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Greetings MechWarriors, If you have run the Repair Tool since the April 7th patch, you may have noticed that it reports a large number of mismatched files. This is not an error; we made some adjustments...
Published Apr 20, 2015
10 New Reinforcement 'Mechs are coming to the Gift Store on April 21st! RELEASE DATE: April 21st, after the patch Clans and Inner Sphere are both receiving some Reinforcements this...
Published Apr 20, 2015
Published Apr 18, 2015
STARTS: April 24th, immediately after the 2 PM PDT ceasefire ENDS: April 27th, immediately before the 2 PM PDT ceasefire What is the Battle of Tukayyid? In BattleTech lore, the Battle...
Published Apr 18, 2015
STARTS: Friday April 17th, 10:00 AM PDT (17:00 UTC) ENDS: Tuesday April 21st, 10:00 AM PDT (17:00 UTC) Show your Faction pride this weekend! All Inner Sphere and Clan Faction Cockpit...
Published Apr 16, 2015
Weekly Community Spotlight!  Hello MechWarriors, welcome to the Community Spotlight!  This is a weekly announcement to keep you up to date on what’s currently going on in MWO’s player-run...
Published Apr 15, 2015
WHEN: Thursday April 16th, 6 PM PDT / 9 PM EST / 2 AM UTCWHERE: Town Hall meeting with Russ Bullock, President of Piranha Games this Thursday!! Main topic of discussion...
Published Apr 13, 2015
STARTS: Tuesday April 14th at 10AM PDT (17:00 UTC) ENDS: Tuesday April 21st at 10AM PDT (17:00 UTC) Greetings MechWarriors, The April 21st release of the Clan Reinforcement Variants for in-game...
Published Apr 13, 2015
Greetings MechWarriors, International traffic that is being routed through Los Angeles or Miami may experience connectivity issues due to a potential cut fiber in a major node along their path to our servers.We...
Published Apr 13, 2015
Published Apr 11, 2015
Skye March Tactical Feed

STARTS: April 24th, immediately after the 2 PM PDT ceasefire
ENDS: April 27th, immediately before the 2 PM PDT ceasefire
What is the Battle of Tukayyid?
In BattleTech lore, the Battle of Tukayyid was a massive campaign that pit the combined forces of the invading Clans against the entirety of the Inner Sphere.
As the sole governing body of Terra - recognized by Clan and Inner Sphere alike as the jewel of the Inner Sphere - ComStar challenged the Clan forces to a 'batchall': a ritualistic trial of combat which the honor-bound Clans would not refuse. To prevent the total devastation of Terra and its unparalleled industrial infrastructure, it was agreed that the ultimate battle would instead take place on the remote agricultural world of Tukayyid.
If the Clans achieved victory under the stated terms, they would claim Terra without ever needing to step foot on its soil. If the Inner Sphere forces were able to hold the line at Tukayyid, the Clans would agree to a 15-year truce.
When the dust had settled, the Battle of Tukayyid had become the single largest engagement in the history of ‘Mech warfare, and brought an end to the Clan invasion of the Inner Sphere.
The Battle of Tukayyid is the first major event in the MechWarrior Online Community Warfare Beta phase.
For the victor, the spoils of this battle will be significant. For the loser, there are still rewards to be gained even in defeat.
Whatever the result, there will be much honor to claim for Clan and Inner Sphere alike, and the names of the mighty will live on for all to see.
Who among you has the will and strength to lay claim over the Inner Sphere?
The Main Event
  • Tukayyid will be the sole battleground for the duration of the event. No other planets will be up for contention.
  • The planet will be comprised of 63 Zones.
  • The battle will commence with all 63 of those Zones under control of the Inner Sphere Houses.
  • The goal for the Clans is to seize control of over 50% of those 63 Zones by the end of the event.
  • The goal for the Inner Sphere is to maintain control of over 50% of those 63 Zones by the end of the event.
  • The game modes will alternate between Invasion and Counter Attack, but which mode you play will depend on the timing of your drop.
Along with the Primary Goal of winning control over Tukayyid we will also have Leaderboards, both for the Top Factions on each side and for the Top Units of each Faction.
Personal Challenge
There will also be a Personal Challenge, which will require that players achieve a minimum Match Score while participating in Battle of Tukayyid matches.
Specific details on the Personal Challenge conditions will be provided closer to the start of the event.
We have created 38 in-game Banner Cockpit Items for the Main Event and Leaderboards.
For the Personal Challenge there will be additional participation prizes available, such as XP, C-bills, Consumables, and more.
How you will prepare for the Battle of Tukayyid
  • You or your Unit must sign a Contract with the Clan or Inner Sphere Faction of your choice in order to participate in this Event.
  • If your Contract period expires naturally during the event, starting a new Contract with a different Faction will contribute any newly-acquired points to the Leaderboard of whichever Faction you decided to forge a new alliance with.
  • As of April 21st, the cooldown period for breaking a Contract will be 72 hours. You will thus remain aligned to your previously-contracted Faction for the duration of that 72 hours, and you will still be able to fight for that Faction.
    However, you will not be able to start a new Contract until that 72 hour cooldown period has expired.
  • If you want to remain with the same Faction for the duration of the event, you must either ensure that your contract does not expire during the event, or you must ensure that you start a new Contract with the same Faction.
  • If you want to switch Factions in time for the Battle of Tukayyid, you must ensure that you give yourself enough time for the cooldown period to expire.
Additional Information
  • A match must end before 2PM PDT on April 27th in order to qualify as a Battle of Tukayyid match.
  • Matches that are still ongoing after the 2PM PDT cutoff period will not qualify.
[PFC] Solid Au It would be awesome if we could muster a sizable force of Skye-Rangers for this. Our unit is pretty huge so this is a bi ...
[PFC] Mithrall Holy Terra! So good to see actual lore included in the game. I just read a book series which included the battle of Tuka ...

PGI is suggesting running the repair tool before the April 21st patch to save yourself some time with the upcoming patch.

MWO link:

SR :

[LT-GEN] Hercu1 yeah, its probably 2 - 3 gigs of data to download. Best to run it overnight. You can still play without running the re ...
[SGM] Mistydove Started running it at 6 pm late night and it finished this morning at around 4 am
[SG] Agatheis I set this off at 9am this morning and it's now 14:30. Granted, i don't have the fastest connection in the world (2mb br ...

"To Arturus Steiner,

   You said a great regiment, after a while I gotta admit. The guys have potential. They constantly improve and some of them I consider extremely talented fellows. I’m still trying to get the whole command structure running, but now at least there is something going on. Also I started the weekly training - skirmishes of the 25th regiment. Some of the guys, even seem to attend regularly.

   Lt- Col Demoulius does a great job of forcing people out of their homes and strapping them into their mechs for some practice. While Lt. Filoots with the assistance of Sg.Skaza and (field promoted) Sg. Bobby Zero organize preemptive strikes into the both Marik and Clan occupied space. The tiro saw a great deal of leading and action against the enemies of Skye. They do well to stop the advance of enemy troops and regain the already lost territory. Ryan Steiner would be proud of them.


[LT-COL] The13 If you are interested in taking part in MRBC league, here you got the link for sing ups, ...
[SenSGM] quarkspace Let the good times roll!!
[LT-COL] The13 VWinter It's good you bring this up. I will look into it.

[LT-COL] Sixnations wtf did I just whitness
[SG] Bobby_Zer0 I dropped in with a BMMU 10 man a few days ago.. they were really coordinated, and highly effective.. strangely dropped ...
[PFC] Tinytwo Very well done. LOL

Historical Turning Points: Tortuga

While the Jihad raged, pirates had their way with the newborn Filtvelt Coalition. Finally, the Filtvelters had suffered too much. They launched an invasion of Tortuga Prime, to punish the pirates in their den. But the force sent to exact retribution found itself mired in a close-packed city filled with traps and enemies too numerous to count. The invasion became a desperate effort to survive to return home, bearing secrets the pirates and their Word of Blake sponsors would prefer remain concealed.

Historical Turning Points: Tortuga uses the Chaos Campaign rules and gives players the option of fighting individual battles, following a campaign arc, or inserting it into their own campaigns. This PDF exclusive includes a rundown of the forces involved in the conflict, and several tracks that players can use to recreate the entire violent conflict on Tortuga. Only the players’ imaginations are the limits.

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April 2015
Welcome jhuang999, Mizzmo, SarahNautili, Jaden Hekard & Rhook Shaman...!
Nine (9) eligible recruits transferred from the 22nd SR to Line Regiments...gratz!
The proper pronounciation is Too-KA-Yid
I'd recomend Large, er-large, er ppc, gauss, uac5 for cw in terms of weapon systems sir
LRM's worth it in CW?
this fixin tool isnt a short thing...wonder if i can finaly set 64bit after it
Welcome KeyboardWarrior123 & DuckFish...!
Jordan.../Salute :sick:
General Arturus Steiner,at last we meet!!
MegaMek servers back up. :sick:
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