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Starts: FEBRUARY 27TH 10:00:00 AM (PST)  Ends: MARCH 2ND 10:00:00 AM (PST)  EVENT HIGHLIGHTS: Greetings MechWarriors,  To celebrate the launch of Wave 3 Clan Collection, we're giving...
Published Feb 26, 2015
Greetings MechWarriors, A number of players have been experiencing a decrease in overall client stability since the release of in-match VoIP with our February 17th patch. The majority of these crashes...
Published Feb 25, 2015
Greetings MechWarriors, Some players have been experiencing a delay with the injection of their recently-purchased MC as a result of some issues with the current PayPal implementation. We recently...
Published Feb 25, 2015
Greetings MechWarriors, We have recently been making some changes to the torso movement system to support the unique 360-degree rotation capability of the UrbanMech. Some of these changes made their way into...
Published Feb 25, 2015
More Sweet Deals with MC (Phase 2) Starts:  February 20th, 10AM PST (6 PM UTC) Ends:  February 28th, 11:59:59 PM PST (Mar 1st 7:59:59 AM UTC) It's time for Phase 2 of the Sweet Deal event,...
Published Feb 24, 2015
Greetings MechWarriors, Wave 3 is now available for gifting! Head over to the MechWarrior Online Gift Store to purchase a Gift Code for any of the four Clan Invasion Wave 3 Collections.  Gift Codes...
Published Feb 23, 2015
Published Feb 21, 2015
Clan Invasion Wave 3 pre-orders are now available! The Arctic Cheetah, Shadow Cat, Ebon Jaguar, and Executioner will soon be dropping onto the battlefield! Check out the full order details...
Published Feb 20, 2015
Greetings MechWarriors, We will be rolling out a hot-fix today, tentatively scheduled for release between 10:00 AM PST and 11:00 AM PST (6:00 PM UTC to 7:00 PM UTC), to resolve the following issues: Torso...
Published Feb 20, 2015
We are investigating the current issues with matchmaking. 
Published Feb 20, 2015
Skye March Tactical Feed

The following message has been received via our HPG Network

"The German IS-Units will start a combined operation on the Steiner/Clan front.

Units from the other IS factions will defend Steiner planets giving the Steiner house units the opportunity to concentrate on attacking the Clans.

So far forces will consist of members from 12th Donegal Guards, Tamar Jäger, Phönix Legion, 1st Royal Guards, 31. Husaren Regiment, Blue Vengeance, 331. RBMD, Baltisches Battaillon.

See you on the battlefield."

This apart of the EU offensive planned for today. If you are able to contribute to the battle please contact the 12DG (most easily found on the Steiner HUB) though they usually have a representative on our TS server.

Adder Up Event!

[HPTGEN] Zeece o posted Thu at 9:58

#Prize Tiers

* 3 points = 3 days of active Premium Time*
* 10 points = C-bill consumable prize pack (1 UAV, 1 air strike, 1 cool shot)
* 20 points = Double C-bill consumable prize pack (2 UAV, 2 air strike, 2 cool shot)
* 30 points = Triple C-bill consumable prize pack (3 UAV, 3 air strike, 3 cool shot)
* 40 Points = Quadruple C-bill consumable prize pack (4 UAV, 4 air strike, 4 cool shot)
* 50 Points = Adder - ADR-PRIME and a Mech Bay
* 60 Points = Color Blue Goluboy
* 70 Points = Hanging Item - Broken Inner Sphere
* 80 points = Adder Permanent Polygon Pattern

#How to Earn Points -

To celebrate the launch of the Wave 3 Clan Collection, we're giving you a chance to earn the Adder - ADR-PRIME!

In order to score 1 point you must meet the following criteria in a match:

Get one or more Kill Assist, and get one or more Kill.

Works in any game mode and any group size (private matches are excluded)

[CP] Lsp Lol, another one.
[LT-GEN] Alexander Fury So 50 kills and 50 assists minumum gets you the mech. No need to survive or win the match.

[KM] Raudulfr Don't mention it Hrunting , I love using Farscape profanity since to the vast majority of people they have no clue it ...
[HPTGEN] Hrunting THANKS Raudulfr I have to go watch Farscape again... ...
[LT-GEN] Hercu1 Well Hello!

In a surprising move, the Comguards (a.k.a. PGI) have left their home base on Terra and have entered the fray. Taking the world of Tukayyid from the FRR, Blake's Wrath has decended on the Inner Sphere. Will this spell deliverance or doom for the Inner Sphere? Are thier motives selfless or is there a more sinister motivation behind the followers of Blake? No one knows. Stay tuned for more....


[HPTGEN] Hrunting Interesting...very interesting...
[SSGM] falconheart They are just like the other Houses. They are for themselves and against the Clans. They are both friend and foe.
[GEN] Arturus Steiner a Loving the intrigue "RP" aspect of this...give 'em hell, lads!

2/20 Hotfix is Out

[HPTGEN] Zeece o posted Fri at 15:15

Hot-fix is out.

  • Torso turn speed was not behaving correctly with arm lock enabled
  • Horizontal arm lock was disengaging when pressing or holding "F"
  • Torso was twisting too far when quickly moving the mouse
  • Players communicating through VoIP while transitioning from the end of round screen to the home screen would sometimes crash
  • Faction Chat was not automatically scrolling when first viewing it

The hot-fix is out, and includes a server fix for the connection issues that were occurring this morning.

Posted by Alexander Garden on Today, 12:55 PM in Announcements

Hey everyone,

Update! We are using the downtime from this hot-fix to resolve the server and matchmaking issues that cropped up this morning. We are still working on solutions. Further information on when services will be restored will be provided as soon as possible.

Details on the Like a Champion MARK II event extension will also be provided once everything is restored.

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