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Greetings MechWarriors, As you may be aware, we have mostly completed the migration to our new Data Center. You are now able to rejoin us on the Live Production servers.  We thank you for your patience,...
Published Aug 30, 2014
Event Type: Sale Event Begins: Friday, August 29th at 10:00AM PDT Event Ends: Tuesday, September 2nd at 10:00AM PDT 35% off on Mechs: Light Commando COM-2D Firestarter FS9-H Firestarter FS9-S Jenner...
Published Aug 29, 2014
Greetings MechWarriors, UPDATE: Public Test will be available at 11:00 am PDT and Live will go down at the same time. Make sure you restart MWO Public test installer to get the latest patch. We are scheduling...
Published Aug 27, 2014
Check out the Lunch Tuck Warhorn Available for 750 MC in the Mechlab - Cockpit - Mounted category. The Nova Is available for C-bills in the Store...
Published Aug 26, 2014
Published Aug 26, 2014
Vindicator VND-1R Tonnage: 45 Engine: 180 Standard Top Speed: 64.8 kph Max Engine Rating: 235 Torso Movement: 125 degrees to each side. 30 degrees...
Published Aug 26, 2014
Brother, A bureaucrat once said, "The sinews of war are money, money, money." He couldn't have been more correct... The mission postings just keep coming lately, and the bonuses keep getting bigger...
Published Aug 22, 2014
DATE: August 22nd, 3049 MESSAGE TO: Precentor-Terra ORDER: Delta RE: House unification now involving House Liao. Finest Precentor, It seems that an unprecidented unification of the Great Houses...
Published Aug 22, 2014
Published Aug 21, 2014
UPDATE 12:50PM, 21-Aug: Greetings MechWarriors, The final patch will be available shortly. We are aiming to begin the test now at 1PM PDT / 4PM EDT / 8PM UTC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Published Aug 20, 2014
Skye March Tactical Feed
...As the 4th "Albion" was cleaning up on a failed Draconis invasion, near the borders of Steiner Space (on some backwater planet), The Zipper (Batallion Commander) was sending a Hyperlink to the Skye Command.

"We took some pretty heavy hits on this one, Sir. But we gave as good as we got. Xantars was seriously injured. We're sending him back on the medical evacuees freighter. Apparently there is a field promotion in my near future...heh."

"We also had some great fighting down here. Suggesting AP514 for BCOM.

I will be promoting Mechwerker & Manchu to Lt's , and LCOMs.

Manchu has already picked Thunden as his Sgm.

I'll also be suggesting to recall Triforceelf and Draako at their current ranks and status...they've been on vacation long enough."

" I also need to promote:

Ajak911 to Cpl,
Chaos Alpha is Sen Qual,
War Duck to Sgt,
SR Nyx to Ssg,
and Roper Band to Sgt.

Transferrs to DSR for some extended R&R:
Jarvis Lancaster
White Cobra"

...In Service.
The Zipper
of the 4th Albion

[SG] Draako Good to be called up from the Reserves. Vacation was nice.
<Parduke knocks loudly on General Arturus Steiner's door and barges in causing the General's scotch glass to almost be knocked to the floor but fortunately the General's agile reflexes (and the fact it's a tippy cup) keep any of the precious elixir from escaping>

"Hey Boss have I got a story for you!!!" an out of breath Parduke exclaimed (it's like far and I don't like to run and stuff)

"Good Lord man what now?" the exasperated General sighs.

"So you know how you are always going off about doing paper work and cleaning up my office and stuff?" Parduke asks quizzically.

"Yes I seam to remember telling you this morning the command staff conference desk is NOT where we modify pulse lasers.... I don't care how small they are." the General replies sternly.

"Yah, yah, we'll get back to that. After you yelled at me this morning, I was cleaning out the old file cabinet and waaaayyy in the back I found this lockbox. Thinking Hrunting forgot some booze I couldn't just open it with a hammer. So after spending all afternoon fiddling with it I got it opened and I found THIS!!!" Parduke whips out something he had been hiding behind his back. At first the General cannot tell what it is due to the blinding glare, but slowly the image resolves itself. It's a rectangular shaped object covered mostly in gold leaf... a notebook in fact, plastered in.... dear God... those are rainbow unicorn and purple urbie glitter stickers and in purple puffy paint are the words "Hrunting's Journal of the 10th's Super Awesome Mech Kills"

"So I was consolidating this with some of my numbers," continues Parduke, pulling Bar NAPKINS out of his pockets with names, phone numbers, and kill counts scribbled across them, "and I realized we are a little short on some medals and drinking money and since you are all bored with paperwork and stuff I figure what a great time to hit you up for some cash... I mean promotions!!!"

The General slumps into his seat wondering how he ever put an alcoholic in charge of one of the finest regiments in the Inner Sphere, sighs again and says, " Just give me the damn list... and get that damn laser off my conference table you slacker."

Parduke salutes, grins, and produces from somewhere an immaculate sheet of the General's own private SR command letterhead with the following list:


Zabadoo to LCOM and the rank of Leutnant
Lorehunter to SenSGM
DanTheMayTagMan to SSGM
ArcherX to SSGM
Quickdraw Crobat to SSG
GiantMouse to SSG
Verenix to SCP
Lsp to CP

Tourney Qualifications:

Lsp Master Qualified
Verenix Tourney Qualified


SuperNobody to active regiment
Garthamatic to 10th RR
Skanmoto to 10th RR


For donations to the cause: Royal Benefactor Wreath to SuperNobody

For 2500 kills on the battlefield: Order of Tamar Tigers to Verenix and SuperNobody.

For 5000 kills on the battlefield: Honor of Skye to SuperNobody, yerDEAD, and Parduke (the greatest drunk RCOM ever)

Signed most probably respectably,

p.s. Please also add the following for DanTheMayTagMan to the above

Master Qualified
Order of Tamar Tigers - 2500 kill
Honor of Skye - 5000 kills
Ground Pounders - 1000 kills

Now that we appear to be making some headway toward community warfare, I thought I'd launch a series of installment posts on the Lyran Alliance's opponents. Whether you are interested in lore or not, you should understand it will have an effect on the  strategy and tactics of the Brigade and on the battles YOU will fight.

Lets begin with our institutional opponent, the Draconis Combine. This little bit of history is drawn from I encourage each of you to dig into it more deeply for a better understanding of the wars to come.


The Draconis Combine is one of the Successor States, located in the "north-east" quadrant of the Inner Sphere. The Combine is ruled by the Coordinator, the head of House Kurita. His court is located on Luthien.

The Draconis Combine has been ruled by House Kurita since its founding in 2319 by Shiro Kurita, perhaps a descendant of Takeo Kurita, a Vice-Admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II on Terra.

The Coordinator is a hereditary dictator, who rules over his domain armed with a well-equipped, fanatical military and an ever-pervasive, all-seeing civilian bureaucracy. Two rival intelligence agencies, the ISF (Internal Security Force) and the O5P (Order of Five Pillars) keep watch against any potential internal threat from commoners, ambitious nobles, and members of the Coordinator's own family. (However, the physical protection of the Coordinator falls to his own personal cohort, who are recruited from the military, not the intelligence services).

The idée fixe of the Combine and the Coordinator is conquest. The Combine employs a large, skilled military, the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery, that has often been used to expand the realm at the expense of its neighbors.


Unlike most of the other Successor States, the Draconis Combine is a military dictatorship, ruled by the Coordinator. It still operates on the basis of a feudal system, however, so most governmental apparatuses are roughly similar. The main difference for the common person is that they have no rights, only duties. It is often referred to as the Pillar of Gold.


Depending on the point in history, the Combine is divided into anywhere between three and five districts. There are both Military Districts and Government Districts. While the names are the same and the areas they control are nearly identical, there are occasional territorial differences between the two. This structure continues down to the prefecture level, each of which has a military and a civilian leader. The civilian leader (a duke) generally deals with the actual minutiae of administration, while the military leader (a Tai-shu or Tai-sho) makes the executive decisions.

No matter the position, a regional leader has the authority to rule as he or she sees fit, so long as no decrees from a higher-up are controverted. Of course, regional leaders must also interpret and carry out the orders of the Coordinator as best they can.

Past and present Districts include the following :

Pesht Military District

Galedon Military District

Benjamin Military District

Dieron Military District Formed after the fall of the Star League. Relinquished to the Republic of the Sphere. Later reformed by the Combine.

Rasalhague Military District Relinquished upon the formation of the Free Rasalhague Republic. Remaining worlds reformed into the Alshain Military District.

Alshain Military District Formed from the remaining Rasalhague Military District worlds. Almost completely conquered by Clan Ghost Bear.


The military of the Combine, the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery (DCMS) has traditionally been one of the strongest in the Inner Sphere. The Combine was founded upon the principles of bushido, the way of the warrior. Thanks to this, the military has a large pool of skilled individuals to draw from. Enlistment in the DCMS is seen as the fastest way to get ahead in the world, as every person in the military, even a lowly rifleman, is respected. The DCMS is also referred to as the Pillar of Steel and the Arm of the Dragon.


The roots of the Draconis Combine lie with the Alliance of Galedon between the worlds Galedon V and New Samarkand. Under the leadership of Shiro Kurita, the Alliance, rechristened the Draconis Combine in 2319, used threats, intimidation, deceit, and outright military conquest to expand. He established House Kurita, the ruling dynasty of the Combine whose reign was interrupted only by the rule of the Von Rohrs family from 2421 until they were wiped out in 2510.

Shiro ordered an assault on the Principality of Rasalhague in 2330 that was largely successful, except that the integration of the Rasalhagians into Draconian culture was never complete. The Combine also attempted to conquer the Azami worlds in 2497 with limited success.

The Combine was the last Inner Sphere nation to join the Star League. Following the League's collapse, Coordinator Minoru Kurita was the first Council Lord to declare himself First Lord, leading to the First Succession War. The Succession Wars were unkind to humanity and created a backslide in technology. The unofficial end of the Third Succession War is considered to be 3025.

Following the Fourth Succession War and facing the prospect of a super-state, the Federated Commonwealth, on its border; the Combine recognized the independence of the Free Rasalhague Republic to create a buffer state and secure higher-technology weapons through ComStar. These proved useful when the Commonwealth did invade in the War of 3039.

The Clan Invasion resulted in a huge loss of territory for the Combine, which even had to fight on Luthien. They were able to regain some of the lost worlds in Operation Bulldog. Coordinator Theodore Kurita sought to lessen the impact of bushido on his troops so that they would be more willing to accept flexible tactics that would be useful against the Clans. The kokuryu-kai opposed his reforms and launched a full-scale rebellion at the same time as the Word of Blake started their Jihad.

The Combine emerged from the Jihad weakened, though still powerful compared to their neighbors. After the blackout in 3132, the Combine launched an invasion of the Republic of the Sphere. A series of assassinations placed Yori Kurita, the illegitimate descendant of Theodore, on the throne.

Hey everyone,

We're still working on the Data migration and while our primary focus was on getting the Live game back up and running for players who have missed the announcements, we will be seeing variable connectivity throughout today on the Live production servers as we work on completing transfer of other services, including the forums and billing. If the connectivity is preventing you from joining us on live we invite you to join us on the Public Test server.

We would especially appreciate the following info from anyone who can provide it, please let us know your ping on the Test Server and on the Live Server, as well as your approximate geographic location and ISP (if you don't feel comfortable sharing city, state/province/prefecture or nation, we will accept continent/region. If you don't feel comfortable naming your ISP, feel free to mention what kind of connection type and advertised speed you have.)


Switching data centers isn't a lot of fun. Super quick style update.

Here is where we are:

- We have been delaying bringing down production until we have PTS live.
- Two issues have arisen with the public test build, one is the clan weapon changes are not as we intended and two is a bug affecting 32 bit machines.
- I have decided that I do not want to put up the PT build in this current state.
- We are going to take approximately 1 hour to get PTS live however it will just be exactly as you are playing on live now, which means no Desynch fix and no Clan weapon changes.
- Our team will be bringing down production right away to get started on our data center transfer work, we do not want to delay this work any longer.
- you will have approximately a 1 hour timeframe where you can play nothing.
- When PTS is ready in approximately 1 hour we will let you know.
- We will continue to debug the original PTS build.
- If at all possible we will put up a new PTS build later today so that we can get the valuable testing data of the Desync bug and the Clan weapon changes.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Were all running around and working as hard as we can to clear everything up. More when we have it.

[COL] Zeece Per Russ - Live Servers are back up.. but Website will probably be a while longer.
Hello MechWarriors,

As you are hopefully aware by now, tomorrow will be perhaps our largest downtime ever. This is to accommodate the move to our new data center. There are many advantages to the new data center such as being more cost effective while at the same time potentially offering greater latency performance to many our non NA customers. Besides that, there are a couple of really important reasons why you might want to make the effort to download the latest Public Test Client here and participate tomorrow...

De-sync Bug: This public test will have our latest improvement to the Crytek networking code to work properly for MWO. It would be very helpful if we could get as close as possible to regular Thursday population levels to see if indeed the issue has been improved/resolved. To be clear we can't be sure of the impact of our change until we see the bug in a high load environment, similar to live production. Also keep in mind that this isn't a fix to remove all lag from the "Internets", but to specifically address the de-sync bug.

Clan weapon balance test: As you know we have a large task on our hands to figure out the very best way to handle balancing Clan vs IS before the competitive aspects of CW come online. Over the past weeks we have been running various tests, and this public test, will be the latest one. In fact the last time we made a change to Clan weaponry there were plenty of people that stated we should do that on the test server. Well here it is, on the test server and ready for you to test. I am going to avoid telling you any of the details of what has changed. I am going to avoid telling you any of the details of what has changed. My hope is that you get to try these changes out and share your first-hand experience with us before the numbers lead to any preconceptions. Even with these changes, the Clan weapons still do more damage, have greater range, for the same or less heat, tonnage and crit space. In short they still very much fulfill the promises as originally stated on how the Clans would look and play. Within a week of the completion of this Public Test, I will follow up with another post on exactly what direction we will be taking on Clan vs IS balancing.

Thanks for your help and support. Please let us know what you think. 

by Nikolai Lubkiewicz

Greetings MechWarriors,


We are scheduling an estimated 24-hour server maintenance for Thursday, August 28th, 2014 beginning at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 5PM UTC. The reason for this downtime is to transition the game and services onto our new data center.


During this period of server work, you will still have ways to enjoy some ‘Mech action!


We will be opening the Public Test Server to all players so that you can try out the latest version of the next patch.


As an added bonus, we are also making all MC-only Clan Mechs available for C-Bills during the Public Test for new players to give these a try!


Remember that what happens on Public Test stays on Public Test: Your battles, scoring, stats and more will not be recorded onto your live account once the test is over. Also note that the Public Test is a separate installation from the regular game client.


Please note, the Public Test server system runs on less provisioning that the live game servers do. While we are not anticipating major issues out of this, we are expecting that some players may experience difficulty finding a match during peak times due to resource limits on those test servers. If you happen to find a "Cannot find match” error message, we ask if you could continue trying to launch until a match is made.


For those who will be unable to join the Public Test for any reason, we recommend checking out our friends at No Guts No Galaxy, who will be streaming throughout the test / downtime to bring even more Mech action right to your screen. You can also check out the plethora of other channels on both and!


We recognize that this is an unusually long maintenance window. As such, we will also be providing all players with active premium time during the maintenance/test an additional 24 hours on their live account after the maintenance has completed.


Thanks for your support!


Article Link:


For More Info, please check out the Public Test sub-forums:

You can download the Public Test client here:

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Nice we are 200+ now in SR :)
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Four (4) qualified receruits transferred out of the 22nd SR by Leif to active Line Regiments...congrats!
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