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Upcoming Patch - Tuesday, January 22nd, 2018 @ 10AM – 1PM PDT Patch Number: Client Patch Size: 303 MB Please note that due to compression differences the Steam patch size may be larger...
Published Jan 19, 2019
MW5 MERCENARIES PRE-ORDER UPGRADES AVAILABLE! ALSO:  Marauder II Pre-order Codes are issued on your Profile page now!  LINK TO MW5 SITE You can now Upgrade your MW5 Preorder Level From Standard...
Published Jan 18, 2019
The Marauder II Preorder is here! CHECK OUT THE PREORDER PAGE >>> Please note The extended Early Adopters Deadline of Feb. 28th 11:59:59 PST  We have extended the Deadline...
Published Jan 18, 2019
Greetings MechWarriors! Welcome to the Founders and Phoenix Unite Event and Sale Event Starts: Jan 16th 4 PM PST (Jan 17th 00:00 UTC)Event Ends: Jan 22nd 4 PM PST (Jan 23rd 00:00 UTC)   EXTRA...
Published Jan 16, 2019
Public Test Session - Long Range Missile Updates Series Wednesday January 16th 2:00PM (PDT) - Monday January 21st 12:00 noon (PDT) Greetings ‘MechWarriors! Welcome to the Public...
Published Jan 14, 2019
Start Your Engines Event Complete these challenges in any Mode to earn Rewards. Earn Rewards and Buy Engines (on sale)! Start Your Engines Event Page is Here!
Published Jan 11, 2019
Greetings MechWarriors! As some of you may know, upon purchasing the new Community Edition MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Pre-Order, you get access to an exclusive Discord Server where "Ask-Me-Anything"...
Published Jan 11, 2019
START YOUR ENGINES! Start Time: NOW!  End Time: January 16th, 2019, 00:00 UTC FIRST TIME EVER! All Engines 25% off the C-Bill Price PLUS  ALL THIS 50% OFF THE MC PRICE! Mechbay...
Published Jan 10, 2019
Published Jan 8, 2019
The Marauder II  Pre-order coming soon Loadout Details Bellow In the meantime,  you can qualify for Marauder II Preorder by pre-ordering this...   Mech Pack Variant...
Published Jan 8, 2019
Skye March Tactical Feed

MWO April Roadmap!

[GEN] Hrunting a posted Mar 31, 15

Clifnotes version.

2 Patches.

April 7th, Content:  New CW Map, Looking for group feature, bug fixes, Crash reporting tool and....URBAN MECH!

April 21st Content:  CW Tweaks, Massive bug fixes, and Wolverine Hero Mech!

Entire post in the link below.


[GEN] Hrunting a Your right...my hopes too are dashed. Awesome!
Ghaltero Correction, MWO forum says Wolverine Champion, not Wolverine Hero. You had my hopes up there for a second, lol. Although...

[LT-COL] SuperNobody That's awesome! This might actually be the first cockpit item I put in besides the CW medallions.

First of all let me draw you an example.

Let's think about a team as a body. Drop commander is a brain, lances are legs and arms.
No imagine this body standing in the middle of burning house, surrounded by fire. One foot is bare, one in shoe. The bare foot is one lance (snipers, lrms, paper-mechs), foot with shoe on is lance with brawler type mechs.
What will happen if one foot (without shoe) decide not to move, because it will get hurt?
Other foot - part of the whole body will be able to move only a little and whole body will die in the fire.
So what to do? Body need to work as one.
For such situations team have brain - commander.
Commander gives order, just like brain, takes responsibility and send one foot without cover into fire for the sake of whole body, one foot will get burned but the whole team will escape the fire. If everything will go smooth maybe even the bare foot will survive.

Nazgoth took his precious time off work, to write this little 'team play' oriented guide for us. If you liked the introduction and want to know more. You may find it, if you follow the link below.

In the times when we need to defend our home planet, everyone needs to perform to the best of his abilities. 

Cheers friends,

Link to the thread

[KM] Jagg3d I like it. I witness too much noise clutter in drops and nagging. I hope this catches on.
Nazgoth No problem I hope subject will reach most of Rangers. It will for sure improve at least a little our teamplay and let c...
Alexander Fury Thanks Naz!

Defence of Skye!

Operation: Screaming Wombat!

Ok People, this is the brass ring! Skye is under threat from the FWL.

All Skye Rangers Personnel are asked and encouraged to drop in CW in defense of our home system. If you are new to MWO or have difficulty with any aspect of CW please contact your RCOM for aid. We Can Do It!!!

For the Archon

Free Skye!

Lt-Gen Alexander Fury

Skye Front Command

Demoulius We will be eating chicken for weeks! well done all ^_^
FiLooT BTW I was not aware that wombats in their natural habitat are praying upon purple chickens. I guess Alexander is watchin...
VWinter I think we did it...and took some FWL planets too http://www.norrisdev.com/mwocw

Fellow 'Mechwarriors:

I have to relate some sad news to post today. Ashuraa has resigned as Executive Officer (XO) and requested transfer to the SPM, effective yesterday. Coincidentally, the day before, Hans also resigned as XO:A. Both due to RL commitments, MWO 'burn out' and other personal reasons.

Personally, I will miss Ash's wise counsel and ability to bridge my wishes for the guild vs. reality and what needed to be done. She was also an excellent website admin and our site would not look nearly as good nor be as functional without her tireless hours behind the scenes.In many ways she was my right hand and really did build this guild as much as any of us...I will miss her being around dearly.

Hans has kind of been the heart & soul of the SR, especially in his early days...He was our first Duke and came up with the phrase "Brigade Up!"...I will also miss his wise advice and common sense approach...

Kusak, as the other remaining website admin and to his credit, has been picking up his activities to assist, but that is not really his 'job' in the SR and is burdensome for the QMR...

As such and since we have no time to mourn the leaving of these two fine officers (we have a war to wage after all), we need a new XO and XO:A...Someone who can 'keep the troops in line' and act as a website admin to assist Kusak and I. With the SR approaching ~500 members again, we're also going to need serious help with guild admin, in-game roster management, website stuff, forums monitoring, not to mention being very proficient, well-respected and visible in MWO CW...!

Brigade Command is currently evaluating candidates for a replacement XO (Zeece, Greyfoxx and Hrunting are already in the running, as nominated by yours truly) and we hope to have someone selected as the new XO within a week or so. In the meantime, Kusak and I are still diligently processing new recruits, transfers, promotions, etc. so guild members should not notice a day-to-day change.

For their hard work and tireless service to the Skye Rangers pretty much since we started, both soldiers are hereby awarded the Honor of Skye (HoS) medal...(I was actually surprised neither had this one already)...and I hope you all join me in wishing these two fine mechwarriors the best of luck in their retirement!

Please feel free to reply to this email or send one privately to me with any questions or concerns...

.../Brigade Up!


p.s. For all his hard work recently in assisting me with all things website admin related the past several months...not to mention his wise (and often blunt) advice, Kusak is hereby promoted to the Rank of Kommandant-General (KM-GEN).

[KM] JokerPW Thank you so much for all the hard work and time dedicated to our guild, guys ! It won't be forgotten ! Cheers !
Raptor8009 R&R Approved.
Xenon54z Well if you ever want to relax with some turn based MegaMek (BattleTech) to get your robot explosion fix, you are welcom...
DAY 2 of 11
Hanging Item.
      When piloting an UrbanMech, these 8-bit sunglasses remind your enemies they are just going to have to  "Deal with it". The standard edition UrbanMech Package gets 1 of this hanging Item while the Collectors edition will get 3. Oh Yeah!

Standard Skye Timezone
January 2019
yippee picked up MWO5 pre order so yes I will be there
Thanks for that, Kiwi. I had assumed that it was automatically tied in when I bought the MW5 package.
if you preordered the mw5 and already did the redeem code for mwo, there is ANOTHER separate redeem for the MAD pack, get that from the MW5 website
Welcome dahemion, alilgoat & Beerme...!
MW5 Mercs out for pre-order and the Marauder II anounced
Cool shots also on sale during this event (until Jan 10) for 1/2 off. Buy a few (hundred) and store them on the dropship for free
Welcome COincidence09...!
Happy new year everyone!
Happy Holidays Rangers, where ever in the world you reside!
Welcome EarlofDuke !
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