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Come test the Launch Module!  When?  The test will take place on Thursday, April 24th, 2014, from 12:00pm to 6:00pm PDT (3:00pm to 9:00pm EDT)  Who?  Players who have registered to MWO before...
Published Apr 23, 2014
Pre-order the Adder Now! The Adder (Puma)  Built to emulate Inner Sphere design methodology, the Adder packs a punch with its twin-ER PPCs and single Flamer. In its default configuration, it’s a decently...
Published Apr 23, 2014
It's never too soon to prepare for that extra space in a 3-man lance, but sometimes you just need a little variation to mix it up or fill a role. Don't just dust off one of those silly old BattleMechs...
Published Apr 22, 2014
We know it can be a hassle to scrape up all those C-Bills from your enemies on the battlefield. Good news, ComStar will now issue C-Bills when you redeem MC in the Store! Head on over to the Bundles section...
Published Apr 22, 2014
3 New ways to celebrate Easter!  Colors!  This weekend from April 18 at 10am PDT to April 22 at 10am PDT get select Colors at 50% off the regular MC Price. Cyans: Skobeloff, Jungle, Grue, Sencha,...
Published Apr 17, 2014
5 Games, Free Mech  This weekend you can win a free unreleased Phoenix Mech! Win 5 games anytime between April 18 at 10am PDT and April 22 at 10am PDT, and get the Thunderbolt TDR-9S with a MechBay...
Published Apr 16, 2014
Until Saturday April 19, the Fractal, Buccaneer and Hotrod Premium Patterns for Phoenix Mechs are 30% off the regular MC price! Select Red, White and Black colors are 50% off!
Published Apr 16, 2014
The fairgrounds come to the battlefield this week with all your favorite performers. For 11 days in April, a Hero BattleMech is on sale for 50% off the regular MC price! This fair is no ferris wheel ride; Mechs...
Published Apr 11, 2014
Pre-order the Timber Wolf now! ComStar Relay Message 18838299-0F1 ORIGIN: The Rock DESTINATION: Terra SENDER: Kell Hounds (CO: Phelan Kell) DATE: August 13, 3049 -------------...
Published Apr 10, 2014
"Hey look over there!" Stand out on the battlefield this weekend with 50% off the Hotrod and Applejack patterns! For that extra eye-catching flair, yellow paints are also 50% off.Everyone loves their...
Published Apr 4, 2014
Skye March Tactical Feed

Delayed Ma:A

LEIF 777 posted 11 hours ago
Delayed Ma:AThose who know me well may take a couple cracks at a joke given the subject line :)

I am currently finishing my teaching term and doing my marks. If anyone is a teacher they know that this means I'm living off little food and spending countless hours with groveling students and mile high paper stacks.

I should be done all my marking by April 24th or 25th. Please feel free to message me , but understand I may be delayed getting back to you.

My attache Haze05 will be at the ready, but please copy both of us on any messages.

Thanks for your help and understanding my situation.

Good luck out there!

Leif 777
Kusak Snowtiger a Image edited due to size. Was distorting the website <puts the mech sized scissors away yet again and prowls off ...
SurlyMohawk The Wife's a teacher, i know how it goes. grading or exam times it's like living with a reclusive mouse that occasionall ...
Fellow 'Mechwarriors,

Due to RL issues, Dimentox has retired to the Dropship ReservesFerrous Idaho was recommended and has already volunteered to step up to assist his regiment (17th Skye Rangers) as its new Regiment Commander (RCOM).

Accordingly, Ferrous Idaho is promoted to the Rank of Leutnant Colonel (LT-COL).

Congrats & thanks for stepping up !

Zeece You will do great Ferrous... don't hesitate to call on me or the 3rd... we got your back!
Rylark Marckus Good Luck you'll do great

The SR 22nd is looking for clever , cool-headed , caring pilots to help our new mechwarriors succeed out there on the galactic battlefields. This coalition of willing pilots will have several goals with the SR ; 

1. Greeting new pilots and making them feel at home.
2. Helping any pilot with strategy and information about weaponry etc...
3. Transfers of pilots
4. Creation of SR training materials
5. Running with new SR 22 pilots and reaking mayhem!

Send Leif 777 a private message if interested. Remember you will be representing all of SR if you are chosen, so serious inquiries only please.

Thanks in advance,

Brigade Up! Leif 777
oggi86 o wow! nice poster Leif! Made me want to sign up! Probably would if I had more time online! ...
For all his hard work as Master at Arms (MaA) managing, welcoming, hand holding and ultimately assigning all our new recruits out of the 22nd Skye Rangers, Skye Command announces Leif 777's promotion to Leutnant-General (LT-GEN).

Congrats & Thanks, Leif!

Thunden Congratulations Leif!
ELITE VENOM Congratulations Leif!
Alexander Fury Good for you. Congrads!
Attention all Rangers.    Time to kill the enemy once again.

This Weekend you can win a unreleased Phoenix Mech and Mech Bay.  Win 5 matches anytime between April 18 at 10am PDT and April 22 at 10am PDT, and get the Thunderbolt TDR-9S with a MechBay for Free! No Opt-in required. Track your progress and redeem your TDR-9S & MechBay on the Challenges page on the MWO site.
Clstrike Just my luck it's the weekend I'm in cancun. :/
clownwarlord Don't forget Kusak you also have to get 5 wins for Ashuraa and your self.
It is my pleasure and privilege to present the Awards and Promotions achieves for the month of March for the 3rd Summer Guard.

Arislen - SSG to SGM
Heist - SGT to SSG
MadOne - SGT to SSG
Victor von Death - SGT to SSG
Baxyl - SCP to SGT
Chimiryaha - SCP to SGT
Brru - CPL to SCP
Longshaanks - CPL to SCP
Normon - CPL to SCP
Sardanis - CPL to SCP
jeffpreston - PFC to Corporal

Baxyl - Royal Benefactor's Wreath
Chimiryaha - Senior Qualified
NoTime - Order of the Tamar Tigers; Lyran Medal of Honor (He's already been awarded this, but it doesn't hurt to announce it again)
Victor von Death - Master Qualified

ELITE VENOM Congratulations to you all!
M4sterFl4sh Gratz guys!
Naseldrip Well deserved, Congrats to all!
From: LT-Gen Darkhuntress RCOM 25th Regiment Skye Rangers
To: Skye Front Command

I would like to annouce the following promotions within the 25th Regiment.

The below mentioned Mechwarrios have shown skill and excellent abilities warranting these Promotions:

Harbinger of wrath to the rank of Corporal (CP)

Iskander novena
troll kim 80
to the rank of Senior Corporal (SCP)

Laath to the rank of Sergeant (SG)

Oggi86 for his continous effort to support and further the 25th to the rank of Leutnant (LT)

In addition I have the pleasure of annoucing that Mechwarrior Windgazer will be promoted to the rank of SG and LCOM within the 25th

To continue the following mechwarrios have earned medals supporting SR and the 25th Regiment, destroying our enemies at every possible moment....

Order of Tamar Tigers (OTT)


McKennsy Ground Pounders Medal (GPM)


McKennsy Hammer (McH)

In addition to the adchievemnt of the medal, VWinter is now Masterqualified

Laath Congrats all and thanks ...
Naseldrip Well done, Congrats!
ELITE VENOM Congratulations to you all!
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April 2014
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Welcome back Capt.Squishy & ChickenToothpaste... Welcome tjraiderfan...!
Let's see about getting that 'Mech. :d
Everyone have a nice easter!!
Welcome Qunten & Doletron...!
Frustration... connectivity and client problems! Arrrgghh
Happy Easter!
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