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Greetings MechWarriors, We are scheduling an estimated 24-hour server maintenance for Thursday, August 28th, 2014 beginning at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 5PM UTC. The reason for this downtime is to transition...
Published Aug 27, 2014
Check out the Lunch Tuck Warhorn Available for 750 MC in the Mechlab - Cockpit - Mounted category. The Nova Is available for C-bills in the Store...
Published Aug 26, 2014
Published Aug 26, 2014
Vindicator VND-1R Tonnage: 45 Engine: 180 Standard Top Speed: 64.8 kph Max Engine Rating: 235 Torso Movement: 125 degrees to each side. 30 degrees...
Published Aug 26, 2014
Brother, A bureaucrat once said, "The sinews of war are money, money, money." He couldn't have been more correct... The mission postings just keep coming lately, and the bonuses keep getting bigger...
Published Aug 22, 2014
DATE: August 22nd, 3049 MESSAGE TO: Precentor-Terra ORDER: Delta RE: House unification now involving House Liao. Finest Precentor, It seems that an unprecidented unification of the Great Houses...
Published Aug 22, 2014
Published Aug 21, 2014
UPDATE 12:50PM, 21-Aug: Greetings MechWarriors, The final patch will be available shortly. We are aiming to begin the test now at 1PM PDT / 4PM EDT / 8PM UTC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Published Aug 20, 2014
“I remember the day I first met Blues: Dad was piloting her, laughing at me over how awe-struck I was.  I was blinded by the light of our sun as it reflected off the silver trumpet on Blues'...
Published Aug 19, 2014
Skye March Tactical Feed
Fellow 'Mechwarriors,

While I am technically still at work, I just took a break and logged into MWO after the patch.

Lo and behold the Skye Rangers of Terra (SRoT) guild was already setup and waiting for me. I just sent out an invite to Hrunting to join :)

So, it appears that all I will have to do is setup ranks, get folks invited, MoTD notice, etc. etc. This really works just like guilds in most MMOs so most of us will be familiar with how this works (i.e., MoTD, Guild Coffer/Bank, In game ranks, etc.). Pretty basic stuff.

Interestingly, my new title displayed under my blue Steiner Fist avatar in the new "Faction" button (in game) is "General of the Army"...time for a promotion up to General of the Armies? heheh.

Please give me/us a couple days to get our RCOMs and Brigade Command invited and setup with invitation and admin rights, then they would in turn get in all of their regiment members. Again, this may be a week or two long process so please bear with us.

Good hunting!

p.s. I will be back online in about 5 hours and will login to TS to get folks invited, ranks setup etc. My apologies for this short delay in guild setup, but I am still at work and then have a baby to get to bed :)

p.p.s. I just got in game for a bit with ThatRobotGuy. We got all of our in game ranks setup with permissions. A few folks have already been invited and ranks assigned (i.e., MW, RCOM, etc.). Hrunting and ThatRobotGuy already have Senior Command ranks which give them almost full privileges on inviting, assigning ranks, etc. Unfortunately, the MWO servers went down right afterwards for a PGI hot fix, presumably to fix the rank permissions functionality) for the next 1.5 hours. So, I will be back later :)

[LT1] Metafox Thanks for working to get everything set up. I've got a request: Can you allow more ranks to view the coffer balance? Ma ...
[KM-GEN] Johan Karl Grecco-Steiner Art, Thanks for all the labor you are putting into organization set up! After years of faithful waiting...we who are ab ...
Hello MechWarriors,

As you are hopefully aware by now, tomorrow will be perhaps our largest downtime ever. This is to accommodate the move to our new data center. There are many advantages to the new data center such as being more cost effective while at the same time potentially offering greater latency performance to many our non NA customers. Besides that, there are a couple of really important reasons why you might want to make the effort to download the latest Public Test Client here and participate tomorrow...

De-sync Bug: This public test will have our latest improvement to the Crytek networking code to work properly for MWO. It would be very helpful if we could get as close as possible to regular Thursday population levels to see if indeed the issue has been improved/resolved. To be clear we can't be sure of the impact of our change until we see the bug in a high load environment, similar to live production. Also keep in mind that this isn't a fix to remove all lag from the "Internets", but to specifically address the de-sync bug.

Clan weapon balance test: As you know we have a large task on our hands to figure out the very best way to handle balancing Clan vs IS before the competitive aspects of CW come online. Over the past weeks we have been running various tests, and this public test, will be the latest one. In fact the last time we made a change to Clan weaponry there were plenty of people that stated we should do that on the test server. Well here it is, on the test server and ready for you to test. I am going to avoid telling you any of the details of what has changed. I am going to avoid telling you any of the details of what has changed. My hope is that you get to try these changes out and share your first-hand experience with us before the numbers lead to any preconceptions. Even with these changes, the Clan weapons still do more damage, have greater range, for the same or less heat, tonnage and crit space. In short they still very much fulfill the promises as originally stated on how the Clans would look and play. Within a week of the completion of this Public Test, I will follow up with another post on exactly what direction we will be taking on Clan vs IS balancing.

Thanks for your help and support. Please let us know what you think. 

by Nikolai Lubkiewicz

Greetings MechWarriors,


We are scheduling an estimated 24-hour server maintenance for Thursday, August 28th, 2014 beginning at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 5PM UTC. The reason for this downtime is to transition the game and services onto our new data center.


During this period of server work, you will still have ways to enjoy some ‘Mech action!


We will be opening the Public Test Server to all players so that you can try out the latest version of the next patch.


As an added bonus, we are also making all MC-only Clan Mechs available for C-Bills during the Public Test for new players to give these a try!


Remember that what happens on Public Test stays on Public Test: Your battles, scoring, stats and more will not be recorded onto your live account once the test is over. Also note that the Public Test is a separate installation from the regular game client.


Please note, the Public Test server system runs on less provisioning that the live game servers do. While we are not anticipating major issues out of this, we are expecting that some players may experience difficulty finding a match during peak times due to resource limits on those test servers. If you happen to find a "Cannot find match” error message, we ask if you could continue trying to launch until a match is made.


For those who will be unable to join the Public Test for any reason, we recommend checking out our friends at No Guts No Galaxy, who will be streaming throughout the test / downtime to bring even more Mech action right to your screen. You can also check out the plethora of other channels on both and!


We recognize that this is an unusually long maintenance window. As such, we will also be providing all players with active premium time during the maintenance/test an additional 24 hours on their live account after the maintenance has completed.


Thanks for your support!


Article Link:


For More Info, please check out the Public Test sub-forums:

You can download the Public Test client here:

With the resignation of Clownwarlord to go try his hand at running his own unit and Xantars having to take some leave for RL reasons, I have transferred both to the Dropship Reserves. They both have done good jobs as RCOMs and should be commended for their hard work.

I subsequently took their recommendations for replacements and selected The Zipper to run the 4th SR and Rigger to run the KH. Both of the new RCOMs are well qualified and were already serving as the senior BCOMs in their Regiments.

Congrats, guys!

[SGM] MechWrecher Congrats Sir... Well deserved
[SSG] NoTime Congratulations!
[SSG] Thunden Congratulations to both!

Patch Notes 8 / 26

[COL] Zeece posted Tue at 13:51
Greetings MechWarriors!
Our Patch today introduces a major element on our road to Community Warfare: Unit Creation is now available in the game.
This system will allow players to Register their Units in-game. Similar in style and function to Guilds in other games, this system allows players to group up in a way that extends beyond individual matches.
There are several rules regarding Unit Names to keep in mind:
Unit Names must be between 1 and 35 Characters long.

Unit Names must be Unique. If another Unit has reserved that name, you will be asked to select another.
Unit Tags must be between 1 and 4 Characters long.

Unit Tags must be unique. If another Unit has reserved that tag, you will be asked to select another.
Unit Names and Tags can only contain Latin Alphanumeric Values, Spaces, and the following special characters:

A-Z [Latin Alphabet, upper-case]
a-z [Latin Alphabet, lower-case]
0-9 [Indo-Arabic numerals]
– [Dash]
( [Open parentheses]
) [Close parentheses]
` [Apostrophe]
Unit Names and Tags must not contain profanity, vulgarity or questionable language.
Unit Names may NOT be the same as a pre-existing unit in BattleTech Lore or previous MechWarrior games.
Unit Names may NOT circumvent the Lore or Vulgarity filter, with exception to the following point...
Unit Names can spin-off of Lore-based names, so long as they add a unique change or identifier to that name.

Examples of good unique identifiers include:

Geographic location (e.g. USA, Canada, UK, etc...)
Language preference (Francais, Deutsche, etc...)
Playstyle (Casual, Competitive, etc...)

Unit Names or Tags found in violation of these standards will be replaced with a generic name and their leaders contacted.

There are also several rules and notes listed below regarding how to manage units. We invite you to check them out along with the changes to Modules!

Fellow 'Mechwarriors,

Tomorrow is guild creation day. I will be hopping on as soon as I can either in the afternoon or evening eastern timezone to get it setup. I have a 11 AM - 2 PM (Eastern) meeting and work tomorrow, but will hop on as soon as I am able. It may be after 9 PM Eastern when Hrunting gets online too so we can closely coordinate setup.

As Zeece has pointed out, it MAY take us a day or two to get a PGI bug fixed which came up on test center not allowing any canon phrases...(i.e., "Skye") even if used per their naming guidelines. So, we MAY have to delay our in game guild opening until this bug is fixed. Hrunting and Zeece are both contacting their PGI contacts as we speak to confirm same.

Hrunting, as TAC, will be our main battle leader/coordinator in game...He, Ash, Kusak and I are in close contact, and Hrunting will be managing all things MWO re: drops, matches, events, leagues etc etc. As guild founder, I need to personally setup in game solo and then invite folks, and assign them permissions to get you all in the guild...So, everyone, please be patient as this will probably be a week or two process to get all you folks in.

Lastly, as Hrunting just clarified on TS, we will be setup as a House Steiner affiliated (non-canon) unit, mainly since I am already tagged as Steiner in MWO...this is OK. We also do not know what the game will offer for the 'warfare' part of Community Warfare, but I believe this is where we should be as a guild.

As such, I also was just confirming a few points with Hrunting a few minutes ago on TS:

1) Skye Rangers of Terra will be our guild name and Steiner affiliated. I will try first for just "SR" or "-SR-" as our tag, but may have to default to SRoT, depending what the filter allows. I am deferring to Hrunting's preference on the tag, cuz he is bugging me incessantly about it :)

2) We will be using our Positions ( ) as our in game ranks...they will be easier to manage/update and assign permissions that closely align with our website. Your Ranks ( ) on our website are unaffected and your in game Position/rank will be the same as here on the website.

3) For Command Staff, I will set up Senior Brigade Command and Attache Brigade Command in-game ranks which will have the most senior admin rights in game.

Wish us luck tomorrow! We will keep you all posted as this progresses :)

Thanks and good hunting!

..../Salute !

p.s. As discussed during our recent RCOM meeting, we will be re-organizing our MWO Gaming Teams (i.e., we will probably delete the existing regimental teams and all MWO characters and just start a new one for all of the SR with sub-units). The new gaming team will take me a bit to setup but should be done in the next few days.

I'm offering 7 days of Premium Time to any pilot who posts their video response to the challenge in this thread before Friday 29th of August, 2014 at 11:59PM PDT.
[LT-COL] Parduke I did it but mainly cause I have a friend diagnosed with it at 29 with 5 kids. Didn't know about PGI's til after. Posted ...
Standard Skye Timezone
August 2014
Welcome SuperLemonade !
Welcome, urbanhawk & welcome back, kosmaj !
Anyone else get into the beta for The crew? I've been playing, kinda fun.
Welcome Dethsphere & Matvitank !
MWO in game ranks/permissions setup for our guild...then servers crapped out for 1.5 hours for a hotifx...See main page article for details :)
Some of the drops from earlier. [link]
Welcome IronBar440 !
Hey guys sorry I have been gone soo long. I have been battling another back injury and this one kinda took it's toll. I hope to see all of you later has been far too long since we went bashing.
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