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Greetings MechFans! We have a series of spooky sales available for you! For this weekend only: 50% off all Orange, Purple and Green palette colours! Our classic Halloween Cockpit Items remain...
Published Oct 17, 2014
Published Oct 17, 2014
Greetings MechWarriors, We are proud to announce the re-introduction of global payment options to our purchase systems.  Which options are available depends on your country of residence: Stripe PayPal Moneybookers Western...
Published Oct 10, 2014
Premium Time On sale until October 14th 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 5PM UTC 360 days - 25% off 180 days - 25% off Camo Specs On sale until October 14th 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 5PM UTC Dazzle...
Published Oct 10, 2014
Greetings MechWarriors! With the recent restoration of the Game Mode hard selections, we have an awesome challenge for you this weekend:A challenge a day for 3 days! Day 1 - Conquest Day - Friday...
Published Oct 10, 2014
Greetings MechWarriors, Please stand by for an incoming hot-fix!  The goal of this hot-fix is to resolve three issues: Repeal the soft Game Mode Voting system and restore hard restrictions previously...
Published Oct 8, 2014
We will be going down Oct 8th 10 AM PDT to apply a hotfix.We anticipate being be back up within the hour. Fixed Issues Match Score at the EOR screen displays all zero for all players Game...
Published Oct 8, 2014
Greetings MechWarriors! We are proud to announce the first stage in a shuffling to our matchmaking system: Moving forward, all Game Mode selections will be treated as preferences rather than exclusive...
Published Oct 7, 2014
Published Oct 7, 2014
In combination with this sale, we are proud to announce that all Champion 'Mechs are receiving a permanent boost to XP rewards of 30% (Triple the previous value at 10%!)
Published Oct 3, 2014
Skye March Tactical Feed
Fellow 'Mechwarriors,

As is our tradition in the Skye Rangers, when 5,000+ Comstar HPG Link (Forum) posts are made a member becomes a Duke (or Duchess) according to our Patent of Nobility system. LT-COL Demoulius has just surpassed this mark. he has chosen New Kyoto as his Skye March Planet to rule.."until he is dead or we find someone better" :)

Some supplemental background, provided by [KM-GEN] Johan Karl Grecco-Steiner:

New Kyoto

The world posed some remarkable challenges for the first settlers trying to colonize the world. The local lifeforms are virulent and dangerous, and those plants and animals imported from off world were quickly consumed, killed by disease or otherwise destroyed by the local flora and fauna. It took years for scientists on the planet to find an opening that would allow imported lifeforms to survive, and by the thirty-first century the imported species had managed to gain a foothold on New Kyoto.[1]

New Kyoto was largely settled by Japanese expatriates, and the world became a major center of the Buddhist religion in the Lyran Commonwealth. It possesses the largest statue to Amidha Buddha in the Inner Sphere: The statue is over 110 meters tall.[3]

The industrial base on New Kyoto was initially only capable of supporting light industries, but during the era of the Star League New Kyoto was one of numerous worlds which saw increasingly large factory complexes appearing on the planet as a result of the Commonwealth's industrial base expanding.[35]

During the First Succession War the Bolson Shipyards in orbit above New Kyoto were the target of a massive assault that in February 2787[32] destroyed what had been a major naval production facility during the Star League era.[36]

A ban on exporting native New Kyoto lifeforms off world remained firmly in place as late as 3025, and while New Kyoto was reasonably free of the larger hostile life forms such as Armor Bears and Ki-rians by this point, visitors would have to have been extremely foolish to travel into any of the wild areas of the planet alone or unarmed.[1] As late as 3067 thousands of deaths a year on New Kyoto were attributed to just those two species, despite the armor bear being limited largely to the remaining woodlands on Asharu[37] and the Ki-rian being subject to massive hunting campaigns all over Kalaska as the local population tried to contain the species.[38]

The Endo family of New Kyoto was responsible for leading the Rahneshire region of the Federation of Skye during the Succession Wars, and embodied the ferocious corporate spirit and warriors for which the Rahneshire was famous throughout the Commonwealth.[39]

By 3025 several spaceports were being built on New Kyoto to boost trade with the Free Worlds League and a number of major industries had been constructed along the coastlines of the four continents dotted around New Kyoto.[1] New Kyoto was a centre of the Pure Land Sect[40] Buddhist tradition within the Commonwealth as well as being the centre of group of planets with a population largely descended from ethnically Japanese settlers. The Toshodai-ji temple on New Kyoto housed the largest sculpture of the Amida Buddha known to exist.[41] The distinctive Japanese influence on the culture of New Kyoto is such that visitors to the planet have frequently questioned whether New Kyoto was actually the subject of an extended occupation by the Draconis Combine at some point.[2]

By 3067 the Kyoto College located outside the city of Yonei on Kalasaka was at the forefront of research into myomer technologies used for both medical and military applications. Discoveries made by those studying or working at the College had led to a host of improvements and developments in a host of areas ranging from BattleMech and IndustrialMech design through to myomer-based personal armor for civil, military and governmental agencies. The College also offered a wide portfolio of programs in engineering and medicine that allowed for work experience and internships with technology and firms and hospitals throughout the Isle of Skye.[42]

In response to the recent raids and assaults on worlds within the Word of Blake Protectorate, the Blakists launch raiding parties against various worlds around the Protectorate border in early September 3076. Making use of weapons of mass destruction to augment the damage inflicting, the raiding parties - few of which were larger than a single Level III struck at the worlds of Algorab, Alnasi, Amity, Bordon, Connaught, Hunan, Kessel, New Hessen, New Kyoto, Ronel, St. Andre, Styk, Tsitsang and Wei. Of the worlds hit, the Capellan Confederation took the brunt of the fighting.

Congrats, Demo! Well earned!

[KM] JokerPW Congrats and thank you so much for your effort all these years, Demo ! Cheers ! [ ]'s ...
[LT-COL] Demoulius Woooo!!! Thanks guys ...

Starts: FRIDAY OCTOBER 17th 10:00:00 AM (PDT)
Ends: MONDAY OCTOBER 20th 10:00:00 AM (PDT)


Greetings MechWarriors,

This weekend your primary objective is to drive down the MC and C-Bill price of the Stormcrow and Shadowhawk chassis' as well as for Mechbays. The participation of the entire MWO community will help decide the value of these items during a 4-day sale event starting October 21st when the event ends. There is no need to opt in, just play in solo or group queues and focus on completing the primary objective.

As you play, each match adds points to the Primary Objective score total, using the following values:
  • Assault
    • Primary Objective: Capture the enemy base - 20 points (per match).
    • Secondary Objective: Destroy the enemy team - 10 points.
    • Draw - 5 points.
  • Conquest
    • Primary Objective: Acquire the maximum resource points - 20 points.
    • Secondary Objective: Destroy the enemy team - 10 points.
    • Draw - 5 points.
  • Skirmish
    • Primary Objective: Destroy the enemy team - 15 points.
    • Draw - 5 points.


  • No opt-in required, all players automatically qualify to participate.
  • The event will begin at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 5PM UTC on Friday, October 17th and will last until Monday, October 20th at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 5PM UTC.
  • You may play with any and all 'Mechs to collect points.
  • Both solo and group queue matches will be counted.
  • Private matches DO NOT count.
  • The sale will begin at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 5PM UTC on Tuesday, October 21st and will last until Friday, October 24th at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 5PM UTC.


500 = 5%
1500 = 10%
3500 = 15%
7000 = 20%
14000 = 25%
30000 = 30%
60000 = 35%
120000 = 40%
250000 = 45%

450000 = 50%

[SSG] NoTime You see, you were degrading while playing MWO, Alex. Now you have to learn how to read again, oh no! ;P
[SSG] Alexander great I only have to win 22500 matches to get 50% discount. That's easy right? wait a minute in one year I played 6000 m ...
[SenSGM] Swordlord Interesting. You have to play to not pay (as much).
Fellow 'Mechwarriors,

In an effort to promote some of our more recently active folks and to find better Positions which better "fit" their particular talents, the following changes have been unanimously approved by Brigade Command:

- Hrunting to TAC:A & Greyfoxx to TAC
- Leif to DSR & Waeo to MaA
- Hercu to OIA (currently vacant) & Zeece to IO

I also threw in a couple of promotions for deserving promotees...

Thanks for offering to step up and assist!

[HPT-KM] Deathshade Congrats all!
[LT-GEN] MrDoggss Congrats everyone! Command continues to get the best! /salute

SJ1 Promotions!

[GEN] Arturus Steiner a posted Mon at 18:45
It is my pleasure to again recommend the following members for promotion and medals.

007mither007 - Commonwealth medal of Honor and promotion to LCOM

ELITE Venom - promotion to Staff Sergeant

Nootreeno - promotion to LCOM and Leutnant

StealthR6 -promotion to Senior Corporal

Z88Mar - promotion to Senior Corporal

Congratulations and thanks for everything guys. Keep up the good work.

As a side note, Merciless531 tells me he qualifies for Royal Benefactor's wreath for donating to the TS but I have no way of confirming this. Also ELITE Venom tells me that he used to have an alliance star but lost it along the way.

[SSG] NoTime Congratulations everyone! P.S. Mither, finally you managed to get this one (yeah, yeah, I know, your merits were succes ...
[SSG] Alexander Congrats Guys!
[SSG] ELITE VENOM Thanks and congratulations to all of you!

Greetings MechWarriors,

We are proud to announce the re-introduction of global payment options to our purchase systems.
Which options are available depends on your country of residence:
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Moneybookers
  • Western Union
  • Interac Online
  • InstaDebit
  • UKash
  • GlobalCollect
  • ElectronicCash
  • Maestro
  • Visa Electron
  • Przelewy24
  • SoFort Überweisung
  • SafetyPay
  • GiroPay
  • CashU
  • OneCard
  • Japan Credit Bureau
  • Yandex
  • QIWI Wallet
  • POLiPayments
  • EPS Electronic Payment Systems
  • Bancontent / Mister Cash
  • Carte Bleue
  • Laser
  • CartaSi
  • Malaysian Electronic Payment System - FPX
  • iDeal
  • Nordea
  • Mazooma
  • And more to come!
We note that a number of players have been requesting these additional payment options be made available so they can further support the game through MC and Collection purchases. We appreciate that the non-availability of these payment options since our August transition has left many players unable to make such purchases. With that in mind, we are going to be extending our loyalty programs for the following rewards:
  • Anniversary - MechWarrior Credits Reward: Centurion CN9-AH.
  • Anniversary - Collection Pre-Sale Reward: Atlas AS7-S.
  • Clan Collection Wave II - Month 1 Reward: 30 Days of Premium Time + Polygon Camo on Wave 2 'Mechs.*
For these three rewards, the new extended deadline is October 21st, 2014 at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 5PM UTC.
Those who have purchased between October 3rd and now can rest assured they too will be eligible for these rewards.

We also note that there are still other options we are working to bring forward:
  • Mobile Payments: We are in discussions to get MoPay options online.
  • PaySafeCard: We are currently waiting for UltimatePay to re-enable this option.
  • KarmaKoin: A Gamer Points card; KarmaKoin donates to charitable causes with each purchase.
* The Polygon Camo Specs will be made available on December 16th. Please note that only Wave 2 Collection 'Mechs ordered before the new deadline will receive the Polygon Camo Spec for free. If you wish to ensure that you get the Polygon Camo on ALL of the Wave 2 'Mechs, please order or upgrade to the Man-o-War Collection before the new deadline.
Standard Skye Timezone
October 2014
Welcome back, Zolack Sercie !
Happy BDay, Cipher ! :sick:
Welcome back, Tal The Sushi Man !
*HPG Update* Elements of House Liao's Warrior House Dai Dai Chi raid amunition factory on the FWL planet of Second Chance
Why is this not a full blown show???? [link]
Good luck on the challenge this weekend lads and lasses. Give'em hell!!
Welcome Shaggz !
Zeece has been busy today.
4 days till the new crispy gift mechs :sick:
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