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Public Test Session - Long Range Missile Updates Series Wednesday January 16th 2:00PM (PDT) - Monday January 21st 12:00 noon (PDT) Greetings ‘MechWarriors! Welcome to the Public...
Published Jan 14, 2019
Start Your Engines Event Complete these challenges in any Mode to earn Rewards. Earn Rewards and Buy Engines (on sale)! Start Your Engines Event Page is Here!
Published Jan 11, 2019
Greetings MechWarriors! As some of you may know, upon purchasing the new Community Edition MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Pre-Order, you get access to an exclusive Discord Server where "Ask-Me-Anything"...
Published Jan 11, 2019
START YOUR ENGINES! Start Time: NOW!  End Time: January 16th, 2019, 00:00 UTC FIRST TIME EVER! All Engines 25% off the C-Bill Price PLUS  ALL THIS 50% OFF THE MC PRICE! Mechbay...
Published Jan 10, 2019
Published Jan 8, 2019
The Marauder II  Pre-order coming soon Loadout Details Bellow In the meantime,  you can qualify for Marauder II Preorder by pre-ordering this...   Mech Pack Variant...
Published Jan 8, 2019
Pre-order your copy of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries today Secure Access to an Exclusive Closed Beta and receive  Bonus MechWarrior Online Content CHECK OUT ALL THE DETAILS HERE! MINI...
Published Jan 8, 2019
Winter Soldier Sale Starts: NOW Ends: Jan 10th 00:00 UTC Ghost Bear and Snow Fall Camo Pattern 50% off (perm and one shot) Select Decals 50% off Select Icy Colors 50% off MC and C-Bill...
Published Jan 4, 2019
WINTER SOLDIER EVENT Greetings Winter Soldiers!Complete these linked challenges to earn rewards! EVENT PAGE!
Published Jan 3, 2019
Welcome to the New Year's Xperience x2 Starts: Dec 30th 4 PM PST (Dec 31st 00:00 UTC) Ends: Jan 3rd 4 PM PST (Jan 4th 00:00 UTC) Earn Double XP in all modes! Buy or activate your...
Published Dec 29, 2018
Skye March Tactical Feed
After some debate back and forth between me and Ashuraa and a couple of PM's to Art is has been decided to combine Brigade tactics and Sanglemore into one section.    Over the next few weeks I will be working on getting everything moved and consolidated into the one forum.      I have already moved all of the the sub forums from Brigade tactics to Sanglemore.    I will be working on consolidating the open posts and archiving those that are out of date.

If anyone has any suggestions I would like to hear them.  Not saying that I will use every suggestion but I still want to hear them.

Thank You
HPT-Gen Kusak Snowtiger   QMR
[HPTGEN] William Slayer This would be a help I think as they are very similar topics. However, it means I need a REALLY good bus pass to shlep a...

ALL IS Quirks Revealed!

Zeece posted Oct 30, 14
Secret Agent Squirrel has returned the depths of the PGI Test Servers with vital Intel... 

ALL of the Inner Sphere Chassis Quirks.   They are now available in the Weight Class forums by Mech Chassis.  Use the Links below to go see for yourself!

[SSGM] Aliencreature Muahahahaha... The 4N master race shall awaken. Fear the Death Star.
[COL] thebman grid iron, banshee 3e and locust 3m ready to go!!!!!!
Raudulfr Thanks Zeece. I have been following your updates on reddit and have pre-emptively set up a few of my mechs to be ready ...

Haunted Mech Sale

Zeece posted Oct 30, 14

Oct 30th 10 am PDT to Monday Nov 3rd 10 am PST (note the change from Daylight to Savings time)

The most Haunted Hero Mechs we have to offer are on sale this weekend for 50% off the MC price!
Some of these Hero Mechs have never been on sale before.

  • Commando Hero "Death’s Knell" - 1875 - 50% = 937 MC
  • Raven Hero "Huginn" - 2625 - 50% = 1312 MC
  • Dragon Hero "Fang" - 4500 - 50% = 2250 MC
  • Dragon Hero "Flame" - 4500 - 50% = 2250 MC
  • Catapult Hero "Jester" - 4875 - 50% = 2437 MC
  • Jagermech Hero "Firebrand" - 4875 - 50% = 2437 MC
  • Battlemaster Hero "Hellslinger" - 7125 - 50% = 3562 MC
  • Stalker Hero "Misery" 6375 - 50% = 3187 MC
  • Banshee Hero "La Malinche" - 6375 - 50% = 3187 MC

Grab them while you can because missing this sale might give you nightmares. Muahahaha!
As emailed from Enjin today:

We will be migrating all Mumble servers to a new Mumble hosting provider. The new host will provide your server with better connection quality and enterprise level protection from DDoS attacks.

Your server will be moved to the new datacenter on Thursday October 30th between 2:00PM EDT - 3:30PM EDT for US East and 1:30AM-3:00AM GMT for Europe. Your users will be disconnected for a few minutes and will automatically re-connect to the new server location.

New Features
Enterprise grade DDOS protection on all servers. 99.99% Uptime.
Completely New Control Panel with Advanced Features.
New network dedicated for voice traffic

Important changes:
Superuser changes: The SuperUser will now be called "admin” and the account’s password will be reset for security reasons. After the maintenance period you can find the new password in your website Admin panel under the Voice tab.
Free slot count changes: Due to the significant increased costs of providing Enterprise level DDOS protection on the new network, free included Mumble slots may be reduced to 20 for the Ultimate plan and 5 for the Advanced plan after a 1-2 month period. The free slot count will be in line with the TeamSpeak 3 slots we currently offer.
Paid Slots: If you have paid for any extra Mumble slots, they will remain the same after the move.

- Enjin Team

GEN Arturus - I am not happy about possibly having to fork over more $ to maintain a 50-slot backup, but if that is what is needed, so be it :)

Fellow 'Mechwarriors,

The next RCOM meeting is scheduled for Saturday, 11.22.14 at 4-5 PM Eastern.

Planned Agenda:

- SFC & Recruiting Updates (Arturus/Cipher)
- XO Report/MWO Updates (Ashuraa/Johan "Hans")
- OIA/MFB Unit Updates (special projects) (OIA)
- Quartermaster/Mechbay (Kusak)
- COMM updates (thatrobotguy/Parduke)
- MAA/Training Updates (Waeo)
- TAC/Tournament Updates (Greyfoxx/Hrunting)
- MID/Intel Updates (Zeece)
- Regiment Reports (RCOMs)
- General Member Q&A

Good hunting!

Weekend Sale - Zombie Sale

Zeece posted Oct 24, 14

My missiles rained upon the Centurion until all ammunition was depleted. I could see the tattered remains of the 'Mech... The left leg was torn, the arms blown asunder: I approached to claim my scrap metal prize. As the fog of war cleared, I could see the an empty cockpit seat through the fractured glass and billowing dark smoke. 'No prisoners...Too easy.'

...And that's when then the 'Mech powered up again...

50% off on select ZombieMechs

  • Spider SDR-5V
  • Locust LCT-1M
  • Firestarter FS9-A
  • Firestarter FS9-K
  • Cicada CDA-2A
  • Centurion CN9-A
  • Centurion CN9-AL
  • Centurion CN9-D
  • Kintaro KTO-20
  • Cataphract CTF-4X
  • Catapult CPLT-C1
  • Atlas AS7-D

50% off on Halloween Cockpit Items

  • Halloween Lights
  • Halloween Pumpkin
  • Halloween Jack-o-Lantern
  • Halloween Skull Face
  • Halloween Ghoul
  • Halloween Radioactive

50% off Permanent (Chassis Unlock) Camo Specs

  • Buccaneer
  • Phranken
  • Flame
  • Cobra
  • Tartan
  • Applejack

Starting October 24th at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 5PM UTC Until November 1st, at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 5PM UTC

Weekend Challenge!

Zeece posted Oct 24, 14

Welcome to our Chassis Leaderboard Challenge!

In this Leaderboard Challenge, you can compete for the position of Top Pilot of any specific chassis.

This competition will consist of 39 brackets: 1 per chassis for each Inner Sphere and Clan 'Mech.

There are a number of MC prizes available for the top 10 players in each bracket. This gives a total of 390 potential prizes to be won!

Are you the best of the best? Prove it by competing for the title of top pilot in each chassis for MC prizes and bragging rights!

Don't forget to read the rules below and opt-in!

Score Formula

Score formula: (Kills × 20) + (Kill Assist × 10) + ((Damage Done - Team Damage) ÷ 15) + (Wins × 20)
1st Tie-Breaker: Number of matches played (fewer is better).
2nd Tie-Breaker: Team Damage (less is better).

Opt-in on this page at any time to join the tournament!
The event will begin at 10AM PDT on Friday October 24th and will last until Monday, October 27th at 11:59PM PDT.
Only your best 10 victorious matches in each chassis throughout the course of the event will be counted.
You can play in and win prizes for any and all chassis' you earn a top 10 rank for.
All variants of any chassis, including Heroes, Champions and other special 'Mechs will be counted.
Only solo matches will be counted. Private and group matches will NOT be counted.


All Chassis
1st 1650 
2nd 1100 
3rd 900 
4th 600 
5th 500 
6th 300 
7th 300 
8th 300 
9th 300 
10th 300 
Standard Skye Timezone
January 2019
Welcome dahemion, alilgoat & Beerme...!
MW5 Mercs out for pre-order and the Marauder II anounced
Cool shots also on sale during this event (until Jan 10) for 1/2 off. Buy a few (hundred) and store them on the dropship for free
Welcome COincidence09...!
Happy new year everyone!
Happy Holidays Rangers, where ever in the world you reside!
Welcome EarlofDuke !
Mahna Mahna!
Just going to say Merry Christmas Rangers. Or Happy Holidays according to your views. Doubt I will get to swing through before the day so there it is
Welcome back Xeronodin...!
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