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Upcoming Patch - Tuesday, August 4th @ 10AM – 1PM PDTPatch Number:   1.3.416.0Patch size: ~250 MB Greetings MechWarriors, You've seen it used before in promo videos, NGNG content, and in videos...
Published Aug 1, 2015
Greetings MechWarriors, Mike Forst,  our IT Manager, will be live-streaming MechWarrior Online matches starting at 4PM PDT today on Twitch. Tune in to the Piranha Games Twitch channel to catch Mike in action....
Published Jul 31, 2015
Published Jul 25, 2015
ALL SYSTEMS NOMINAL - EUROPEAN SERVERS NOW LIVE Strassbourg, France – Piranha Games global server expansion for MechWarrior Online is complete with servers now online for greater Europe out of Strassbourg....
Published Jul 25, 2015
Greetings MechWarriors, Services will be undergoing a brief maintenance period starting at 5 PM PDT / 12AM UTC to perform the following fixes: Resolving a server load distribution issue that had been...
Published Jul 24, 2015
Greetings MechWarriors, Our European servers are currently running below their optimal performance levels due to a server hardware issue.We have redundancies in place to compensate for these situations, but until...
Published Jul 23, 2015
Here are the Unit Statistics for the Hardcore Unit Challenge. You can find a post containing the Core Statistics here! House Kurita Rank Unit Name ...
Published Jul 22, 2015
As a follow up to the Community Warfare Hardcore Unit Challenge here are some raw statistics for everyone to chew on! Check out the Unit Stats here! Match StatsTotal Matches: 105,634 Total...
Published Jul 22, 2015
STARTS: July 22nd at 1:00 PM PDT (8:00 PM UTC) ENDS: July 31st at 11:59:59 PM PDT (August 1st at 6:59:59 AM UTC) To commemorate the release of the new European MechWarrior Online regional...
Published Jul 22, 2015
Starts:  July 22nd 10:00 AM PDT (5:00 PM UTC) Ends: July 31st 10:00 AM PDT (5:00 PM UTC)   The Origins IIC 'Mechs will be arriving on the battlefield this December! To mark their approach we're...
Published Jul 21, 2015
Skye March Tactical Feed
Hail Skye Rangers!

The following Members of the 17th have been noted for their activity and duty to the 17th and are duly rewarded.

PFC lifelessgraphiteplanet to CP
PFC Chaosbarbarian to CP


COL Ferrous Idaho
17th Skye Rangers of Terra "Boys of Summer"
1st Company "Knights of Summer"
[SCP] MrKvola Congratulations!

Harebrained Schemes is pleased to announce their return to Kickstarter this Fall to partner with Backers in co-funding the creation of BATTLETECH. Jordan Weisman, the creator of BattleTech and MechWarrior, is back with the first turn-based BattleTech game for PC in over two decades. Steeped in the feudal political intrigue of the BattleTech universe, the game will feature an open-ended Mercenaries-style campaign that blends RPG ‘Mech and MechWarrior management with modern turn-based tactics.

Russ Bullock ‏@russ_bullock

  • Very excited for the @WeBeHarebrained announcement of a turn based #BattleTech game.

Russ Bullock ‏@russ_bullock

  • Also excited to have an agreement in place with @WeBeHarebrained to bring art style consistency back to the brand.

Game Page - Kickstarted coming Fall 2015


[SG] Kalar I am looking forward to this. Could be very interesting.
[HPT-KM] Raudulfr I am excited and confident that they will do a great job. I have backed all of HBS's Kickstarters for Shadowrun and the ...
[SGM] ryoken3050 Waiting... <3<3<3

~Kusak eyed the pile of requisitions on his desk that were all filled out precisely and couldn't help but question how many hours were spent filling them out as he looked back up at the officer across his desk with his perfectly pressed uniform as he tried to tune out the officers tirade about the other pile of requisitions that had come in from the line units and in particular about the requisitions that were on post it notes written in crayon that graced the corner of his desk.   With a sigh Kusak leaned forward steep ling his fingers in front of his face as he looked intently at the way to perfect uniform of the col across from him.   He couldn't help but notice his admin assistant getting really small as she recognized the gesture of her boss~    So you mean to tell me that these requisition from a line unit that is in contact on the front line <he makes a gesture at the post it notes>   are inappropriate and unacceptable and that you are not going to follow my orders and fill them?    Do I understand you correctly on this?   ~The Col not catching the deadly tone of his commanders voice nodded and continued on~  Yes sir they are completely unacceptable and I refuse to fill them till they are done correctly.   ~Kusak Nodded and leaned back opening his top desk drawer and extracting the ancient Colt 1911 that rested there and laid it on his desk~   Col you are fired.   Be off the planet by nightfall if you know what is best for you.   ~ He watched the mans mouth move with no sound for a couple of seconds before he managed to make his body move and depart from Kusak's office~

~His assistant waited till the man had left before she spoke~  You do remember Sir that he was a noble correct?

~Kusak Grinned happily~  Yup I sure did why I didn't just shoot him instead.    Would you please be so nice as to run down to the comm office and have someone politely advise Col Zipper that he just got himself promoted to my QMR:A   it appears that I need a new one.    And he would seem to be just the person to make sense out of these Post it note requisitions that he keeps submitting.    And make sure he does not bring the crayons into his new office and that he has an appropriate supply of pens and pencils because if higher up see's this.   

~His admin giggled softly before she disappeared out of his office like a ghost on her latest assignment~

Id like to thank Zipper for being drafted/volunteering to be my new Attache.    He will remain the CO of the 4th but with his new title he is now also a member of Brigade command.    It has been a long time coming but it is well deserved.     In the coming weeks months. Years.  Centuries we will be working on getting the mech bay and other projects back on track

Thank you


[KM-GEN] Hrunting a Congrats Zipper! Welcome to more work! Um, I mean, we have Hans Steiner 69er too!
[SSG] Jennings Congrats! And may God have mercy on your soul, Kusak.
[GEN] Arturus Steiner a Zipper, thanks for offering to assist! and gratz on the promotion!`[1]

Collision Changes From July 21st Are Being Reverted Posted by Alexander Garden on Today, 06:09 PM in Patch Feedback - 1.3.413 Hey all,

As outlined in this sub-forum by a few players so far (and noticed by many more), the changes to collision that rolled out in the July 21st patch had some unfortunate side effects. Increased leg damage and 'Sticky Mech Syndrome' are the two most critical issues that were introduced by these changes.

As a result, in the August 4th patch we are going to be rolling back those collision changes to the way things were prior to the July 21st patch.

Putting on my No Fun Allowed suit [1]

to remind everyone that 'Mech stacking is considered an exploit. Stacking 'Mechs in a standard or CW match can lead to moderation action against the accounts in question. Private matches are generally up to the participants to decide what's acceptable and what isn't.

The changes to collision rolled out in the July 21st patch had the side effect of greatly increasing the stacking potential for 'Mechs, but for that and other reasons we are going to be reverting those collision changes in the August 4th patch. Those collision changes also led to increased leg damage when colliding with 'Mechs and geometry, along with something I'm calling 'Sticky 'Mech Syndrome'.

Just so that this post isn't entirely a downer, here is a glimpse at the Final FormTM [2] of the siege tower.


[GEN] Arturus Steiner a Gotta admit ... one of the more creative exploits in MWO ... saw this in one of the beef vids...hilarious ...
[KM] Xenon54z Impressive to say the least.

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Four (4) eligible recruits transferred from the 22nd SR to active Line Regiments...Gratz! 2 recruits await evaluation for transfer to the 10th SR & 1st SJ....thx to Alexander Fury for processing the transfers!
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