warhorn and Standing item Excluded)
Pro Tip!
Visit the Mech Lab Camo Spec and Cockpit customization screens and 
use the Sale filter to find the sale items easily!

Event Highlights

Welcome to the Haunted or Hunted Event! Following up on our Mechtoberfest Event we have another long-running Event packed with challenges and prizes to celebrate the release of the Huntsman and the approach to Halloween!

The Haunted or Hunted Event features the following components. Pay close attention to the details of this Event, as certain components run at different times!

October 18th - November 1st

  • Daily Match Score Challenge
  • Terra Therma Redux Challenge
  • Huntsman Pilot Challenge
  • Hunt the Huntsman Challenge

October 20th - October 25th

  • Huntsman Leaderboard

October 25th - November 1st

  • Trick or Treat Loot Bags!
...by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Oct 19, 2016 11:00 PM UTC
Congratulations to the 
MechWarrior Online World Championships Finalists!
North America
Join us at Mech_Con Vancouver or on Twitch.tv/piranhagames Dec 3rd for the MechWarrior Online World Championships Finals.
[HPT-KM] Deathshade may the bacon be with the Finalists!

Lords and Ladies, esteemed guests, members of the 10th, ladies and gentlemen. We are gathered here today to recognise some of the many extraordinary contributions of the members of the 10th Skye Rangers Regiment.

 It is with a special pride and honor and an overwhelming respect and gratitude that I take a moment and acknowledge some of the Senior Officers of the 10th Skye Rangers.  Given the nature of the 10th, in that I am both a senior Command officer and the XO of the Skye Rangers, I am going to take a little license with normal maximum promotion protocols.  


Masterflash, is a seasoned warrior and leader of the Skye Rangers.  If he were in any other regiment, he would have been promoted to RCOM by now.  It may be a little bit selfish but I adore having him in the 10th.  He is an excellent tactical commander and a pilot without equal.  He served with distinction in the MWO world Championships as a member of SRoT Jaegers.  It is a long overdue honor that I hereby promote him to the rank of Colonel.  In addition, Masterflash is hereby promoted to Senior BCOM and Executive Officer of the 10th Skye Rangers.

Parduke, has long served the Skye Rangers and the 10th.  He also represented the Skye Rangers with distinction as one of the members of SRoT Team BBQ in the MWO World Championships.  I look to him for his counsel and evaluations.  I hereby promote Col. Parduke to the rank of Leutnant-General and BCOM to the 10th SR.

Yerdead, is a long serving and steadfast warrior and battlefield commander.  His exuberance for destruction of his enemies is only equaled by his good will towards his fellow rangers.  It is an honor to promote him to the rank of Hauptmann-Kommandant.

Chopy, has long been the mechwarrior that goes bump in the night.  He leads by example and has helped to train some of the best new light pilots in the Skye Rangers.  He is an asset to the 10th and the Skye Rangers organization.  He served with distinction in the MWO World championships team SRoT BBQ.  It is with a special delight that I promote him to the rank of  Kommandant.

Supernobody, is one of those special gems.  A silent warrior who can rush headlong into and engagement and find himself the last man standing when the dust settles.  He is the type of pilot you want by your side, and his merit as a pilot is great, his merit as a leader is even greater in my opinion.  He served with distinction in the MWO world Championships as a member or SRoT Jaegers.  It is with pride that I hereby promote him to the rank of Hauptmann and CCOM of the 10th Skye Rangers.

As luck would have it, after promoting my entire junior officer corp to senior officer positions I have the luck and good fortune to promote some very deserving NCO’s to the Officer corp of the 10th.

Garthamatic, is a steadfast warrior and has been a capable leader and officer in all but name only.  It is with pleasure that I fix that oversight and promote him to the rank of First Leutnant and LCOM of the 10th Skye Rangers.

Nemesis357, has been a service to the 10th and the Skye Rangers for a long time.  He served in the MWO World championships with distinction, team SRoT BBQ and it is altogether fitting that I now promote him to the rank of Leutnant and LCOM of the 10th Skye Rangers.

Wafflr, is a loudmouth and unruly and rebellious.  He is also a great pilot, and a cheerleader and champion of the 10th and the Skye Rangers.  He served with distinction during the MWO world championships, team SRoT BBQ and he made sure the enemy knew they were fighting the mighty bacon warriors of team SRoT BBQ.  It is with a smile and without hesitation that I promote him to the rank of Leutnant and LCOM of the 10th Skye Rangers.

Now, time for some very overdue NCO promotions.

Mithrall  and GuyFleegman are senior NCO’s and have had a long standing service in the Skye Rangers, they are assets to the 10th and they are hereby promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant Major.

Mannabis is hereby promoted to the rank of Sergeant Major

Codynyc is hereby promoted to the rank of Sergeant

Jexvrok and norc, are hereby promoted to the rank of Senior Corporal.

FlyingMonkey is hereby promoted to the rank of Corporal.

The following 10th Rangers are hereby awarded or restored their Ground Pounders Medal:  Jexvrok, Wolfone, Codynyc, Wafflr, Jellybean, Greeknight,

The following 10th Rangers are hereby awarded or restored their Order of Tamar Tigers:  Wolfone, Codynyc, Wafflr, Jellybean, Greeknight, Garthamatic, Geekdad.

The following 10th Rangers are hereby awarded or restored their The Honor of Skye:  Wolfone, Wafflr,

The following 10th Rangersare hereby awarded their Tournament Qualified badge:  Jexvrok, Jellybean, Greeknight.

The following 10th Ranger is hereby awarded their Senior Qualified badge:  Codynyc

The following 10th Rangers are hereby awarded or restored their Master Qualified badge:  Wolfone, Garthamatic, Wafflr,


Finally, we come to the end of this awards ceremony and it is an extreme honor and privilege to recognise all these fine Mechwarriors.  That being said it is time for a little special recognition.  For tonight we have two mechwarriors among us that have exceeded the normal bonds of marksmanship, pilot skill and dedication.

Wolfone was the first pilot I ever awarded the Commonwealth Medal of Honor to.  He earned in in an exciting and death defying performance of skill and guile.  I hereby restore to him his Commonwealth Medal of Honor.

Masterflash is one of the deadliest pilots in this game.  His ability to deal damage and rack up kills is impressive.  His performance as a pilot is nothing less than spectacular.  It is my special privilege to award him his second Commonwealth Medal of Honor.

[LT-COL] M4sterFl4sh Nicely done Hrunting. You're a class act. Gratz to all. I for one am honored to be part of a unit with such a gr...
[SSGM] Waffler WOOOHHH!!!!!!1111!!!! Lieutenant Waffler, I like the sound of that... Lew-ten-ant Waff-al-er. Did you get the court to r...
[HPTGEN] William Slayer *Whistles and claps as hard as he can* Way to go Rangers! :-)

Not sure everyone saw this but FYI:

Posted Image

Release Dates and Eligibility Information

Clan Collection Pre-Order Page

[KM] Jagg3d It's a redo of the Highlander IIC with a few hardpoint tweaks. KD3 is the better buy for cbills. Unless your into b...
Gryor I'm not gonna lie. This is my favorite mech. I just hope they don't fuck it up.
[LT1] Kurbeks Bye the time it ships it's probably gona be meh, cause of ED

Patch Notes - 1.4.85 - 18-OCT-2016

by Alexander Garden in [ Patch Notes ] on, Oct 17, 2016 10:00 PM UTC
Upcoming Patch - Tuesday October 18th @ 10AM - 1PM PDT
Patch Number:
Standalone Client Patch Size: ~1.2 GB
Steam Client Patch Size: ~900MB
Please note that due to compression differences the Steam patch size may be larger than the standalone client patch size.
Quick Links
• Huntsman
• Terra Therma Update
• 2016 Customer Appreciation 'Mechs
• New Cockpit Items, Titles, and Badges
• Decals
• Optimizations
• Gameplay
• 'Mech Pattern Retrofits
• Other Fixes and Changes
• Patch Files (Direct Download)
Greetings MechWarriors,
The Huntsman has arrived, and is now en-route to the MechBays of eligible MechWarriors. While the Huntsman traveled a circuitous route to creation, it has amply filled the original vision that inspired its design. Its excellent balance of speed, armor, and firepower has made the Huntsman a highly-regarded and extremely potent Medium OmniMech, prized for its flexibility against a wide range of opponents and battlefield conditions.
Terra Therma is the latest map to undergo a design and beautification pass. The changes to Terra Therma are significant; while the name remains, Terra Therma is almost entirely a new map and experience. 
The content featured as part of the 2016 Appreciation Program is releasing in this patch to all eligible MechWarriors! We greatly appreciate your support over the last year, and we very much hope you'll enjoy this bonus content. 
The Art team continues their work on Pattern retrofits for the remaining 'Mechs without full Pattern Support. In this patch all variants of the Blackjack, Firestarter, Highlander, JagerMech, Quickdraw, and Victor 'Mechs now have full Pattern support.
Rounding out the patch we have a comprehensive optimization pass for connecting, loading, and performing actions within MechLab, an array of new Cockpit Items for purchase, a set of 23 new Decals with which to customize your 'Mechs, and much more.
As a final note, when compared against our previous patches over the last year this October patch features relatively fewer fixes and changes for 'Mechs and Maps. For these patch notes we have opted to collect the majority of fixes and changes into the single 'Other Fixes and Changes' section.
Looking ahead to December the team continues to work on bringing you the long-awaited revamp of the Assault Game Mode, a brand new Quick Play game mode, new features for Faction Play, a ground-up rework of the Skill Tree system, and more. We look forward to revealing more about these and other items at Mech_Con on December 3rd!
Read on for all the details of this October patch, and we'll see you on the battlefield!
- The MechWarrior Team

New Release

Alexander Fury posted Oct 12, 16

First Succession War ($49.99)
In 2784, the departure of General Alexsandr Kerensky and the remnants of the SLDF from known space leaves the Inner Sphere balanced on a knife-edge. With no Star League to keep the House Lords in check, greed, ambition and old grudges come to the fore once more, propelling the five remaining Great Houses into a war that threatens human civilization itself: The First Succession War.

The First Succession War describes the most devastating conflict ever fought by mankind as the five Great Houses battle for supremacy in the ruins of the Star League. Covering the collapse of the Star League, the militarization of the Inner Sphere and the horrors that ensued, this volume provides a detailed look at the major actions of the war, the motivations of its participants, and the deadly consequences of their decisions.

[LT1] Kurbeks 50 bucks for book - i would think King Louis XV have signed it or something. Atleast PDF's are avilable for $15 an...
Cathy It's a great looking book and what was said in the HBS Q&A made me drool. I want it, but with the collaspe...
Garrick Kael Hm. Might have to pick this up!
Standard Skye Timezone
March 2019
Assume em new MW5-related loadouts need to be redeemed again, so please dont forget to check the MW5-site to get the code and redeem it on yer MWO-account.
FYI...due to lower activity, I've changed Section XIII of our Bylaws to allow for 12 months in the DSR before being deleted from our Roster entirelly: [link]
Welcome Exarion, cairbre & Philipp Steiner...!
Aaarrr! All your components are belong to us! So how is the Corsair doin within mechlab-ocean??
Got a few good faction drops in last night. Well done fellas!
Nice job in that Critical Rocket video VWinter! :-)
Faction Friday anyone? :dead:
German sayin: need money? Take our Dervish'es. ;-p
The Dervish! Take my money!!!!!!
Going to see Capt Marvel tonight. Whaaat?
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