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Hello MechWarriors! PGI Dev Group Drop streaming live now at ! [UPDATE]: Streaming has now ended. Thank you for watching!
Published Mar 27, 2015
Welcome to the Countdown to the UrbanMech release.  We will be sharing info, images,  screenshots or videos each day leading up to the April 7th Release date. You still have time to pre-order...
Published Mar 27, 2015
STARTS: Friday March 27th, 10:00 AM PDT (17:00 UTC) ENDS: Tuesday March 31st, 11:59 PM PDT (April 1st, 6:59:59 UTC)   Are you ready for some intensive Community Warfare? Because that's what...
Published Mar 26, 2015
MONTH 1 still includes One New Warhorn and 30 Days Banked Premium Time! NEW MONTH 1 REWARDS INCLUDE: INVASION COLORS UNLOCKED Invasion Orange, Invasion Green, Invasion Gray   BONUS...
Published Mar 25, 2015
  Weekly Community Spotlight!  Hello MechWarriors, welcome to the Community Spotlight!  This is a weekly announcement to keep you up to date on what’s currently going on in MWO’s...
Published Mar 25, 2015
ComStar News Bureau Bulletin #00-05-K Reward Adjustments for Clan Wolf, Clan Ghost Bear and House Marik effective immediately.  ComStar News Bureau Agents are confirming reports that changes...
Published Mar 23, 2015
Published Mar 21, 2015
Greetings MechWarriors!The UrbanMech is almost here!! Shipping on April 7th. We have some sneak peek screenshots to share with you!! Pre-Order the UrbanMech now or Gift one to a friend!
Published Mar 19, 2015
Greetings MechWarriors, We will be rolling out a hot-fix on Friday March 20th, scheduled for release at 10:00 AM PDT (17:00 UTC), with the following changes: We are reverting the 'Unknown Failure'...
Published Mar 19, 2015
Greetings MechWarriors, With the release of the Special Resistance Collection {R} Variant 'Mechs, the following Colors were added to the in-game Color selection menu: Resistance White Resistance Red Resistance...
Published Mar 19, 2015
Skye March Tactical Feed

Welcome to the Countdown to the UrbanMech release.
We will be sharing info, images, screenshots or videos each day leading up to the April 7th Release date.
You still have time to pre-order and enjoy your UrbanMech day one on April 7th.
DAY 1 of 11
The UrbanMech Stein.
This Stein was part of the early bird special and was represented by an image of the UrbanMech pasted on our standard Stein model. Well, our art department decided they could do better than that and this is the result. We really like the upgraded look and hope you will too. If you didn't get in on the early bird rewards these steins will be also available for 500 MC on April 7th.
Stay tuned to this post for daily updates as we countdown the days to the UrbanMech release.
[PFC] Jaraii Can't wait to see what the Urban Camo and the limited camo look like.
[LT-GEN] Alexander Fury I love that PGI encourages the image that we are all drinking while playing this game!
STARTS: Friday March 27th, 10:00 AM PDT (17:00 UTC)
ENDS: Tuesday March 31st, 11:59 PM PDT (April 1st, 6:59:59 UTC)
Are you ready for some intensive Community Warfare? Because that's what this weekend is all about!! Earn a Match Score of 80 or above in either Invasion or Counter-Attack game modes to receive 1 Event Point.
Reach the highest tier of 20 Event Points and your reward will be a choice between a powerful Inner Sphere or Clan 'Mech!
  • 5 Event Points = 3 Days Active Premium Time
  • 10 Event Points = .50 Cal Necklace Hanging Item
  • 15 Event Points = Dog Tags Hanging Item
  • 20 Event Points = 1 'Mech of your choice: a Thunderbolt TDR-9SE Champion or a Stormcrow SCR-PRIME
Important Info:
  • Once you achieve 20 Event Points, you will have until April 2nd at 10 AM PDT to choose your 'Mech Reward.
  • All 'Mech choices are final.
  • Premium Time acquired from this event will be automatically activated once rewarded.
  • This Event applies to both Solo and Group Community Warfare queues.
  • You need to play Invasion or Counter-Attack game modes in Community Warfare to qualify.
  • No opt-in required.
The Event Page will be Linked here once it is live
The Tracking Page will be linked here once it is live.
You may also notice that we have a new banner on the front page that you can use to jump directly to the most recent event:

Figured it was time to put the changes i've made to the permissions system down in one place (well, the simplified version at least xD). 

Thread here

I will be following this up with updated guidelines for the Teamspeak as well at some point in the next few days. 

- LT-GEN thatrobotguy 

[LT-GEN] Alexander Fury Thanks for this Robot!


[LT-GEN] Hercu1 posted Thu at 2:01

Since member behavior has come up again, Here is Skye Rangers' Bylaw #1 and Code of Conduct.  I suggest members read them as ignorance will not excuse their infraction.  (The rest of the SRB's Bylaws can be found here, members should have read thouse too!)

(last revised 03.12.15)

ALL Mechwarriors of the Skye Rangers must adhere to and abide by the following in order to enjoy Active Membership:


No gross personal misconduct will be tolerated (i.e. no profanity/vulgarity on public message boards, hacking/cheating, harassment, abusive conduct, prejudice with regards to race, religion, sex, sexual preference/affectional status, age, or gender).

Mechwarriors who violate these Bylaws will be given ONE warning from the Skye Front Commander (SFC). A second offense/violation or an initial gross violation will result in automatic dismissal/banning from the Skye Rangers.

Code of Conduct
(last revised 08.26.12)


The Skye Rangers (SR) Codes of Conduct (CoCs) are the guidelines all members are expected to follow on all SR communications venues. These include all official chat channels (i.e., TS, Ventrillo or Mumble), Forums, Group Mailing lists or emails, and any other official gathering place for members of the SR. In general: if the SR sponsors the communications forum or method, the CoC's apply, if not they do not.


In case of a member breaking these guidelines enforcement is up to which ever Administrators are present. For example on the Forums, this duty falls on the Moderators and in our TS3 server the authority would rest with any Administrators present. For the sake of simplicity they will be referred to as "Admins" for the rest of this document. Serious infractions should be sent to the Skye Front Commander (SFC) and the Executive Officer (XO) to determine the best course of action. Any reported infractions will be investigated by the SFC and/or XO. All members are ambassadors for the Brigade and should hold themselves to the Codes of Conduct wherever they are.


The CoC's are intended to maintain some semblance of order in the chaos that is the Internet, and also to maintain the reputation of the SR. In general, approach things with a modicum of civility and display attributes of professionalism, honor, courtesy and honesty and you will have no problems. Frequent swearing, personnel attacks, etc. puts you at risk of losing access to these SR privileges. (i.e., being banned from the SR website, IP ban, suspension of forums access). Remember that being drunk or otherwise medicated is not an acceptable excuse for violating the CoC's.


However, despite all this, offenses will occur. Members are to be reminded that although our Admin's will make every attempt to assist people online, the SR cannot be held responsible for online chat comments, harassment, etc. All we can do is to enforce our Codes of Conduct and Bylaws with respect to the membership. Members and visitors are to be reminded that the Internet is not necessary a safe place and some precautions should be taken when online such as not giving out your personnel information to strangers.


In the event of a Violation the highest ranking Admin has the final say in any actions taken.


Here are some general rules in regards to command structure within the comm system (TeamSpeak) and how dropping 'Mechwarrior should practice the chain of command:

  • When a group of players are in a serious match, the highest ranking officer is put in charge of the group. He/she must relinquish command to the next highest ranking officer in the case that he/she has to take leave.
  • While in a relaxed channel anyone can take lead of the round as long as everyone else is willing. In the case that no one is willing to lead or one leader can not be affirmed, the highest ranking officer will become leader until he/she decides to relinquish command.
  • In the case that more than the maximum capacity for an in-game group is reached, it is up to the higher ranking officers to make room by opening a new channel. The current leader of the first room will stay, while the second highest ranking officer takes role as the leader of the second room.
[PFC] Cyborg Perfect Additionally could the channels be designated to "casual" and "serious" because at the moment we onl ...

MONTH 1 still includes One New Warhorn and 30 Days Banked Premium Time!
  • Invasion Orange, Invasion GreenInvasion Gray  
  • Radar Deprivation, Seismic Sensor, Target Info gathering
Head over to the Wave III Collection page to make your choice!
Any existing Month 1 Wave 3 purchases will automatically qualify for these new Rewards!
Purchases processed and received before March 31st at 11:59:59 PM PDT (6:59:59 AM UTC) will receive the 1st Monthly Reward on April 1st.

In 2777 after ten years of savage fighting in the Periphery General Alaksandr Kerensky and the Star League Defense Force launched the final phase in the war against Stefan Amaris, the Usurper of the Star League. For two more years, the greatest army ever forged by humankind would wage a planet-by-planet war for the heart of the League itself, ultimately landing on mankinds homeworld of Terra. As the single greatest campaign ever fought in human history, Operation LIBERATION would change the fate of generations to come.

Historical: Liberation of Terra, Volume 2 describes the final years of the civil war that ultimately brought about the end of the first Star League. Covering the fighting that followed Kerensky's conquest of the Rim Worlds Republic and the early stages of the Hegemony campaign to the final conclusive battles on Terra itself, this book provides a hard look at the last days of the Star League Era, and the fateful decisions that would eventually pave the way for centuries of Succession Wars to come.

[SSG] VWinter ...
[PFC] Quietly Crazy Tina seems nice...a little bit shy, but we'll see how she does. Maybe some new ideas for stuff from her.

With a grumble Kusak picked up his coffee cup and leaned back in his desk chair taking a second to take a sip of the steaming cup of coffee before turning to the window that looked out into the mech bay.   The quiet efficient movments of his orderly as she picked up the pile of transfer paper work and equipment requisitions that went with them from his desk was all to familiar.

Is that all of them Chelsey?    ~His orderly nodded ~   Yes Sir it is.    Alexander Fury has been busy over in the 22nd recently.

Kusak snorted as he considered Mageria his HGN-HM sitting in the bay.    Yes he has but the line units need the bodies right now with everything that is going on.   Not that I like the reason that they need those recruits so quickly.

~The latest batch of recruits have been transfered to their respective units.     Unit CO's take a minute to introduce yourself if you havent already.   And to all of you new Recruits.   Welcome to the Skye Rangers and to your respective units.    Good Hunting to all of you.    Make us proud.     And Brigade Up.

Also did a bit of house cleaning and cleaned up some duplicate unit tags and or missing unit tags that I found on several members.    If I missed anyone let me know and I will get it fixed~

[HPTGEN] Kusak Snowtiger a were not mentioning that in Ashura's presence. Something about uniform skirt being to short and to tight. I have no ...
[LT-GEN] Alexander Fury You got Chelsea as an admin assist. Nice! *highfive!*
Standard Skye Timezone
March 2015
From what I saw, solid work from our folks against the PGI crew. Nice job guys. Solid win.
Two more elegible recruits transferred to line regiments...thanks, Kusak & Alexander FUry !
Welcome Imba Simba & geo_lego...!
Thirteen (13) eligible recruits transferred from the 22nd SR to active Line Regiments...! Thanks, LT-GEN Alexander Fury...!
Welcome RougeBeta, Theyak & Rochow...!
Super Troopers 2 crowd funding! Go check it out meow!!![link]
*looks at Falcore51* new Landgrave right there.
I must have all the forum posts.
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