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Published Jul 22, 2014
Changes to the Module Slot System In Vlog #6 we stated, that the additional module you receive when mastering a Mech was a Weapon Module. We decided to change this module slot to a Mech Module slot...
Published Jul 21, 2014
Published Jul 18, 2014
UPDATE Greetings MechWarriors! This week's patch includes a number of major fixes and new implementations for all players to benefit from. First and foremost is the ability to rejoin a match after...
Published Jul 15, 2014
Published Jul 11, 2014
Published Jul 8, 2014
Greetings MechWarriors! You are cordially invited to watch and discuss the 2nd Annual RJC Memorial 24-Hour Charity Livestream! Presented by the unstoppable xImpalerx and co-host DrummerGirl22, this...
Published Jul 2, 2014
Greetings MechWarriors, Due to the national holiday of Canada Day which will be taking place tomorrow, July 1st 2014:  The next patch will occur on Wednesday, July 2nd. Thanks for standing by!
Published Jun 30, 2014
Skye March Tactical Feed
Fellow 'Mechwarriors,

Following a week long vacation on Mizar, I am back on active duty. Thanks to Ashuraa and Kusak for not invading the Clan Homeworlds solo in my absence :)

It will take me a day or two to catch up on emails, promotions, etc. etc. so please bear with me.


[SSGM] Schwarz Drachen lol...Welcome back boss
[KM-GEN] Ashuraa deathdancer a Yeah, I knew the moment he got back. My happily cleaned inbox went from at most a small handful of requests a day to ov ...
[LT-COL] clownwarlord No one run away, just back away slowly and once out of side turn and THEN RUN LIKE HELL!
I'm back after some R&R with my true RCOM who likes to be referred to as the Acadian Assassin. It was a great weekend, but I see the paperwork on my desk, and I will be getting to it shortly. I'd like to also thank Chopy for his hospitality during our visit. :)

Hope all is well with the brigade.

[PRV] BlackMorgan Dat cat be pretty scary looking. Something about the beady, yellow eyes….
[LT-GEN] LEIF 777 Lol ..... I'll be waiting for you and your friends , I assume you're all coming in one car? nyuck nyuck. "Making e ...
[HPTGEN] Kusak Snowtiger a Welcome back Leif

The following Snords Irregulars are being promoted for their tenacity excellence on the battlefield:

Novran - Senior Corporal (SCP)
Will I Am - Senior Corporal (SCP)
Polkastein - Sergeant Major (SGM)
Geodeath - Tactical Officer and XO  (Also to BCOM and to HPT)
[HPT] Alexander Fury Well done lads.
[HPT] geodeath Thank you, Cipher for having confidence in me. Congratulations to Novran, Will I Am, and Polkastein. You guys are well ...

To HQ:

Here is our Update and changes to the 25th Skye Ranger Regiment.

As you well know we have added a complete Company to our Regiment and are contiuously fighting on the front lines with our Spec Ops Team to ensure that the Skye interests are secured.

Here is the new Command Staff additions from the 3rd Company

The13 will be the Company Commander (CCOM) for 3rd Company and promoted to Leutnant (LT)
ryoken3050 will be one of the Lance Commanders (LCOM) and promoted to Sergeant (SG)
Filoot will be the final Lance Commander (LCOM) and will also be promoted to Sergeant (SG)

In addition to this we have several MechWarrios that have earned promotions through their effords on behave of SR and the 25th Regiment

Part of these rank ingreases are also some promotions to LCOM's ( I did include the 3rd Company here as well for ease)
Attero - Sergeant Major (SGM) -> Staff Sergeant Major (SSGM)
Beeftain - Corporal (CP) -> Senior Corporal (SCP)
FiLooT (LCOM) - Private First Class (PFC) -> Sergeant (SG)
Harbinger of Wrath - Senior Corporal (SCP) -> Sergeant (SG)
Isky - Senior Corporal (SCP) -> Sergeant (SG)
Jizzo (LCOM) - Senior Corporal (SCP) -> Leutnant (LT)
Laath - Staff Sergeant (SSG) -> Sergant Major (SGM)
Renesiz - Senior Corporal (SCP) -> Sergeant (SG)
ryoken3050 (LCOM) - Private First Class (PFC) -> Sergeant (SG)
Troll kim 80 - Sergeant (SG) -> Staff Sergeant (SSG)
The13 (CCOM) - Private First Class (PFC) -> Leutnant (LT)
tsahi - Sergeant (SG) -> Staff Sergeant (SSG)
Windgazer (LCOM - Staff Sergeant (SSG) -> Leutnant (LT)

Last but by no means least...

we have some awards for Mechwarriors....

Quarkspace - Senior Qualified

And it is an honor to award these medals for services well beyond the call of duty

Isky - Order of Tamar Tigers
Machio - Ground Pounders Medal
The 13 - Honor of Skye
Sparrowhawk - Honor of Skye
Darkhuntress - Commonwealth Medal of Honour
[LT] The13 It's an honor to be a part of 25th Regiment:)
[HPT] Alexander Fury Congrats everyone on well earned promotions!
[LT] Jizzo Gratz, Brothers!
It is my honor to announce the following Mechwarriors Promotions. They have distinguished themselves on the battlefield and in life. Well Done!

JeffPreston - Senior Corporal (SCP)
Evan Graham - Sergeant (SG)
Tal The Sushi Man - Sergeant (SG)
Longshaanks - Sergeant (SG)
Brru - Sergeant (SG)
TcMalleus - Staff Sergeant (SSG)
testien - Sergeant Major (SGM)
Baxyl - Staff Sergeant (SSG)
NoTime - Staff Sergeant (SSG)
Arislen - Sergeant Major (SGM)
LugNut - Sergeant Major (SGM)
MadOne - Sergeant Major (SGM)

Congrats to all members of the 3rd Rangers on all their hard work in the month of June!

Brigade Up!
Col Zeece
Callsign: Mother
3rd Skye Rangers
[HPT] Alexander Fury Excellent work by our overwhelming number of Sergeants!! We should start a drill camp!!!!

You can find more information <HERE>!!!!
[LT-COL] clownwarlord Date stays the same but time is changed ... 09:00 am EST end registration 10:00 am EST start. August 30th
After a long break I have started to update the drop down Mechbay window again.    I have currently added place holders for all of the mech's   <I think may of missed one or so>.   I have completed the Light mech's at this time   <if I missed anyone let me know>   I have also added the Clan Mech's to the Mechbay.    Currently all images of Clan Mech's are classified and until MI releases the image's we will have to do without.   Adding the place holders should speed up the rate that I get the mech's updated.   Just adding all of the required information for the drop down bar took several hours.    I swear that the system was created by house Kurita and possibly House Liao just to confuse and complicate things.

QMR Kusak Snowtiger
[LT] Windgazer I know, I know, I'm crazy, but my favourite mech is missing, the Locust isn't in the list Only mentioning it because yo ...
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Congratulations to greyfoxx for getting MVP during the Marik Civil War!
Welcome Mugen0815, Bad Andy, Agatheis & Drogra !
LSP, if ya were you wouldn't be able to login without re-enlisting...I am therefore guessing you're safe...just be sure to login frequently to the website ! :)
I'm not marked as one of the AWOL am I? =(
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Welcome Calith A'resi, MrChickens, Naslo, Corran Cain, Purple Roze, Carlyle Junior, Luke, PPVRaid3n, Soulkeeper305, duomis123, hankdude127, Greeseman & Necrocalypse !
anyone want a Destiny beta code for PS4 or PS3 message me (and next week Xbox One)
MWO has just gotten stupid, I got trolled by a jenner in my lance that shot my legs and when I stopped and looked at him hit crit'd my head! Call me if it ever gets better....
Had a good MM game. I ransomed back a mechwarrior to MekSlayer. I guess he likes his officer.
i find that anytime before 6pm Skye til after 10pm skye is ok, that 6 to 10 slot tho, I don't want to throw the cheat word around but it's a different game.
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