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Published Sep 22, 2016
Heavy Deals with MC Starts: September 22nd at 10:00 AM PST (5:00 PM UTC)Ends:  September 30th at 10:00 AM PST (5:00 PM UTC) The Heavy Deals with MC Sale Event is starting this Thursday! Receive...
Published Sep 21, 2016
Starts: September 22nd at 10AM PDT (5PM UTC)Ends: September 30th at 10AM PDT (5PM UTC) 'Mech C-Bill Price MC Price ARCHER ARC-2R 6261235 -...
Published Sep 20, 2016
Upcoming Patch - Tuesday September 20th @ 10AM - 1PM PDT Patch Number: 1.4.84Standalone Client Patch Size: ~600 MBSteam Client Patch Size: ~850 MBPlease note that due to compression differences...
Published Sep 17, 2016
Greetings MechWarriors, The Energy Draw Public Test Server has been updated with a number of adjustments based on feedback, discussions, and additional testing. As highlighted in the original...
Published Sep 16, 2016
Published Sep 13, 2016
Operation Frontline Sale Faction Content 35% to 50% off All Faction Cockpit items 50% off Starts: Sept 12th at 5 PM PDT (midnight UTC) Ends: Sept 20th 10 AM PDT (5 PM UTC)   Faction...
Published Sep 12, 2016
Greetings MechWarriors, The Energy Draw Public Test Server has been updated with a number of value adjustments based on feedback, discussions, and additional testing. As highlighted in the original...
Published Sep 12, 2016
Published Sep 9, 2016
Published Sep 8, 2016
Skye March Tactical Feed
Fellow 'Mechwarriors,
As recommended by our illustrious SFC:A, KM-GEN Cipher a couple months back, I am honored to announce the following awards (Note: I have copied most of Cipher's email as I cannot add to his glowing recommendations for these fine officers):
"So this is pretty hard to figure out, because many of our command staff already have very high rank. But right now I know that these pilots deserve promotions:

Greyfoxx KM-GEN - Basically our best pilot, best leader, best DC- and does a TON of work prepping and getting everything/everyone in line for our tournament play. We would have a seriously hard time doing this without him.

Poptart81 COL- Always has good input, puts in a lot of time helping us in tournaments.

M4sterFl4sh HPT-KM - He's not in Brigade command, but he's one of the leaders in the Rangers for sure and I'd just like to see him promoted. Probably our best DC after Greyfoxx., always around, great player, vital to our tournament team.

Basically everyone here put a lot of time into the unit, are great players, good natured, and are VITAL to our tournament play success. They deserve to be recognized for their dedication, time, and effort."
Without further adieu and per Cipher's recommendations, the following awards are announced and posted:
I do owe these folks an apology as I have been wrapped up in family issues and getting our house into shape over most of the summer.
Although belated and long overdue, congrats, all! Thanks for helping out the Skye Rangers so much !!!
.../Brigade Up !
[HPT] Chopy I've always liked the quote from the Battle of Midway, "When you're in command... command!" ...
[GEN] Hrunting a Hip hip, Huzzah! Congrats to all, Very well earned and deserved!!!
[LT-COL] Sevronis Congrats gents!

Steiner forces were pinned down while defending a fortification in Sector 9 on Tetersen. The Falcons were relentless in their assault, having already taken out three quarters of the defenders while only losing half of their own. The situation looked grim as expected defeat flooded the comms until reports of destroyed Clan mechs taking fire from their left flank increased the kill count numerously. Smoke had settled in the distance to reveal the Grey Death Legion's dropship, Phobos.

"<Assaults, push towards them! Fire support, spread out and cover the assaults!>", yelled LT-COL Sevronis over the comms as a company of GDL battlemechs flooded into the base and battered at the enemy with an unending barrage. The Steiner soldiers finally had their chance to push back and rallied from their frontal position to pepper the Falcons in a crossfire of depleted uranium and burning energy. The tide appeared to have finally turned thanks to the impeccable timing of unexpected reinforcements. Both the Steiners and GDL closed in towards their opponents for the final blow. That was until the tell-tale smoke plume of artillery bellowed in front of the charging mixture of Blue and Grey. "<Strike incoming! Clear out!>", shouted one of the Steiner mechs over the comms. The warning came a little too late as a Long Tom shell blasted into the forward mass of the charge, and engulfed the surrounding area with blinding smoke and debris. When visibility cleared up, all the remaining Steiner mechs had been either completely destroyed or severely crippled beyond continuing the fight. The Legion's mechs did not emerge unscathed either, with only five that remained in operational fighting condition. 

"<You have no chance of victory, Freebirths. Surrender yourselves to Clan Jade Falcon, and you shall survive this day as bondsmen.>" announced the voice of the Falcon commander over the broadcast channel. There were seven Clan mechs that remained with apparent minimal damage and two more with moderate damage.
"<Neg>," replied Sevronis calmly. "<Once was enough for me. Or is it you're afraid to actually fight us any longer?>" His BL-6-KNT was actually the 6th one to remain up, but it would not have mattered - the left arm had blown off, the actuators in the left leg were damaged, and torso was heavily damaged down to the internals, but luckily the engine had not received any critical damage. He was a walking fish in a barrel.
"<Such arrogance! You shall all be destroyed! KILL TH- >", the Falcon commander shouted back being interrupted by PPC fire to his cockpit of his Timber Wolf from Sevronis' mech, killing him. One down.
"<Well bargained, and done>," Sevronis replied sarcastically at the remaining Clanners, goading them into further rage. "<You boys pull this off and I'll make sure you get a bonus for it. You know what to do.>" He added as Clan laser fire burned into his exposed engine casing and went critical, ejecting himself before it blew out to parachute safely towards Phobos.

The remaining GDL pilots moved into action towards the Clanners. Trat fired an alpha strike from his Atlas into the side of a nearby Ebon Jaguar's remaining right torso, destroying it in the process. That was two down. He pulled the heavy machine around to face an approaching Dire Wolf, which had suddenly toppled forward and lifeless from an explosion to its rear caused by Kurbeks in a SRM Griffin. Three down. ZeWolfie, piloting a Jenner, zipped, in and out between a pair of Timberwolves, a Summoner, and two Hellbringers, keeping them distracted. Meanwhile, Wild Dog in an Orion and Trat in the Atlas pushed forward, focusing on the legs of a nearby Stormcrow until it fell over. Four down. The Orion and Atlas trudged over to the remaining Clan mechs, weapons firing in continuous barrage. ZeWolfie's distraction did not last long as his left leg received a massive hit from a Summoner's large autocannon, but not before blasting an alpha strike into the damaged left torso of the Summoner, destroying part of the engine as well as half of its arsenal. it wasn't enough as the Jenner got its other leg destroyed and triggering the eject sequence. Aerei had kept a moderate distance from the fight, keeping up a steady barrage of large laser fire from his Pheonix Hawk, using its speed to avoid incoming damage. His laser ripped accross the rear armor of the Summoner, managing to hit a critical location and disabled the mech. Only four remained for the Clanners. With the light distraction gone, Trat's Atlas became the focus. Despite being able to put out respectable damage, the combined Clan weapons upon his slow mech was too much as the heavy armor in the center torso melted like butter and was finished off with a critical engine strike, ejecting its pilot. Wild Dog kept up how own barrage, managing to destroy the left torso of a Timberwolf and heavily damaging the other before his own mech was taken out of the fight and ejected. With Aerei acting as support, Kurbeks ran his Griffin straight into the center of the four remaining Clanners, delivering a constant onslaught of SRMS before being ultimately defeated during a midair jump and ejected to safety as well. However, in his departure he left a present of red smoke in the center of them. An aerospace bomber shrieked overhead and blanketed the Clanners in a trail of heavy explosions, destroying another Stormcrow and severely crippling the rest. Aerei quickly scanned his opponents for damaged, noticing the majority of their armor had been blasted away. Aerei skirted around the enemy, burning his large lasers into the exposed engines of each opponent in turn, taking out one of the Hellbringers completely and the right torso of the other. His Pheonix hawk by now had lost its left arm and taken moderate damage to the torsos and legs, but operation performance was holding. He positioned himself in the rear arc of the remaining Hellbringer, blazing an alpha into the rear of the left torso and down another Clanner. The Timberwolf missing its left torso charged towards the nimble medium mech destroying the right leg of the Pheonix Hawk in exhange for its own operation when Aerei's large lasers burned the exposed center torso engine. Only one Clanner remained and both mechs were vulnerable. Aerei's remaining lasers burned desperately into the approaching mech's exposed torso structure. The engine of the Pheonix Hawk was exposed as well by now. The Timberwolf fired one final alpha strike at Aerei, overheating in the process. It did not hit home after Aerei engaged his remaining jump jets in time to avoid the incoming fire, burning his lasers into the exposed engine of the shut down Timberwolf as he landed. The cockpit of the enemy mech blew open as it creaked loudly in its fall to the ground. A bonus was due after all.




Aerei - to SCP

wilddog13 - to SCP

Trat - to CP

ZeWolfie - to CP


- McKennsy Ground Pounders - achieved 1000 kills
- Order of Tamar Tigers - achieved 2500 kills
- Honor of Skye - won match as last mech at 1v4 odds.

- Master Tournament Qualified
- Order of Tamar Tigers - achieved 2500 kills
- McKennsy Ground Pounders - achieved 1000 kills

Congrats guys! Strength through unity!

[SSGM] SHRedo nice writing! need more of that results against falcons :d
[SSGM] MrKvola Congrats, gents!
[SG] Kurbeks Yay to Aerei the Clan Slayer!

It is with great pleasure I announce the 'Mechwarrior of the Month for September is HPT Carlson , a LCOM  in the 1st Skye Jaegers.  

Concurrent with this honor, Carlson is awarded the McKennsey Hammer (McH) Medal and his name will be in the User Spotlight of all our Rosters for the month.

Thanks for the service and hard work for the guild!

Congrats to comrade Carlson!

.../Salute !

[HPT-KM] Deathshade No surprise there. Your the coolest :dead:
[COL] Doninator YAY Carlson
[LT-COL] M4sterFl4sh Gratz Carlson!

Link: Bushwacker Lore and Blueprint

Link: Sales package and 'Mech Specs

[LT-COL] Demoulius *heavy breathing* I love this mech :d defenitly getting it!
[SG] Kurbeks Looks normal height, it's weight is in body depth. P1 looks nice splater and S2 as 2nd place. Otherwise quite bori...
[SSGM] Bragg Shadough I just hope it isn't too tall

Astronomers find an exoplanet that could be habitable ...and it’s as close to us as it could possibly be, circling our neighbor, Proxima Centauri.

Source Article:

[LT-COL] Sevronis Yes...we must lead our future to the stars...and the creation of the first Battlemech. And then our fandom will have bec...
[GEN-A] Arturus Steiner a How cool is that? They're talking about launching a bunch of microsatellites to Proxima Centauri, powered by a mega...

Event Highlights

Greetings MechWarriors,

Welcome to the 'Weight of the World' Personal Challenge and Leaderboard Event!

We're trying something a little different for this Event, with four Personal Challenges and four Leaderboards to cover the four Weight Classes.

Cumulative Challenge Details and Conditions

The Personal Challenge portions of this event are based on cumulative achievements in Quick Play only! Faction Play matches do not count toward these cumulative goals.

Check out the Goal and Rewards tables below for all Reward items and conditions. These Goals are cumulative, so achieving a total of 2,500 DMG in the Medium Weight Class Personal Challenge before August 23rd at 10:00 AM PDT would reward you with 2 Supply Caches. Likewise, racking up a combined total of 2,500,000 C-Bills in the Assault Weight Class through the course of the event will reward you with an additional one-time reward of 25 MC and 500,000 C-Bills.

Your progress in a Personal Challenge component is specific to each Weight Class! Matches in which you've used a Light 'Mech will only contribute toward your progress for the Light 'Mech Personal Challenge, for example.

However, you are not limited to playing in a single Weight Class for this Event. If you wish you could simply attempt to achieve only certain goals for certain Weight Classes.


Each Weight Class only has a single Leaderboard. All 'Mechs within the same Weight Class will contribute to the same Leaderboard.

The 'Most Contributing Mech' column is automatically populated according to whichever 'Mech chassis has contributed the highest cumulative Score (in the least amount of matches) across the 10 Best Overall Matches for that player.

'Total Score' is the total score for that player as a whole in the associated Leaderboard, according to the standard Formula listed in the Leaderboard Event Conditions.

wamX stood at the front of the room, a wee bit nervous of his first full fledged announcement to the Regiment.

He looked back at The Zipper and then to the room before setting his hands on the podium in front of him.

"Mechwarriors, it has been an interesting month..."

wamX trailed for a few moments, talking up the Regiment before getting to promotions and awards.

"It has been a slow month for everyone, lots of work and medical attention all around...

but nonetheless, we have three promotions for the month of July"

"Jonas, Templar, and Davros are to be promoted to SSGM"

wamX gave a respectful glance to the three Mechwarriors, before pulling out an additional slip of paper with a small piece of metal attached to it.

"I also have a special award for The Zipper..."

His face began to bear the same lippy grin that got him in a funny spot in the first place

"For his current recovery and acquisition of a lostech battlemech... the WLKR-1R..."

wamX snickered

"I present Zipper with this certificate... of 15% off the Early Bird special at any participating restaurant"

He handed Zipper the paper, which turned out to be a piece of standard copy paper with red crayon writing all over it.

"On a more serious note Mechwarriors... Jade Falcon is getting entirely out of hand. Our outposts on Skye are being hunted down and gutted, and Steiner territory is becomming endangered"

wamX motioned to the Zipper

"Just look at what they did to our beloved post-it note!"

"Lets get out there, and rip these vat-born scum apart. Brigade up!"

[LT-GEN] The Zipper 70 ton Bhargest...4 legged mech...2 extra legs to kick yo ass!! The green pigeons are DEFINATELY out of hand...lets see ...
[SSGM] SHRedo these little storys are allways cool to read.keep it up guys d[@_@]d
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September 2016
Welcome madmaper !!!
Skye Rangers got their Unit Patch!! YEAH BABY!
Welcome LordZilla !
FW, oh how I hate thee
22nd Skye Rangers logo and Grey Death Legion logo added in the next patch. Represent.
Welcome Louro & Kyatto !
LOL - [link]
Jaegers are doing fantastic in the World Championships, congrats and keep it up guys!
World Championship Standings [link]
won't get model shots until the count down, unless they do a twitter feed thing, like with the Viper, my thoughts on it are meh, it's not a crusader, but i'll throw money at it, for the bonuses, I can cancel if it turns into a turkey later
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