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Greetings MechWarriors, Mike Forst,  our IT Manager, will be live-streaming MechWarrior Online matches starting at 4PM PDT today on Twitch. Tune in to the Piranha Games Twitch channel to catch Mike...
Published Aug 28, 2015
Starts: Friday August 28th 10:00:00 AM PDT (5:00 PM UTC) Ends: August 31st at 11:59:59 PM PDT (September 1st at 6:59:59 AM UTC)  This weekend receive 20% bonus MC when purchasing any MC package! Check...
Published Aug 27, 2015
Greetings MechWarriors, We are happy to announce that starting August 27th at 12:30 PM PDT (7:30 PM UTC) the Public Test Server (PTS) will be activated to give any interested pilots a chance to get an advance...
Published Aug 27, 2015
STARTS: August 25th at 1:30 PM PDT (8:30 PM UTC) ENDS: August 31st at Midnight (September 1st at 7:00 AM UTC) With the Blood Money Event currently underway, and as we we continue to count...
Published Aug 25, 2015
Published Aug 24, 2015
Greetings MechWarriors,With the release of the new Forest Colony map in our August 18th patch, its chance of selection relative to the other maps in rotation was increased to give pilots enough opportunity...
Published Aug 24, 2015
Greetings MechWarriors, Services will be undergoing a brief maintenance period today to resolve the Community Warfare issues that arose after the August 18th patch.  This maintenance may require a downtime...
Published Aug 20, 2015
  Starts: Aug 20th 10 AM PDT (17:00 UTC) Ends: Aug 24th 10 AM PDT (17:00 UTC) MASTERY BUNDLE BONUS 30 DAYS AND IS FACTION PATTERNS Purchase any Mastery Bundle and receive an additional 30 days...
Published Aug 20, 2015
Published Aug 19, 2015
Skye March Tactical Feed

Skye Ranger Captives 4v4 Tournament players

Skye Rangers 4v4 Tournament!

This tournament lore revolves around a hunger games type scenario where evil Clanner lords have captured a brigade of Inner Sphere pilots and are forcing them to kill each other in their own mechs on a Clanner-controlled planet.
(This tournament will be Innersphere tech only)


1.) Best of 5 matches wins your ladder bracket matchup for the week. Your team's eject buttons have been allowed to be operational for the first loss only, after that, a second loss will leave you cooking into the chair in your cockpit.
2.) 1light, 1medium, 1heavy, 1assault per team of 4 mechwarriors.  Pilots may swap who is pilotting which mech at any time.
3.) Maxium of one hero mech per team.
4.) Round Matches will be played Saturdays as we are looking to have one bracket completed every week.  If the teams can't play out their matches on the Satuday they must schdedule with one another to have their match completed beforehand during the week.  Other-wise the clanners will simply murder both teams.

Salvage Report
5.) Each team will have a fifth member that acts as a Manager.  Managers can talk to other teams about tactics, and share information and misinformation alike.  They will revceive weekly salvage reports from the Clanner "Glaive" (Poptart81) and are then responsible for letting their team know what salvage (YES SALVAGE!) is availible for equipping in their next match.  Managers may sub in to play matches at will for their team.
If it doesn't fit with your current XL, too bad.  The clanners aren't about to buy you a new shiny XL to squeeze on that sweet new gauss rifle you salvaged in your latest victory. Consider chosen engine sizes when you deliver your START OF TOURNEY ROSTER AND LOADOUT>.  more on that to come. Make your decks versatile or you may find that intel from defeated pilots to remaining teams may be your undoing if you stack snipers, bralwers or LRMs for instance.  Choose wisely your commerades (cross regiment teams permitted), chassis, and loadouts. Preparation, versatility, and scouting will be more important than ever for achieving a win.
6.) Ethics Agreement:  Please help me manage the tournament by playing fair as keeping track of loadout information is cumbersome to manage and police.  I think in a mature environment like thte Skye Rangers it is one of the only online communities on the whole internet that we could even hope to achieve this. That's a big compliment.  Love you guys. o7
Winning Prize:  In addition to salvage to the winning team, and safe passage through clanner territory back to the Innersphere, the Clanner bastards have forged an award for those survivors to remember at what cost they live on.  The survivors will not doubt return with an Innersphere army to repay this favor of blood and death. 
(Aka the next CLanner vs IS tournament if folks hav efun with this one.)
You will have two weeks from the date of this
tourney posting [08/19/2015] to get that team roster to me. So to recap we need...
1.) A list of 5 players and a team name. 
2.) A list of each of those pilots mechs loadouts. Loadouts will remain the same for the whole tournament unless you choose to swap in some salvaged loot!
SR4v4 Tournament Ladder
Process:  There will be a meeting every week Sunday night in the TAC office @9pm to announce the winners and to post the updated visual ladder depicting tournament status. The following week matchups will be posted on the ladder aswell.  Salvage reports will flow into your manager's inboxes as we sift through the debris from the week's battles. No later than Wednesday should you have your Salvage report from the Clanners.
Fight bravely Skye Rangers.  May the odds be ever in your favor.      
- Clanner "Glaive"


September 3RD 2015

Again: Msg POPTART81 on the SR private message system with your team roster, team name, and team loadouts prior to the deadline in preparation for the first matches on Saturday September 5th.
[HPT] MechWrecher What time are the matches on Saturdays?
[SenSGM] Sevronis I would love to get in on this, but if it's in the evening on Saturdays, it will conflict with something else I got goin ...
[COL] Doninator Very well thought out POP you are an awesome person for your position.

Designed to prepare new pilots for the rigors of fighting on the battlefields of the Inner Sphere, the new MechWarrior Academy is intended as a 'living' tutorial and training system. Beyond its initial release in the September 22nd patch, MechWarrior Academy will continue to receive new Challenges, Persistent Features, and refinements in future updates.
Below are the current Persistent Features and Challenges that you'll encounter when experiencing MechWarrior Academy during this PTS.

Persistent Features:
     'Mech Swapper: Try out a 'Mech from each weight class without leaving the Academy.
     Shooting Range: Test the range limits and damage potential of your weaponry.
     Hot and Cold zones: Test the heat efficiency of your weapons under different climates.
     Time of Day changer: Allows you to run your training and Challenges under different lighting conditions.

     Pilot Challenge: Race to achieve your best time.
     Rapid Fire: Destroy as many targets as you can before the timer expires.
     Target Practice: Use your targeting data to find and exploit the weak points on dummy 'Mechs to destroy them efficiently.
     Gauntlet: Survive damage from waves of enemies while you navigate your way through a circuit of checkpoints.
     Running Cored: Survive the Gauntlet with a critical center torso. Twisting to spread damage is essential!
While the build you'll experience during this PTS session is not the final release build, we hope you'll nonetheless enjoy a glimpse into what's in store for MechWarrior Online; not just for what's coming in the September 22nd patch, but where MechWarrior Online may be headed into the future.

As the Summer months come to a close I want to reflect back across the past road map of June,July and August. I think it's easy to tell that we had to take a few months to add a significant amount of polish to the game as well as tie off loose ends rather than forging ahead with new features. Now many of those polishing items really feel like new features as they improve the game so much and were likely desired as much by you the existing fan base as they would be from new players. As everyone knows we are approaching a Steam launch and we have tried hard in 2015 to both make forward progress as well as prepare the game as much as possible for it's debut on Steam. These items have included:

- New mechlab with both collapsed and expanded view
- new mech select with custom mech profile image

These two items also came with significant improvements in the mech stats panel and other areas that provide ALMOST all the information a pilot could ever want at his finger tips and I hope instilled new levels of confidence in you the players in our ability to update and improve the UI of MWO as we move forward.

- Introduction of MASC with the wave 3 mech's
- new passes on both River City and Forest Colony
- New Spectator tools
- European and Oceanic servers

When we review the list of major features from June, July and August along with the VOIP, LFG tool and other features of previous months this year. Along with the features I am about to list for September the picture comes together that the game is and will soon be far more ready for a Steam launch than ever before.

Read all the details here

Fellow 'mechwarriors,

Soggy just emailed the SR command staff to let us know he will be moving to more casual play in MWO due to the arrival of a new healthy baby...

We all wish you and your baby the best, Soggy...take all the time you need and enjoy the little one!

.../Salute (GEN Arturus)

[SSGM] Jagg3d Congratulations! When they get off to school you'll be even more happy.
[PFC] GDL Griffster Congrats to you and Mrs. Soggy.

Hi Folks,

Now that Pilot Skill Rating (PSR) is in full swing and ranking on a personal level has begun, we would like to know what your thoughts are on publicly displaying your personal skill tier.

Please note:
- We will not be disclosing the match score > psr calculations.
- We will not be disclosing your actual PSR value.
- We will only be showing (depending on the result of this poll), the Tier (1-5) you reside in.

This poll will close in 2 weeks (Sept 2nd).

Paul Inouye

Standard Skye Timezone
August 2015
SG4 team could use a good light player for 4v4.
Welcome Silent Mok !
Last call for Intel Officer apps... [link] ... !!!
Fury: I'm looking for a manager if you want in for 4v4?
Chech out my match score - [link]
Seven (7) eligible recruits transferred from the 22nd SR to active Line Regiments...thx to Alexander Fury for processing the transfers...!
Anyone need a members for a 4 man team for the tourney PM me.
Welcome, Spardis...!
Don't forget to be picking your teammates for the upcoming 4vs4 Hunger games Tournament!!! Get me those rosters and loadouts!
Thanks, guys ! Aye, it's my 50th ... :sick:
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