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Skye March Tactical Feed

Fellow 'Mechwarriors,

In the ongoing effort to re-energize the 17th Ske Rangers, LT-GEN Poptart81 has been appointed as the new Regiment Commander (RCOM).

I am afraid he will have to hit the ground running, but I have been sending over some fresh (and raw) recruits from Sangalamore on Skye to fill out the 17th's ranks. Let's see what he can do with them!

Congrats and thanks so much for stepping up to assist!

.../Brigade Up!

p.s. I would like to also extend my personal gratitude to Bragg Shadough and SlaterHater for also submitting applications! While highly qualified in their own right and the two 'Mechwarriors who stepped up first to apply, Poptart's previous regimental command experience won him the slot....this time :)

[KM-GEN] Cipher a Congrats brother!
[LT] MrKvola Congrats sir!
[SG] SlaterHater Congrats... They are lucky to have you as their leader!

Made a thread to group and order the videos taken of the Skye Rangers in action.  o7

Click HERE

[ARCN] Arturus Steiner a Awesome stuff! If you want any of these posted to our video gallery http://www.skye-rangers.net/videos please email...

Fellow 'Mechwarriors,

It is Skye Command's distinct please to announce the promotion of William Slayer to the Position of Master at Arms (MAA) and promotion to the Rank of Leutnant General (LT-GEN).

His charge is making sure all new recruits in the 22nd Skye Rangers that make the cut are transferred to active Line Regiments.

The Master at Arms (MaA) is responsible for all Mechwarrior training and recruiting operations. This includes mentoring new recruits in the 22nd Skye Rangers to become active Mechwarriors in a Line Regiment.  The MaA also reviews and advises on online strategies, tips, etc. to keep our troops current and combat proficient.

Congrats, William and thanks for stepping up to help the Brigade!

.../Brigade Up !

[HPT-KM] Deathshade Couldn't have given it to a better man for the job! Congrats Slayer!
[PFC] Burke Nichols Congrats - This is very well deserved.
[LT] MrKvola Congrats sir! Holler whenever you need any kind of support with the newbies!
by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Aug 6, 2017 7:00 AM UTC 88  comments
Countdown to Clan Heroes II Release AUG 15th!

Fellow 'Mechwarriors,

Unfortunately, the position of Regiment Commander (RCOM) of the 17th Skye Rangers is/has been open for a while now. In the interests of revitalizing the unit, I transferred over a few new recruits from the 22nd SR to the 17th SR last night. While there have been calls by some in Brigade Command to close down/inactivate the 17th SR, I am not willing to do so at this time.

As Copied/Quoted From: Lyran Alliance Battletech Field Manual, Copyright 2000, FASA Corporation, p. 101.

"Once counted among the elite of the LAAF (Lyran Alliance Armed Forces), the Seventeenth Skye Rangers faced Clan Jade Falcon twice during the invasion: first on Barcelona (subsequently regained by the Federated Commonwealth) and then on Black Earth. Both times the unit acquitted itself well but at considerable cost. Abandoned by the AFFC (Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth) on Barcelona, only the actions of an insubordinate JumpShip commander allowed elements of the unit to escape. However, the effort cost the Seventeenth almost all of its supporting forces. This wasteful loss of their RCT (Regimental Combat Team) fanned the separatist sentiment within the survivors, with the unit's pro-Skye sentiments cited as a reason for the AFFC's neglect.
Despite this and a subsequent ejection from Black Earth, the Seventeenth maintained its combat effectiveness, eventually returning to garrison Barcelona after the war. In the end, however, the unit's greatest enemy was not the Clans but the Lyran military. Seen as a hotbed of dissent, order AO-5730023 led to their relocation to Lost on the Periphery fringe and the re-assignment of key officers and troops to other units. Despite vehement protests - this action violated the Household Troop Agreement of 2883 that guaranteed at least half the mechwarriors in the Seventeenth would be natives of Summer - the LAAF turned the regiment into a "sink" unit. Problem cases from across the LAAF were consigned to the Seventeenth, from petty criminals and those incapable of operating within military discipline to those professing loyalty to Archon-Prince Victor.
The result was a steady erosion of of the unit's effectiveness, but the new "recruits" - combined with a dislike of the new Archon - placed the Rangers in an unusual position: favoring Prince Victor. With war brewing, the Seventeenth has finally thrown in its lot with Prince Victor Steiner-Davion, hoping to barter its support in exchange for improved conditions and postings in the aftermath. However, there are still plenty of hard-line pro-Skye elements in the unit that will likely make trouble if the Seventeenth finds itself in actual combat against Lyran units..."

As such, we need a new RCOM to lead this motley crew...Do you have what it takes to command? Can you lead others in drops and MWO battles? Will you stand up and be counted? :)

Please send your applications via website email to Hrunting and myself.

The position description is <here> and the position comes with a Rank promotion to Leutnant-Colonel (LT-COL).

.../Brigade Up !

[PFC] Burke Nichols Any updates?
[ARCN] Arturus Steiner a UPDATE: We have two applicants so far...Hrunting and I plan to make the appointment of the 17th's new RCOM within t...
[PFC] Burke Nichols I am glad to hear this. I was beginning to feel lonely.

Fellow 'Mechwarriors,

It is my distinct pleasure to announce the selection of SG Jexvrok, 'Mechwarrior in the 10th Skye Rangers, as 'Mechwarrior of the Month for August.

Concurrent with this honor, SG Jexvrok has been awarded the McKennsy Hammer (McH) medal and his name will posted on all of our Regiment Rosters for the entire month.

Congrats and thanks for the contribution to the SR !

.../Salute !

[LT-GEN] William Slayer Just saw this! Nice Jex, a promotion AND MW of the Month! You deserve it! o7
[SG] Jexvrok NEVER!
[KM-GEN] Cipher a Now if we could just get him to wear some pants...

To the whole 25th Regiement:

Hello Folks,

I have the pleasure of presenting you a long overdue and needed update on the Regiment.
I will try to keep it short and give out the needed promotions to all active members of the Regiment.


Phildor - To Staff Sergeant Major (SSGM).
Tobias Allardyce - to Staff Sergeant (SSG)
Master Exploder 2k - to Sergeant ( SG)
Beepfighter - to Sergeant (SG)
Kosmaj - to Sergeant (SG)
SpeCtaCular - to Sergeant (SG)
Poggle - to Sergant (SG) - two ranks up for his devotion and commitment to the 25th Regiment and to the Skye Rangers
HoustonWebster -  to Sergant Senior Corporal (SCP) - two ranks up for his devotion to the 25th Regiment and to the Skye Rangers
Huovi - to
 Corporal (CP)
Norseman24 - to Corporal (CP)

Congratulations to the above! Keep doing what you do to keep the 25th alive and kicking! We won't give up the Inner Sphere to them clanners!

Special Thanks to the one and only Col Skaza, for giving the perfect example of a good commander and being a role model Skye Ranger.

[ARCN] Arturus Steiner a Shaman, I just updated all of the awarded medal tags in the Enjin CMS and double checked your roster ordering...all good...
[LT] MrKvola Congrats!
Standard Skye Timezone
August 2017
Thirty (30) "Mechwarriors removed from the unit for being AWOL (not logging into website in >6 months)
Five (5) eligible recruits transferred to Line Regiments...Gratz!
Welcome back, Ioun Stone !
Welcome AshotGG, Livebait, Niebaum & luky7evens !
Gear up for the Weekend boys. We're going Clanner hunting. :-)
Welcome Bigbadvlad !
werewolfmaster...it's an Enjin issue...nothing I can do, except to advise to use a singular p/w for this site...apologies
FYI Login page says its not secure when logging in
Welcome Ian 'Viktor' Hannan !
Nice to see so many Rangers playing FP! gg's all
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