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BACK IN BLACK BLACK FRIDAY MC SALE 30% Bonus MC and Bonus Content  Starts: Friday Nov 16th  5 PM PDT (Nov 17th 01:00 AM UTC) Ends: Thursday Nov 23rd  4 PM PDT (Nov 24th 00:00 PM UTC)   BUY...
Published Nov 17, 2018
Countdown to Mech_Con Event with Daily Challenges 13 Days - Nov 17th 12 Days - Nov 18th  11 Days - Nov 19th 10 Days - Nov 20th 9 Days - Nov 21st 8...
Published Nov 16, 2018
MECH CHALLENGE EVENTS Starts: Nov 14th 00:00 UTC Ends: Dec 1st 00:00 UTC VAPOR EAGLE MECH CHALLENGE CUSTOMER REWARDS MECH CHALLENGES Look for an in-game sale on Standard and Hero Variants...
Published Nov 13, 2018
Upcoming Patch - 13 November 2018 @ 10AM – 1PM PDT Patch Number: Client Patch Size: 453MB Direct Download:  http://patcher.mwomercs.com/patch/Production/frontend/FrontendPatch_347.ziphttp://patcher.mwomercs.com/patch/Produc...
Published Nov 10, 2018
COUNTDOWN TO VAPOR EAGLE Release Date Nov 13th BUY THE VAPOR EAGLE MECH PACK VAPOR EAGLE LIVE STREAM PREVIEW ARCHIVE  Join Phil, and Daeron as they take a look at the Vapor...
Published Nov 7, 2018
Nov 6th Mech Release: Blood Asp for C-Bills and Flea for MC Blood Asp for C-Bills BLOOD ASP BAS-PRIME             17,007,446 C-Bills BLOOD ASP BAS-A                     17,653,446...
Published Nov 6, 2018
  MECHWARRIOR ONLINE  2018 REWARDS PROGRAM COUNTDOWN MWO REWARDS COUNTDOWN CLOCK! Greetings MechWarriors! Welcome to the MWO 2018 Customer Rewards Program Countdown Previews...
Published Nov 5, 2018
Greetings MechWarriors! We have had a recent influx of questions about a November preorder Mech and questions surrounding what Mech would be shipping in January. We thought it would be a good idea to share...
Published Nov 5, 2018
Join the Faction Fight and Complete Challenges to unlock rewards! Each Faction Event features a Faction Customization Content Sale at the same time! Check in-game for the sale items! Faction...
Published Oct 30, 2018
Published Oct 29, 2018
Skye March Tactical Feed
Hey MechWarriors,

The end of February is here!
A friendly reminder that the following programs and deals are ending tomorrow the 28th at 11:59 PM (PST), just in case you forgot!

- Wave 3 Clan Collection Pre-Order, Early Adopter Reward

- Piranha Games 15 Year Anniversary Customer Appreciation Rewards

- More Sweet Deals with MC

Have a great weekend!
Don't forget about the Adder Up Event too!

Tina Benoit
Community Manager

RIP Leonard Nimoy

Alexander Fury posted Feb 27, 15

If I can be serious for a moment. I regret to inform the SR community of the news that the great Leonard Nimoy, famous for his portrayal of Mr. Spock has passed away today at the age of 83. Mr. Nimoy was an icon in the Sci-Fi community and words cannot express what his example and inspiration has meant to so many of us over the years. I hope the entire Skye Rangers community will join me in expressing our condolences and sadness at his passing to his family and freinds during this sad time.

Live long and prosper. Peace and long life!

[LT-COL] MrKvola Live long and prosper.
[HPT-KM] Deathshade RIP champion of logic
Chaosbarbarian RIP and LLAP, a true legend

I've noticed how passionate everyone seems to be about the Urbanmech...

So I thought I'd share something with you!

This is an image of the high resolution model of the Standard Geo and the Collectors Edition Geo~

Chaosbarbarian can .... not .... wait , seriously, so much fun

Hello MechWarriors!

I’m Tina, your new Community Manager!

I really look forward to getting to know everyone; I’ve been excited all week to say Hello! I am positive that we will get along great!

Your feedback/suggestions/wants/dreams/frustrations/happiness is all most important to me as I will be expressing them to the team, therefore I am all ears (or eyes rather) for you!

I would also love to hear the community’s thoughts on what your ideal community and/or community manager is like to you! Please share on this thread and feel free to ask questions too!

A little bit about my past, I have worked as a Community Manager for the game SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online and a children’s online virtual world called Petra’s Planet.

You will most often find me on the forums and the social media channels, I also collect your suggestions which you send to feedback@piranhagames.com (You may not receive a response here though, it’s for collection purposes so please don’t send support related issues!)

Now let’s hear you!

Tina Benoit
Community Manager

The following message has been received via our HPG Network

"The German IS-Units will start a combined operation on the Steiner/Clan front.

Units from the other IS factions will defend Steiner planets giving the Steiner house units the opportunity to concentrate on attacking the Clans.

So far forces will consist of members from 12th Donegal Guards, Tamar Jäger, Phönix Legion, 1st Royal Guards, 31. Husaren Regiment, Blue Vengeance, 331. RBMD, Baltisches Battaillon.

See you on the battlefield."

This apart of the EU offensive planned for today. If you are able to contribute to the battle please contact the 12DG (most easily found on the Steiner HUB) though they usually have a representative on our TS server.

Alexander Fury Give'em hell lads!

Adder Up Event!

Zeece posted Feb 26, 15

#Prize Tiers

* 3 points = 3 days of active Premium Time*
* 10 points = C-bill consumable prize pack (1 UAV, 1 air strike, 1 cool shot)
* 20 points = Double C-bill consumable prize pack (2 UAV, 2 air strike, 2 cool shot)
* 30 points = Triple C-bill consumable prize pack (3 UAV, 3 air strike, 3 cool shot)
* 40 Points = Quadruple C-bill consumable prize pack (4 UAV, 4 air strike, 4 cool shot)
* 50 Points = Adder - ADR-PRIME and a Mech Bay
* 60 Points = Color Blue Goluboy
* 70 Points = Hanging Item - Broken Inner Sphere
* 80 points = Adder Permanent Polygon Pattern

#How to Earn Points -

To celebrate the launch of the Wave 3 Clan Collection, we're giving you a chance to earn the Adder - ADR-PRIME!

In order to score 1 point you must meet the following criteria in a match:

Get one or more Kill Assist, and get one or more Kill.

Works in any game mode and any group size (private matches are excluded)

Hydrocarbon Haven't played since the last event, and my first 3 PUG teams during this event haven't got 2 kills each. EACH...
[COL] Sevronis Those that got the invasion package wouldn't need to do the full 80 either, as it was the free camo that came with ...
Lsp Lol, another one.

Raudulfr Don't mention it Hrunting , I love using Farscape profanity since to the vast majority of people they have no clu...
[GEN] Hrunting ao THANKS Raudulfr ....now I have to go watch Farscape again...
[KM-GEN] Hercu1 a Well Hello!
Standard Skye Timezone
November 2018
Super FW matches tonight Rangers. 2 great wins and one close loss. You guys are AWESOME!
Welcome Epicirby2000 & Jemel...!
Welcome Philatrocius, Tellatale & Bluekittin...!
We did drop the hammer pretty hard. Congrats to Steiner for holding off those FRR buggers.
I hope we dropped the hammer on FRR. Wish I could have joined yall!
Who's ready to take on FRR in FW? Starting at 8pm Skye Time tonight!
Welcome Murrax9 & Nax...!
I'll take a double-woooooo
Faction Friday! Woooo!
Welcome Vector...!
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