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BACK IN BLACK BLACK FRIDAY MC SALE 30% Bonus MC and Bonus Content  Starts: Friday Nov 16th  5 PM PDT (Nov 17th 01:00 AM UTC) Ends: Thursday Nov 23rd  4 PM PDT (Nov 24th 00:00 PM UTC)   BUY...
Published Nov 17, 2018
Countdown to Mech_Con Event with Daily Challenges 13 Days - Nov 17th 12 Days - Nov 18th  11 Days - Nov 19th 10 Days - Nov 20th 9 Days - Nov 21st 8...
Published Nov 16, 2018
MECH CHALLENGE EVENTS Starts: Nov 14th 00:00 UTC Ends: Dec 1st 00:00 UTC VAPOR EAGLE MECH CHALLENGE CUSTOMER REWARDS MECH CHALLENGES Look for an in-game sale on Standard and Hero Variants...
Published Nov 13, 2018
Upcoming Patch - 13 November 2018 @ 10AM – 1PM PDT Patch Number: Client Patch Size: 453MB Direct Download:  http://patcher.mwomercs.com/patch/Production/frontend/FrontendPatch_347.ziphttp://patcher.mwomercs.com/patch/Produc...
Published Nov 10, 2018
COUNTDOWN TO VAPOR EAGLE Release Date Nov 13th BUY THE VAPOR EAGLE MECH PACK VAPOR EAGLE LIVE STREAM PREVIEW ARCHIVE  Join Phil, and Daeron as they take a look at the Vapor...
Published Nov 7, 2018
Nov 6th Mech Release: Blood Asp for C-Bills and Flea for MC Blood Asp for C-Bills BLOOD ASP BAS-PRIME             17,007,446 C-Bills BLOOD ASP BAS-A                     17,653,446...
Published Nov 6, 2018
  MECHWARRIOR ONLINE  2018 REWARDS PROGRAM COUNTDOWN MWO REWARDS COUNTDOWN CLOCK! Greetings MechWarriors! Welcome to the MWO 2018 Customer Rewards Program Countdown Previews...
Published Nov 5, 2018
Greetings MechWarriors! We have had a recent influx of questions about a November preorder Mech and questions surrounding what Mech would be shipping in January. We thought it would be a good idea to share...
Published Nov 5, 2018
Join the Faction Fight and Complete Challenges to unlock rewards! Each Faction Event features a Faction Customization Content Sale at the same time! Check in-game for the sale items! Faction...
Published Oct 30, 2018
Published Oct 29, 2018
Skye March Tactical Feed
The following pilots are being promoted for their dedication to the inner sphere and excellence in battle:

Deagin - Corporal (CP)
Dethsphere - Corporal (CP)
Matvitank - Corporal (CP)
UrbanHawk - Corporal (CP)
Calith A'resi - Corporal (CP)
Desevren - Sergeant (SG)
Mimo34 - Sergeant (SG)
Will I AM - Sergeant (SG)
Novran - Sergeant (SG)
Lorentz - Staff Sergeant (SSG)
Captaincoffee - Sergeant Major (SGM)
Polkastein - Staff Sergeant Major (SSGM)

[KM] geodeath I am sorry for the late comment on this. Congratulations one and all on the promotions. These are well deserved promot...
Polkastein Thank you, sir. And congrats to all my brothers in the unit who were promoted as well!
[SSGM] Darkstar3825 congrats all
Votes are in! NASELDRIP WINS!

Naseldrip is first up with 6 votes.
Sevronis is next with 4 votes.
And then 5 other people had one vote.

Overall, Naseldrip is a fine candidate. His recommendation not only comes from me, but the majority of the GDL too.


p.s. Thanks to LT-COL Naseldrip for stepping up! Thanks to Blue and the GDL gang for voting in their own leader !

[KM] JokerPW That's pretty awesome ! Congrats, Nasel, and thank you for dedicating your time to run such a major merc group ! [ ...
[KM-GEN] Cipher a This is GREAT news for GDL and the Skye-Rangers in general. Congrats Naseldrip!!
[COL] Sevronis I think that's more of a general merc motto..not really GDL's lol.
Only a couple Tier One Mechs, Jenner F, Firestarter E and all the Victors.
Click here to find out where yours lies
Going to be a whole lot of love coming to the Inner Sphere in 3 weeks
As you may be aware, our resources are currently focused 100% on Community Warfare Phase 2.
However, there are quite a few items that are currently in branch testing at PGI that I wanted to give you an update on... I do not have a firm patch delivery date for most of these items yet, though they should all be released in the months of October and November. I wanted to give everyone a heads up on those items so you can see some of the improvements coming in the future.

Teamspeak Back UP!

Zeece posted Sep 29, 14
The DDoS that was affecting ours and many other TeamSpeak Servers is over.  You can returned to main Teamspeak server at your Convience

And a HUGE thank you to Cipher and the Snords for letting the Brigade use their TS server during the outage!  
Cyborg Perfect Yay and Thanks!
[KM-GEN] Cipher a Yay! We are back in business!!
Well after several exciting hours of trying not to completely destroy the SR website by  accident.    I am happy to say that I didnt crash the site and that I succeeded in completing several additions to the drop down Mech bar at the top of the site.    At this time I believe I have all of the current Mechs listed finally.    Some of the pages are not complete yet but they are present.   Currently some of the entries do not have any images.    I will add them in the coming days weeks and months.

Thank you As always

QMR Kusak Snowtiger
[KM-GEN] Cipher a Much appreciated Kusak, and lolz at Blue!
Zeece Awesome work as always Kusak!!!
[ARCN] Arturus Steiner a Nice work, Kusak...thanks so much !

Greetings MechWarriors,
We are pleased to invite you all to try out our 2nd Lance Challenge.
You can track your progress in the Challenges page here: https://mwomercs.com...type=challenges.
You are automatically entered into any challenge, no opt-in required.
There are three tiers to this challenge, each with their own reward unlocked upon completion. Points are assigned based on Kills, Assists, TAG, NARC and Spotting. If your team successfully wins the match, 4 additional points will be added your total. In order for points to be awarded, you MUST be in a group of 4 players: No more, no less. Also having one of each weight class in your Lance will apply a  1.5 multiplier to your match score. You can still mix and match your lancemates across the weekend, as well as play in any game modes. 

Event Type: Challenge.
Event Begins: Friday, September 26th, 2014 at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 5PM UTC.
Event Ends: Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 5PM UTC.
  • Tier 1 (200 Points): 3-days of Premium Time.
  • Tier 2 (500 Points): 1500 GXP
  • Tier 3 (900 Points): 3000 GXP
  • Points are only awarded while playing in a Group of 4.
  • Kill: 1 Point.
  • Assist: 2 Points.
  • Spot Bonus: 2 Points.
  • TAG Assist: 2 Points.
  • NARC Assist: 2 Points.
  • Victory: 4 Points.
  • Weight Class Multiplier
  • 4 different weight classes = 1.5 x points per match
Also this weekend  LANCE OF HEROES Extra 20% Boost Weekend
These 4 Heroes will be receiving an additional 20% C-bill boost. Earning an amazing 50% C-bills boost for the weekend

  • Light - Spider - Anansi
  • Medium - Vindicator- St Ives Blues
  • Heavy - Quickdraw - IV four
  • Assault - Battlemaster - Hellslinger
Event Type: Lance of Heroes 20% C-bill Bonus
Event Begins: Friday, September 26th, 2014 at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 5PM UTC.
Event Ends: Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 5PM UTC.
Standard Skye Timezone
November 2018
Super FW matches tonight Rangers. 2 great wins and one close loss. You guys are AWESOME!
Welcome Epicirby2000 & Jemel...!
Welcome Philatrocius, Tellatale & Bluekittin...!
We did drop the hammer pretty hard. Congrats to Steiner for holding off those FRR buggers.
I hope we dropped the hammer on FRR. Wish I could have joined yall!
Who's ready to take on FRR in FW? Starting at 8pm Skye Time tonight!
Welcome Murrax9 & Nax...!
I'll take a double-woooooo
Faction Friday! Woooo!
Welcome Vector...!
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