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PRE-ORDER MW5 MERCS MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Community Pre-order ends April 30th 11:59:59 UTC Pre-order before April 9th to qualify for CPLT-C2 (S), WHM-9D (S), MAD- 9M (S), KGC-001 (S) Pre-order...
Published Mar 21, 2019
Published Mar 19, 2019
Mech Release - Mech Variants for MC Available in the in-game Store JAVELIN JVN-11F                          1820 MC RIFLEMAN RFL-8D                       3280 MC WARHAMMER...
Published Mar 19, 2019
Published Mar 19, 2019
Upcoming Patch - 19th March 2019 @ 10AM – 1PM PDT Patch Number: Standalone Client Patch Size: 532MB Please note that due to compression differences the Steam patch size may be larger...
Published Mar 14, 2019
Countdown to Corsair Release March 19th! Buy the Mech Pack here! CORSAIR LIVE STREAM PREVIEW  Join Phil, and Daeron as they take a look at the Corsair Monday March 18th @ 12pm PDT / 3 pm EDT / 7pm UTC  live...
Published Mar 13, 2019
LUCKY CHARMS 2019! OVERALL EVENT PAGE! https://mwomercs.com/luckycharms CHALLENGE TRACKING PAGES PHASE 1 >>> PHASE 2 >>> PHASE 3 >>> *Be sure to redeem...
Published Mar 13, 2019
MW5:Mercs DISCORD AMA SESSIONS 13-MAR-2019 TOPIC: MW5 Career Path - Replayability DATE: Wednesday March 13th  There will be 2 sessions to best accommodate for the different time-zones: @...
Published Mar 9, 2019
Published Mar 7, 2019
Published Mar 6, 2019
Skye March Tactical Feed

"Greetings MechWarriors,

As you may already know, PayPal Credit is not yet available for MechWarrior Online purchases under the new Xsolla portal. When attempting to process a transaction with PayPal Credit the majority of players receive a message that they need to return to PayPal to select a different funding source.
We are in the process of working with Xsolla and PayPal to resolve this, as there appears to be a technical issue preventing integration of PayPal Credit.
PayPal is currently requesting that PayPal Credit users provide us with the source code of the transaction failure/funding source error page.
If you have recently submitted a ticket to billing@mwomercs.com regarding issues with PayPal Credit, we may follow up with you with the steps required to get the information that PayPal has requested.
If you are a PayPal Credit user, but have not recently submitted a ticket about these issues, and if you're up for running through some minor technical steps to help us get the information required for PayPal, please send off a ticket to billing@mwomercs.com with the subject heading 'PayPal Credit issue'."

Got Questions about BATTLETECH? Join NGNG on Monday 9-28!


At  10am PDT and 6pm PDT.




Merged with Kredo's post.



SJ1 promotions

[KM-GEN] Greyfoxx a posted Sep 28, 15

It is my honor and privilege to recommend the following promotions and accolades.

Nootreeno - promotion to 1st Leutnant

Cards79 - promotion to Sergeant as well as Master Qualified medal

Will I Am - promotion to Sergeant Major

Leitzout - promotion to Senior Corporal as well as Master Qualified and Honor of Skye medals

Allenmcd - promotion to Sergeant as well as Master Qualified and Honor of Skye medals

Qahn - promotion to Corporal

I want to thank every one of you for your persistent hard work and dedication to the 1st Skye Jaegers and the Skye Rangers Brigade.

[LT-GEN] Poptart82 Grats on your promotions and MQ's gents!
Alexander Fury Congrats to all. Well deserved for all.
[LT-COL] M4sterFl4sh Gratz guys!


Fellow 'Mechwarriors,

I hear from our XO (GEN-KM Hrunting) that he is getting daily requests to update folks' ranks in game. As such, it's getting to be that time to update our in game SRoT Roster. 

As such, over the next 1-2 weeks, I will be personally going through the MWO in game guild (SRoT) roster and updating positions and AWOL checks manually.

Unfortunately, there's (still) not a robust guild management tool in MWO Faction panel, so I will do it the old fashioned way.

However, ALL SR members MUST make sure that their in game names match their SR guild website roster name (to avoid inadvertent MWO roster deletion by yours truly). Your main account display name here on the website MUST match your in game MWO pilot name or you risk removal/deletion from the in game roster (i.e., I am not going to try and guess).

You can change your SR website account display name easily on the website under your Profile panels. Not sure you can change your name in MWO, but you may be able to change it there to match as well.

Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions.

.../Salute! ...Brigade Up...!

Sixnations still alive... just getting used to living in Germany
[HPT-KM] Deathshade Thanks for the House cleaning. I know that was a bit of work to also include the MWO inactive players as well. I bit la...

Attention Skye Rangers!

PGI has announed a new event between September 25th and 30th. All players can earn an additional 50,000 C-Bills per qualifying match if they achieve the Minimum Match Score!

Players with the Marauder Pack also earn 5 MC per match!

Full details online here!

10th Skye Rangers JUNE....September PROMOTIONS!!!

::Hrunting, readies himself to leave his enormous office for the day, the duties and demands of the Brigade XO are not all that bad and the perks like this office and the secret cavernous stash of Steiner 69 Hans left behind the portrait of the Archon and bright shiney ban hammer Ashuraa left in the drawer aren't bad either, he checks his appearance in the mirror and remembers for the first time that afternoon that he is wearing his dress kilt::

Hrunting> hmmmmm, I believe I may have forgotten something…

Lovely Assistant> Um sir?….The promotions ceremony sir. It’s now….sir!

Hrunting> Oh….yes, quite right!

::Hrunting grabs a folder off the corner of his desk marked in oil and tape that says 10th RCOM stuffs, it is covered in dust and has a June date on it, he then grabs his cap and rushes out the door and up to the podium outside. Hrunting nods to Parduke who is sleeping behind him, then to yerdead who is looking in the other direction and then frantically to M4sterfl4sh and nods his head to the assembled crowd::

M4sterfl4sh>oh, uh….Black watch, 10th Skye Rangers Regiment be at...A’TEN-SHUN!

::The regiment snaps to attention resplendent in their dress uniforms and kilts::

Lords and Ladies, esteemed guests, members of the 10th, ladies and gentlemen. We are gathered here today to recognise some of the many extraordinary contributions of the members of the 10th Skye Rangers Regiment.

First and foremost, it is with great pleasure and tremendous pride that I stand here before you today to recognize one of the truly extraordinary members of the Black Watch. I regret only that this ceremony is long overdue.

Hauptman M4sterfl4sh, please step forward.

Today you join the select few members of the Skye Rangers that have proven themselves in the bloody crucible of combat to the highest regard and as such I award you our highest honor. For outstanding and distinguished service on the field of battle as one of the most lethal killers in all of the Skye Rangers and for accumulating a record of well over 10,000 kills I award to you, the Commonwealth Medal of Honor.

::Salutes M4sterfl4sh, then shakes his hand::


Having previously been awarded and for continued service for the Skye Rangers I award the following the McKennsey Ground Pounders Medal (GPM) and the Order or Tamar Tigers (OTT) to Jelly Bean & Greenknight419,

Additionally the following members of the watch have earned their TQ badge: Jelly Bean, Greenknight419, codynyc

Now for some promotions!

The following members have performed well and honored the Skye Rangers, I hereby promote them to the rank of Corporal (CP) - Copper blood, Jaden Hekard, Devillin, norc, Tycholas, XDavashX,

The following members have performed their duties exceptionally and have time served for the rank of Senior Corporal (SCP) - Wyattorc, codynyc, Fuax

The next set of members have distinguished themselves and are hereby awarded the rank of Sergeant (SG) - Jelly Bean, Greenknight419, Verenix

These Sergeants continue to perform and are hereby recognized with the rank of Staff Sergeant (SSG) - mannabis, Lsp

The following members have been serving the 10th well and are hereby award the following officers promotions and positions.

SuperNobody, Quickdraw Crobat - Leutnant (LT) & LCOM

Chopy - Hauptmann (HPT) & CCOM

Additionally, The next member has served the 10th with distinction and honor. Furthermore I rely on his council as much as I rely on his piloting abilities. He his a senior member of the 10th command staff and a senior Drop Commander,

I hereby promote, M4sterFl4sh - Kommandant (KM) & BCOM

Last but not least, the next member has been my private council and confident for a long time. He has a proven track record as an ace pilot and military strategist. He his also a senior drop commander and a member of command staff most recently creating and administrating the Skye rangers 4v4 Tournament.

I hereby promote Poptart81 - Hauptmann-Kommandant (HPT-KM) & BCOM and Executive Officer of the 10th SRR.

Signed this day September the 23rd in the year 3052
Hamish Mackay, Commanding

The Right Honorable
Kommandant-General Hamish "Hrunting" Mackay
The Lord Tounge
Executive Officer, SRB
Commanding Officer, 10th SRR "Black Watch"
Regius Professor of Game Theory Emeritus, Sanglamore
Fellow Emeritus, Nagelring
(AS), (McH), (RLOC)

Manu Forti


[CP] Devillin Whoo hoo !!
Alexander Fury Congrats to all. Well deserved!
XDavashX Congratz Sky Rangers on promotions and awards, and thanks Skipper for my promotion, cheers.

Hello gentlemen,

I  have taken a poll from among the tournament players and it has been decided that a removal of the two loss elimiation rule would benefit everyone and the tournament as a whole.  Instead there will be a total of 5 weeks of play as shown in the ladder/standing graphic below this paragraph, and each win will give a team 10pts.  A loss awards 5pts. Totals at the end of the 5 weeks of play will determine the tourney winner.  All teams will continue to fight for the right to enjoy that return safe voyage back from clanner territory to the innersphere systems.

As usual all matches will be played Saturdays, @ 9pm EST, unless otherwise scheduled by team leaders.

Now for the updated standings. Good luck in Week 3 teams!


Xenon54z And so the DOOM continues to engulf the land! MWHAHAAA!
Hydrocarbon Woohoo! I like it. https://cliffnotesdotco.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/dumb-dumber.jpg
Standard Skye Timezone
March 2019
Assume em new MW5-related loadouts need to be redeemed again, so please dont forget to check the MW5-site to get the code and redeem it on yer MWO-account.
FYI...due to lower activity, I've changed Section XIII of our Bylaws to allow for 12 months in the DSR before being deleted from our Roster entirelly: [link]
Welcome Exarion, cairbre & Philipp Steiner...!
Aaarrr! All your components are belong to us! So how is the Corsair doin within mechlab-ocean??
Got a few good faction drops in last night. Well done fellas!
Nice job in that Critical Rocket video VWinter! :-)
Faction Friday anyone? :dead:
German sayin: need money? Take our Dervish'es. ;-p
The Dervish! Take my money!!!!!!
Going to see Capt Marvel tonight. Whaaat?
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