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Published Apr 17, 2019
Solaris 7 Season 5 Kick off Event! Play Solaris 7 Season 5 Game modes to earn rewards.  This event is EXTRA LONG to give you plenty of time to complete these challenges! EVENT PAGE>>>
Published Apr 17, 2019
Published Apr 16, 2019
Mech Release - Mech Variants for C-Bills JAVELIN JVN-11F                                    4,543,363  C-BILLS RIFLEMAN RFL-8D                                ...
Published Apr 16, 2019
SERIOUS BUSINESS EVENT Complete these Serious Business Challenges to earn Rewards. EVENT PAGE >>> NEW MEME FORMAT "Mocking Lunch Box"' Make an MWO Themed Meme using this template...
Published Apr 12, 2019
Upcoming Patch - 16, April, 2019 @ 10AM – 1PM PDT Patch Number: Client Patch Size: 243MB Patch Files (Direct Download) http://patcher.mwomercs.com/patch/Production/frontend/FrontendPatch_357.zip New...
Published Apr 11, 2019
Countdown to Marauder II Release April 16th! Buy the Mech Pack here! OR Preorder MW5 Mercenaries and Get the Marauder II pack as a Bonus! MARAUDER II Live Stream Preview Join Daeron...
Published Apr 10, 2019
Weekend Warrior Hot Drop 2 Complete Challenges for Rewards EVENT PAGE >>>>
Published Apr 5, 2019
FACTION PLAY PUBLIC TEST! Starts: Monday, April 8th 4:00 PM PDT Ends: Thursday, April 11th 3:59 PM PDT REWARDS FOR TESTING: Yes, that is right! We're giving you rewards for playing...
Published Apr 5, 2019
MECH RELEASE: Champion for C-Bills - Vapor Eagle for MC CHAMPION FOR C-BILLS CHAMPION CHP-1N                         5,566,857 C-Bills CHAMPION CHP-2N                         4,932,407...
Published Apr 2, 2019
Skye March Tactical Feed

As posted by his RCOM, COL Sevronis...LCOM LT1 Black Caiman has been awarded the SR Medal of Honor (MoH)...The first in a long time...Congrats and well earned !!!

Report • Sun at 22:42

Forest Colony Outpost, March 26th, 8:42 PM

The Sky Rangers had been deployed to a remote outpost in one of the nearby systems. Reports of possible pirate activity had surfaced this far into the Steiner boundaries. The Gray Death Legion had been called upon to assist. Sevronis of the GDL himself was present, along with Zed Cassel and Black Caiman. Pirates didn't require much force. After a short debrief by William Slayer of the Skye Rangers, the forces pushed forward from their drop zones and further into the forest. Unfortunately, as if out of nowhere, Black Caiman's recently salvaged Warhammer IIC was overcome with technical issues and wouldn't move. He struggled to get his 'mech working again. Meanwhile the Skye forces were suddenly engaged by enemy units, of whom it became suddenly more apparent these were more than just simple pirates, but mercenaries as well.

The fighting was extensive and difficult, for the mercs possessed their own mixture of advanced Inner Sphere tech as well as Clan. Luckily, Sevronis brought his own Clan tech – a quad-ERPPC Warhawk. Well, there was also Caiman's Clan 'mech, but he was still messing with the controls cursing extensively at his systems crash. Back at the battle, which seemed to last hours, but only in reality several minutes, The enemy forces began to gain the upper hand. A few of the Rangers were already downed, followed by Zed's Phoenix Hawk. William Slayer frantically called out tactical orders over the comms using what little power his disabled 'mech had remaining. Five enemy mercs remaining. Sevronis rotated his 'mech towards a Highlander IIC, issuing a volley of PPC fire. He only needed a couple more shots, but his 'mech was too damaged and was finally taken out of the fight.

“I'm almost there guys!” Came a shout from Black Caiman, finally getting his 'mech to cooperate.
“That's great! Cause it's just you now!”, replied Sevronis. “There's a Highlander that's pretty cored, and you got four others to deal with!”

“Oh this'll be fun.” Caiman grinned as he stomped towards the opposition. He quickly found the Highlander. A few medium pulse blasts quickly toppled it. He whirled his 'mech around and came across a Grasshopper and a Marauder next, both moderately damaged. Nothing a few volleys of streaks and pulses wouldn't fix. First the Grasshopper's side blew – must have had an XL engine. Then the pilot of Marauder began to question his life choices when his engine was cored. Two remaining. Despite the earlier technical issues, Caiman's Warhammer IIC started running like a dream and whirled it around until his cross hairs pointed towards the last two 'mechs – A Thunderbolt and a Commando. They were more damaged than the last two, but still give a challenge, the Commando specifically with it's speed. After a bit of frustration trying to get a lock on the quick light 'mech with his streaks and missing a few pulse shots, he focused his efforts onto the Thunderbolt. He let loose a full alpha strike on the CT of the heavy 'mech, but it still stood. The pilot ushering every last nerve just to keep up and running. Black Caiman wasn't having any of that. Another alpha strike. Down went the heavy. The Commando ran laps around Caiman's legs, but Caiman kept twisting and turning as much as his gyros could. The Commando made one mistake, he got some distance. One lock, that's all he needed. Caiman's streaks soared after the light 'mech and it went up in explosions like a little firecracker. From within the smoke, it toppled over.

“Well that was fun.”, Black Caiman nodded in approval. “These guys gave you trouble?”

“Just call the drop ship smart ass.”, Sevronis remarked.
[LT-COL] MrKvola Damn, I did not get a main page post when I scored mine :) Congrats, Caiman!
[HPT-KM] Chopy Way to go BC, cheers!
[CP] AnAnachronismAlive True, true. Big changes all over me kinda limiting my ability to dabble around anymore.

Dropship Phobos, March 2nd

COL Sevronis sat hidden within a dark conference room, reclined with his feet on the table. The only light came from a monitor at the other end showing a recording of past operations. Simulation training and regular skirmishes had been highly successful in the recent weeks. Incursions for objectives against the clanners have equaled up to a nice paycheck on average. "Looks like M&M has improved a bit." Sevronis mentioned to himself. "I more suprised I haven't heard any candy jokes about his nickname yet. Not that I've thought of any either that didn't sound weird." He took a large gulp of rum, then reached for the monitor remote, advancing the recording. "Divit's showing promise despite how green he is. Pretty good at flanking maneuvers. Shamansky has been doing pretty well too, though that's to be expected in Black Ops." He seemed to ignore the video for a moment, staring at his glass while casually swirling the liquid inside before taking another swig, then glanced back up at the monitor. This time it was a recording of Nieje's multiple successes, most of them being outnumbered a little. "Pretty much what I've come to expect from him, I should really put in a recommendation in with Skye Command."

Sevronis advanced the recordings further, this time of the latest simulation trainings. "Nemesis looks pretty solid in a command role," he nodded with a stroke of his beard. "Black Caimen shows potential for it too albeit still rough around the edges. At least he could pull some inspriation from Nemesis." He let these recordings play out more fully to get more of an idea what lance roles to assign them before forwarding to the last few recordings. "I see Griffster has become pretty well rounded with all weight classes as well. He's become pretty good at fire support too.", the stout commander stated before finishing off the rest of the contents in his glass and turned off the monitor. He glanced at the clock. It was still pretty early. "I'll send my report after a little nap.", Sevronis muttered, pulling his cap down over his eyes. "This should be a pretty good place to avoid interruption." Within five minutes a knock pounded on the confernce room door, soon opened by his secretary.



TL;DR version. Shorter post this time and also a bit late due to delay with the HPG network.


Nemesis357 - LT1 and LCOM
Black Caiman - LT1 and LCOM
Nieje - LT
Shamansky - SGM
MauradersAndMountains - SCP
Divit - CP


Nemesis357 - OTT and HoS
Black Caiman - MQ (tourney), GPM, OTT, and HoS
Nieje - MQ (tourney) and OTT
GDL Griffster - MQ (tourney) and HoS

Congrats to the above! And congrats to Nieje for MWotM! Keep doing what you do and other great things! Strength through unity!

COL Sevronis

[KM-GEN] William Slayer I watched Black Caimen take on 4 to 1 odds this week... and make the Rangers proud!! o7 sir!
[CP] Divit That was fun too read. Probably cause I can be a bit narcissistic at times... Congrats Comrades!
[HPT-KM] Deathshade Congrats guys! Well deserved. o7

Fellow 'Mechwarriors,

Skye Command announces the selection of LT Nieje, 'Mechwarrior in the GDL Regiment as the 'Mechwarrior of the Month for March-April.  Due to me being a slacker this is getting posted late. Apologies from the SFC :)

Concurrent with this honor, LT Nieje has been awarded the McKennsy Hammer (McH) Medal and will be spotlighted for the month on our Rosters.


.../Brigade Up!

[LT-GEN] Sevronis o Well deserved, Nieje.
[SenSGM] GDL Griffster Hell Yeah! Well deserved.
[LT1] Black Caiman Getcha some!

Fellow 'Mechwarriors,

I have the sad duty to report that KM-GEN Hercu1 has resigned from Brigade Command and requested a transfer to the DropShip Reserves.

Hercu1 has been with the SR since the beginning. Besides welcoming many new recruits, Hercu1 was also the person most responsible for collecting nominations for Mechwarrior of the Month.  We are sorry to see him retire.

Hercu will be sorely missed and was one of our more active Commanders, but we must forge on...As such, I am currently seeking a replacement as Officer of Internal Affairs (OIA). Position descreiption follows:

Officer of Internal Affairs (OIA):  The Officer of Internal Affairs moderates the internal forums and message boards of the Brigade.  The OIA will monitor the internal comlinks of the Skye March and is authorized to maintain same in accordance with the Bylaws.  The OIA is also the commander of the Mobile Field Base (MFB) unit (fiction/support)The minimum Rank for this Position is Leutnant-General (LT-GEN).

The OIA can also appoint an OIA Attache (OIA:A) who assists primarily with the management of forums and special projects. The minimum Rank for this Position is Senior Warrant Officer (SWO).

If interested, please shoot me an email.

Thanks, Hercu and good hunting!!!


[LT-GEN] Sevronis o Quite a long run there. Enjoy retirement and hope to still see you around once in a while o7.
[PFC] Provo1978 o7 Sir! Sad to see you retire. But I hope we'll be able to drop with you now and then. GL&HF with everythin...
[KM-GEN] William Slayer o7 sir, Hope you get a chance to play now and again!

SG Robear, MW in the Snords Irregulars, has been selected as the MW of the Month for February! Congratulations...!!!

Concurrent with this award, SG Robear has been awarded the McKennsy Ground Pounders Medal (GPM) and his name will be highlighted on all of our Rosters for the month of February!

.../Salute !

[SenSGM] Jexvrok yeah, RoBear!
[CP] LEIF 777 Congrats, great dude to drop with! o7
[HPT-KM] Leitzout Congrats Robear!!!

itemFellow 'Mechwarriors of the Skye March,

I am running all the Rank and Nobility Enjin CMS Automations this evening which will allow you all to recieve "SR Credits" as your "annual salary" so to speak for your service in the Skye Rangers. These credits can be used in the Skye Rangers Marketplace...(btw, I am looking for a graphics guru to help me out to remodel and update the Marketplace).

Although this a RP fluff thing, it does allow us to keep more with the MW lore and (I think) adds another, deeper dimension to the SR guild...Good hunting!

Enjoy & my apologies for the delay this year...!

ARCN Arturus

.../Brigade Up!

[CP] LEIF 777 I enjoy making some graphics now and then, send me a pm , I may be able to help here and there. Thanks for your hard wo...
[HPT-KM] Deathshade Thanks Chief. Now I got my Castle.
[LT-GEN] The Zipper Now maybe I can afford the Jump ship that I want!

For those interested, Piranha Games has started offering pre-order packages for Mechwarrior 5 Mercenries including closed beta access and MWO perks.

Link: https://mw5mercs.com/

Standard Skye Timezone
April 2019
Keep yer eyes open folks: new Faction-PTS potentially incoming this weekend! Unsure if there is new rewards though.
Friday Nite Faction Play is on. Get your four mechs in here!
Congrats on the promotions!
For his hard work and activity in the SR, as well as his MWO presence, Greyfoxx has been promoted to full General (GEN). Greyfoxx is also an admin of the SR website...
Congrats to Sevronis on promotion to LT-GEN and William Slayer to KM-GEN...!!! Both of these fine officers have been helping out greatly these past couple of months. Their hard work needs to be rewarded.
Seventeen (17) Mechwarriors removed from our Roster for being AWOL > 12 months.../Salute...
Welcome thalvus, Bolo Atari, cosmonaut, Jynx En Daire, EvilDogPL & Malakith...!
Just realized the Marauder II will be delivered on my Birthday. Happy Birthday me <cracks knuckles and heads to the mech bay to wait patiently>
Faction Play PTS is up. Get a preview on the New FW
moved to next weekend . . .
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