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Upcoming Patch - Tuesday, January 22nd, 2018 @ 10AM – 1PM PDT Patch Number: Client Patch Size: 303 MB Please note that due to compression differences the Steam patch size may be larger...
Published Jan 19, 2019
MW5 MERCENARIES PRE-ORDER UPGRADES AVAILABLE! ALSO:  Marauder II Pre-order Codes are issued on your Profile page now!  LINK TO MW5 SITE You can now Upgrade your MW5 Preorder Level From Standard...
Published Jan 18, 2019
The Marauder II Preorder is here! CHECK OUT THE PREORDER PAGE >>> Please note The extended Early Adopters Deadline of Feb. 28th 11:59:59 PST  We have extended the Deadline...
Published Jan 18, 2019
Greetings MechWarriors! Welcome to the Founders and Phoenix Unite Event and Sale Event Starts: Jan 16th 4 PM PST (Jan 17th 00:00 UTC)Event Ends: Jan 22nd 4 PM PST (Jan 23rd 00:00 UTC)   EXTRA...
Published Jan 16, 2019
Public Test Session - Long Range Missile Updates Series Wednesday January 16th 2:00PM (PDT) - Monday January 21st 12:00 noon (PDT) Greetings ‘MechWarriors! Welcome to the Public...
Published Jan 14, 2019
Start Your Engines Event Complete these challenges in any Mode to earn Rewards. Earn Rewards and Buy Engines (on sale)! Start Your Engines Event Page is Here!
Published Jan 11, 2019
Greetings MechWarriors! As some of you may know, upon purchasing the new Community Edition MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Pre-Order, you get access to an exclusive Discord Server where "Ask-Me-Anything"...
Published Jan 11, 2019
START YOUR ENGINES! Start Time: NOW!  End Time: January 16th, 2019, 00:00 UTC FIRST TIME EVER! All Engines 25% off the C-Bill Price PLUS  ALL THIS 50% OFF THE MC PRICE! Mechbay...
Published Jan 10, 2019
Published Jan 8, 2019
The Marauder II  Pre-order coming soon Loadout Details Bellow In the meantime,  you can qualify for Marauder II Preorder by pre-ordering this...   Mech Pack Variant...
Published Jan 8, 2019
Skye March Tactical Feed

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Registration for the 2nd Biannual Skye Cup has begun!  ALL RCOM's or RTO's should go to THIS POST in the Tactical Command (TAC Division) » Internal Competitions Forums. to Register!

Important Dates

REGISTRATION OPEN:  11/1/13 -  11/8/13


MATCHES BEGIN:  11/10/13

Rules for This Seasons Skye cup can be Found, HERE

Questions can be directed, HERE
ELITE VENOM Good luck to all the regiments participating in the Skye Cup and thanks Hrunting!
[LT1] Falcore Looking to join a team from the SPM.
[LT-GEN] MrDoggss Woot! Hopefully I can participate this time. Great work!
G'day fellas.
As some of you know, we are after a new Comms Officer. 
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to think of a replacement for myself.
Thus, I need a volunteer. 

Communications Officer (COMM):  The Communications Officer (COMM) is the Skye Brigade's Comstar Liaison.  The COMM is in responsible charge of the HPG Hyperlinks in the Skye March and ensures their smooth and continuous operation.  Loss of such interplanetary comms in the midst of war would be catastrophic to the brigade.  The COMM is also resonpisble for maintaining inter-unit communications and the Brigade's VOIP server,  Accordingly, the minimum Rank for this Position is Leutnant-General (LT-GEN).

Your responsibilities include: Fixing bugs in the permissions systems, moderating the Teamspeak Server, assigning permissions as required, resetting the server as needed and possibly more.

Please message myself, Guillocuda, if you are interested.


Guillocuda Basically, rarely anything ever goes wrong, and I'll still be a server admin. Just need someone to take over mainte...
Arrachtas The job is more about maintenance than anything else. It does require an active person, though; this is not a job for so...
Dheekray Muze Amal Most. Paperwork. Ever. That's why I love you so much, Gilly. Hardworking Lyrans are sexy ;D
Below you will find our updated list of qualification medal recipients.


  • Vestulance - Master Qualified
  • Xeronodin – Senior Qualified
  • Parazaine – Senior Qualified
  • DisasterArea – Tournament Qualified
  • Sabetha Youngblood - Tournament Qualified

ELITE VENOM Congratulations to all of you!
[LT-COL] M4sterFl4sh Gratz guys! I don't know some of you, but it's great to see some new blood working your way up
HSR 200-D Hussar
Production year: 2620
Class: Light
Cost: 2,790,840 C bills
Mass 30 tons.
Speed 151.2 Kph
Armament 1 Er Large Laser

The Hussar was one of the SLDF's most popular and widely-used recon 'Mechs. It was originally conceived and constructed as an infantry support 'Mech, but, as it reached units, its incredible speed naturally lent the Hussar to a scouting role and eventually allowed it to take the place of the majority of light scout vehicles in use at the time. Its excellent communications gear allowed the Hussar to operate deep behind enemy lines, able to report not only enemy movements but also jam their communications and listen in on transmissions between enemy 'Mechs from as far away as thirty-five kilometers.

The Hussar was also the 'Mech that put Newhart Industries on the map when the 'Mech and its primary weapon proved to be reliable and easy to maintain and the SLDF put in several orders for larger 'Mechs from Newhart based on this reputation. Like other 'Mechs from the era, the Hussar saw a loss in capabilities with the fall of the Star League, although the communication system on surviving 'Mechs proved to be quite robust in the hands of good technicians. In 3055, Coventry Metal Works licensed the ability to produce the Hussar, which it did until the Word of Blake attacked Coventry in 3068.


The Hussar has a single weapon on its chassis in a unique turreted mount on the center torso, the Newhart Extended Range Large Laser. While the use of a single weapon to provide defensive capabilities limits the Hussar, the superior reach of the ER Large Laser allows the the 'Mech to engage enemies at a standoff range and its speed allows the Hussar to dictate the range of the engagement, forcing enemies to fight on its terms.
And this has been the Mech of the Week brought to you By the Brigade QMR
[KM-GEN] Kusak Snowtiger Thats the Plan Han's. Initial focus placed on odd balls that very few people Know anything about.
[KM-GEN] Johan Karl Grecco-Steiner Ku, brilliant idea! You should divvy up mech models and post one a week depending on source material. Awesome dude. Than...
[ARCN] Arturus Steiner a excellent! thx Kusak!
Dear Sirs

I hereby approve the promotions of the following mechwarriors of the Tamar Cavaliers for fulfilling the necessary requirements

PFC Adzcer to Corporal
PFC Rolibar to Corporal
PFC Streakk to Corporal
PFC Poseidonn to Corporal

I would also recommend the promotion of PFC Bloodcat to Senior Corporal in view of his outstanding activity levels and contributions he has provided for the Archers for the past month he has been with us.

HPT ender28 has very graciously decided to step down as CCOM of Cornwall (Australasian) Company in view of his very recent inactivity due to RL commitments, but will remain as an LCOM with the conferred rank of 1st Leutnant.

I would therefore take the opportunity to approve of SenSGM Ferrous Idaho's elevation to the position of Cornwall Company's CCOM with the rank of Hauptmann.


LTC Zikri Ross-Wong
Regiment Commander
Tamar Cavaliers

ELITE VENOM Congratulations to all of you!
[KM-GEN] Cipher a Correction: Guys and gal!
Aquillon Graticles!

SJ1 Regiment Accolades
To: You, Guillocuda, Arrachtas

Hi guys,

I'd like to petition for the Eagle's Feather and Dragonslayer's Ribbon to be added to SJ1's (1st Skye Jaegers) accolades.

This evening, we beat the 9th Sword of the Dragon (http://www.9thsword.org/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=1) for the fifth time in the past month.

Last week, we finished our fifth victory against the 25th Marik Militia (http://www.25thmarikmilitia.com/)

Guillocuda was present for the defeat of the 9th Sword defeat, and can corroborate that if needed. He has also witnessed our defeat of the 25th on multiple occasions.

The SJ1 pilots work tirelessly to represent the Rangers brigade as a whole, and always conduct themselves with the utmost sportsmanship. I strongly feel that both because of their victories and their gentlemanly conduct that they merit these awards.


- Arrachtas, XO, 1st Skye Jaegers

Thanks for getting this posted Arrachtas. The above information is correct I wanted to make sure SJ1 got credit for all our hard work...

-General GideonX

ELITE VENOM Congratulations and well done! Salute!
LordofDecay Well done SJ1.
[KM] JokerPW Congratulations, guys ! Great job ! [ ]'s

Greetings Skye Rangers!  A few announcement’s from your friendly neighborhood TAC.

1.  Registration for the 3050 Fall/Winter Skye Cup will begin November 1 and will close November 8th.  Rules for the Fall/Winter cup will be posted on November 1st.  Seeds will be drawn and Week one matches will begin Sunday November 10th.  RCOM’s or their designated S3 Officer (Regimental Tactical Operations Officer) will be responsible for submitting a roster, scheduling drops and any/all other bookkeeping.

2.  The Office of Tactical requests all interested RCOM’s to appoint an S3 (Regimental Tactical Operations Officer) to liaise with this office if they do not wish to themselves.  All RCOM’s not appointing an S3 Officer will be responsible for the regular and timely communication with Brigade TAC.  RCOM’s please use this post <LINK> to update your current Point of Contact with this office.

3.  Proxis Season 3 has launched! <LINK> All regiments interested in competing should notify this office ASAP vis PM.  The 10th Skye Rangers will be competing as a Faction on behalf of the Skye Rangers but other regiments are encouraged to join as a Faction, Mercenary or Pirate unit.  NOTE:  Proxis is a community run take on the metagame not a regular Tournament.

4.  Job Opening:  The Office of Tactical is looking for a Tournament Attache.  This position will be responsible for aiding the TAC in ALL areas of Tournament/Competitive play including interfacing with the competing Regiments as well as keeping the TAC apprised of the Competitive MWO community at large.  Interested candidates should have a good overall feel for MWO competitive play and a willingness to delve into the competitive community and get your ear to the ground and your finger on the pulse.  All inquiries or applications should be sent via PM directly to Hrunting <LINK>
[LT-COL] M4sterFl4sh Good luck prying the Skye Cup from the 10th's hands. You guys better bring your game faces, cause I'm not let...
[KM-GEN] Cipher a The details aren't being released until Nov 1, and we are expected to turn in rosters by Nov 8? That is not enough ...
[GEN] Hrunting a NOTE: Proxis Season 3 is still OPEN and in the early stages. I would have liked to have gotten the announcement out ea...
Standard Skye Timezone
January 2019
yippee picked up MWO5 pre order so yes I will be there
Thanks for that, Kiwi. I had assumed that it was automatically tied in when I bought the MW5 package.
if you preordered the mw5 and already did the redeem code for mwo, there is ANOTHER separate redeem for the MAD pack, get that from the MW5 website
Welcome dahemion, alilgoat & Beerme...!
MW5 Mercs out for pre-order and the Marauder II anounced
Cool shots also on sale during this event (until Jan 10) for 1/2 off. Buy a few (hundred) and store them on the dropship for free
Welcome COincidence09...!
Happy new year everyone!
Happy Holidays Rangers, where ever in the world you reside!
Welcome EarlofDuke !
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