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Published Nov 17, 2018
Countdown to Mech_Con Event with Daily Challenges 13 Days - Nov 17th 12 Days - Nov 18th  11 Days - Nov 19th 10 Days - Nov 20th 9 Days - Nov 21st 8...
Published Nov 16, 2018
MECH CHALLENGE EVENTS Starts: Nov 14th 00:00 UTC Ends: Dec 1st 00:00 UTC VAPOR EAGLE MECH CHALLENGE CUSTOMER REWARDS MECH CHALLENGES Look for an in-game sale on Standard and Hero Variants...
Published Nov 13, 2018
Upcoming Patch - 13 November 2018 @ 10AM – 1PM PDT Patch Number: Client Patch Size: 453MB Direct Download:  http://patcher.mwomercs.com/patch/Production/frontend/FrontendPatch_347.ziphttp://patcher.mwomercs.com/patch/Produc...
Published Nov 10, 2018
COUNTDOWN TO VAPOR EAGLE Release Date Nov 13th BUY THE VAPOR EAGLE MECH PACK VAPOR EAGLE LIVE STREAM PREVIEW ARCHIVE  Join Phil, and Daeron as they take a look at the Vapor...
Published Nov 7, 2018
Nov 6th Mech Release: Blood Asp for C-Bills and Flea for MC Blood Asp for C-Bills BLOOD ASP BAS-PRIME             17,007,446 C-Bills BLOOD ASP BAS-A                     17,653,446...
Published Nov 6, 2018
  MECHWARRIOR ONLINE  2018 REWARDS PROGRAM COUNTDOWN MWO REWARDS COUNTDOWN CLOCK! Greetings MechWarriors! Welcome to the MWO 2018 Customer Rewards Program Countdown Previews...
Published Nov 5, 2018
Greetings MechWarriors! We have had a recent influx of questions about a November preorder Mech and questions surrounding what Mech would be shipping in January. We thought it would be a good idea to share...
Published Nov 5, 2018
Join the Faction Fight and Complete Challenges to unlock rewards! Each Faction Event features a Faction Customization Content Sale at the same time! Check in-game for the sale items! Faction...
Published Oct 30, 2018
Published Oct 29, 2018
Skye March Tactical Feed
Attention to Orders!

I am proud to present to you the following members of the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces who have distinguished themselves in the service of their Archon:

To the ranks of the esteemed 1st Skye Jaegers, I give you the following warriors who have proven their mettle and shall be added to our regiment:

StealthR6 -

Vermicelli -

Guillocuda -

The Following Members of The First Skye Jaegers are afforded special honor for the following:

Surlymohawk for his dedication to Organizing Tournaments such as Marik Civil War, and other endeavors, has earned himself the rank of Leutnant and the position of Regimental Tournament Coordinator.

Dunne for his contribution in leading practices is likewise being promoted to Leutnant, and given the position of Lance Commander.

TBlazer226 for gallantry in combat, besting many foes, earning at present, The Honor of Skye, Order of Tamar Tigers,and The McKennsy Ground Pounders Medal.

TBlazer226 has also worked tirelessly to become Master Qualified, mastery in all four weight classes.

In light of these achievements have promoted him to Corporal.

One Isle Skye,

One Skye Rangers Brigade,

One Outcome!

Skye Ranger Victory!

p.s. Congrats, all !

MechWrecher Well Deserved All! Congrats
ELITE VENOM Congratulations to all of you!
LordofDecay Congrats SJ1
Okay boys and girls.     I find myself in need of a little assistance here.    I have been trying to finish our mech bay up.     And well I have run into a road block .   I am in need of some screen shots from the in game Mech bay.    Here is what I need images of.   Griffin's,   Wolverine an Firestarters.    I need images of all of the variants of the mech with their base weapons loadout and I would prefer them in their Factory color's.     The images can be uploaded to the brigade image Gallery in the Mech bay section.    I just need a note that they are present.    I am attaching an image of what I want just ignore the technical data that I have already added to the image.    I would like the Mech to be turned a little bit one way or the other so it has a bit of a profile image.

Thank you for your assistance.
I would like to have these images by this weekend so that I can work on them.

I will also add the Victor to this list.   The images I have of the Victor are terrible.

QMR Kusak Snowtiger.  HPT-GEN

[KM-GEN] Kusak Snowtiger Thanks Hercu1. Got the GRF's downloaded
[KM-GEN] Hercu1 a GRF's check
[KM-GEN] Kusak Snowtiger may go faster but I want to keep the colors as such that the mech doesn't blend in with the Background


Fri at 18:29

Reply to user

It was exactly one month ago today that I stepped in to take the reins as RCOM of the 17th Regiment of the Skye Rangers Brigade. Since that time the 17th has experienced tremendous growth and activity. We have been scrapping with the best of them on the battlefield, fought some amazing fights, and will continue to do so. We have only gotten our feet wet.


As a result of continued bravery and support on the battlefield, it is my honor to report the following changes, promotions and commendations for the 17th Regiment:



•             Mudslinger reinstated as LCOM



•             SG CaptainCoffee to SSG

•             CP Zolack to SG

•             CP Fractal (Shadow1) to SCP

•             CP Werewolfmaster to SCP

•             PFC Bregan to CP

•             PFC MacheteJezter to CP



•             Bloodcat awarded Senior Qualified

•             MacheteJezter awarded Tournament Qualified


Please join me in congratulating the aforementioned pilots for a job well done and continued commitment to the 17th regiment and the Skye Rangers as a whole.


LT-COL Bulde

17th Regiment Commander

Alexander Fury Congrats to all of you! Well done!
[HPT] Alexander Carlile Congrats guys looks like you got it well going keep it up!
Zeece has done it again.  His newest interview in his Inside the Skye Rangers series is now up and available for you all to read.
[KM-GEN] Kusak Snowtiger I have re-posted the Interview's of Ashuraa and Arturus to the Mechwarrior online forum being they contain nothing...
ELITE VENOM Interesting that I do not have sufficient access permissions to view that interview...
[KM] JokerPW Pretty cool interview, guys ! [ ]'s

The night was growing long and all the office lights seemed to be out except for the young new RCOM's. Leif looked around his office at the stacks of paperwork. It was clear to him that Skye was growing. The stacks of applications , transfer papers and wide eyed new pilots were all proof of this. He was happy to help Skye as Skye and its members have always reciprocated without hesitation. He was finishing off a few papers when his wife called the office line. He had avoided her calls earlier in the day, but had to answer now or she'd be worried sick.... that or furious. Any RCOM must admit that at home he is the subordinate at times. After a hurried conversation Leif sighed once again looking at the the work to be done for tomorrow. He rested his head on a mound of envelopes. His mind was just drifting into past battles in his triple black HGN - 733C. He could almost hear the sound of his AC20 shells impacting and sending lights flying into burning heaps of twisted metal. Suddenly a rather light knocking sound came from the door. He beckoned for the late comer to enter.

Haze05 stood humbly at the door. This SJ1 pilot was always known for being polite and helpful and Leif was happy to see someone he had ran with in the past. He beckoned the pilot inside. "What brings you here at this hour Haze?" Leif proceeded to roll a cigarette and offered one to the pilot. Haze replied while accepting the smoke in good faith. The pilot detailed how he wanted to help the new SR 22 pilots on the battlefield. That he wanted to help them with not only strategies , but the basics. The two lamented about how they were in their green days and all the questions they had asked. Haze upon looking around the paper packed office added that he'd be happy to be active with communications and transferring new pilots as well. Leif's dishevelled face gained a wiry smile. He pushed forward a draft version of a press release for a Master at Arms Attaché. He stood up and extended his hand to the pilot. "It is with great honour that I accept you immediately for the position. Your pro activeness , positive attitude and battle skills are all commendable. All of us at HQ appreciate your dedication and work ethic in the name of Skye." The two shook hands and finished their congratulatory cigarettes together. The humble pilot thanked Leif on his way out.

Please send congratulations and any MWO questions to Haze05

Thank you for all your efforts towards Skye and making it an even better organization. o7

Leif 777
[CP] LEIF 777 Haze has hit the ground running. Thank you again for helping me in all Skye and SR 22 endeavours.
[HPT-KM] Chopy I had a briefcase once. I carried my lunch in it, and a copy of "Armchair General." It was awesome. ...
[KM-GEN] Cipher a Grats Haze!

Win 5

[KM-GEN] Kusak Snowtiger posted Feb 22, 14
Okay boys and girls here is your chance to pick up a Free Mech and  a Free Mech Bay

[CP] LEIF 777 Thanks for sharing this. Pretty awesome promotion.
[KM-GEN] Kusak Snowtiger Thanks Boss. I was working on tweaking it this morning and ran out of time before I had to sprint off to work.
[ARCN] Arturus Steiner a Thanks, Kusak! I tweeked the image size and added the MWO link.
Last Month our Battalion Commander KM JokerPW informed command that life was going to require him to step down from his responsibilities to focus on the family and school. This in addition to our rapid growth since December triggered a Regimental wide reorganization that I think puts the "Freedom's Star" in a much stronger position to continue its growth and foster the brotherhood and excellent pilots its famous for.

It is my honor to announce the following changes:
HPT 007mither007 to BCOM with promotion to Koomandant
LT Dyvim Slorm/Wodzinski to CCOM 2nd Company and promotion to Hauptmann
SSG Alexander Fury to CCOM 3rd Company and promotion to Hauptmann
CP NOTIME to LCOM and promotion to SG
LT1 WarOrk to LCOM and elevation from the 3rd's Ready Reserves
LT1 The Reaper Beckons to LCOM
SCP Madone to LCOM and promotion to SG
SenSGM Swordlord to LCOM
PFC Heist to LCOM and promotion to SG
SG Opticseagull to LCOM and promotion to LT1

To following Promotion and Awards are being made at the same time
HPT Dyvim Slorm/Wodzinski awarded Master Qualification
PFC Evan Graham to CP
PFC Redshift to CP
PFC Brru to CP
CP TCmalleus to SCP
CP Punisher818 to SCP
SCP Victor von Death to SG for continued Light training of new Pilots

ELITE VENOM Congratulations to all of you and nice job Zeece!
[KM] JokerPW Congratulations to our brothers ! [ ]'s
Evan Graham Neat!
Standard Skye Timezone
November 2018
Super FW matches tonight Rangers. 2 great wins and one close loss. You guys are AWESOME!
Welcome Epicirby2000 & Jemel...!
Welcome Philatrocius, Tellatale & Bluekittin...!
We did drop the hammer pretty hard. Congrats to Steiner for holding off those FRR buggers.
I hope we dropped the hammer on FRR. Wish I could have joined yall!
Who's ready to take on FRR in FW? Starting at 8pm Skye Time tonight!
Welcome Murrax9 & Nax...!
I'll take a double-woooooo
Faction Friday! Woooo!
Welcome Vector...!
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