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Published Feb 27, 2017
Published Feb 23, 2017
Upcoming Patch - Tuesday, February 21st @ 10AM – 1PM PDT Patch Number: 1.4.105 Standalone Client Patch Size: ~153 MB Steam Client Patch Size: TBA Please note that due to compression differences...
Published Feb 21, 2017
Greetings all, As outlined in our last update post from February 10th we've received a lot of great feedback regarding every aspect of the Skill Tree during its time on the Public Test server....
Published Feb 21, 2017
COUNTDOWN TO SUPERNOVA RELEASE FEB 21ST Pre-Order the Supernova here! SUPERNOVA: 1 day to release 'Mech Lab Preview Watch Phil "Sean Lang" from NGNG  as he previews the Supernova...
Published Feb 15, 2017
Heartbreaker Challenge Event Starts February 10th 4 PM PST (Feb 11th 00:00 UTC) Ends Feb 20th 4 PM PST(Feb 21st 00:00 UTC)   EVENT PAGE IS LIVE HERE! Heartbreaker Sale Starts February...
Published Feb 10, 2017
Table of Contents Structure of this Public Test Design Principles of the Skill Tree Inherent Quirks and the Skill Tree Glossary Skill Tree Economy• Performing a Skill...
Published Feb 8, 2017
Sweet Deals with MC 3 Starts: February 10th 12:00 AM UTC (February 9th, 4:00 pm PST) Ends:  February 22nd 12:00 AM UTC (February 21st, 4:00 pm PST) Starting this Thursday buy MC and get an additional...
Published Feb 7, 2017
Greetings MechWarriors, We've resolved an issue with the Year of the Rooster Event tables not updating as of yesterday evening. All missing data has been populated into your Event results, and further...
Published Feb 7, 2017
Linebacker for MC Huntsman for C-Bills Feb 7th - 10 AM PST Linebacker for MC LBK-Prime                5,365 MC LBK-A                        5,395 MC LBK-B                        5,200 MC LBK-C...
Published Feb 6, 2017
Skye March Tactical Feed

Starts: Feb 23rd 4:00:01 PM (PST) / Feb 24th 12:00:01 AM (UTC)
Ends: Feb 28th 3:59:59 PM (PST) / Feb 28th 11:59:59 PM (UTC)
Time Left: 93:36:51

Event Highlights

Greetings Mechwarriors,

Welcome to the Supernova event! This week we're running an event more specifically catered toward Supernovas and Supernova pilots.

Why so exclusive? Well, we are also planning on running the Skill Tree PTS during this time with the latest and greatest Skill Tree build and we want your feedback. Some details regarding that upcoming update to the PTS build can be found here.

That said, everyone can still earn 3 Days of Active Premium Time during this Supernova event by completing the Star Destroyer Personal Challenge, because hey, we need to keep these Supernova pilots on their toes!

Supernova owners have a bounty of goods to collect, so if you don't own a Supernova Package now might be a good time to buy one!

Click on the tabs at the top of the event page to view the details of each section.


PGI has released patch notes and the new Supernova 'Mech final details!

This patch is mostly bugfixes and new items. The 2016 loyalty 'Mechs are going to be available for purchase soon as well. It's definately work checking out here

[LT] Kurbeks I know that skill tree was supposed to be here. But still there are many issues that shouldn't require too much tim...
[SSG] 3GOON3 Really looking forward to the new skill system, shame it's delayed but am glad they are making sure it's tuned...
[ARCN] Arturus Steiner a Beat me to posting this...thanks much, Agatheis!!!

Lt-Gen The Zpiier started off with " I see that our regiment is a casual in plays part-time.
I'd like to see some kind of coordinated effort to get together on a regular basis. If you are an officer and hold a position, this is your JOB. If you'd like to surrender your position (LCOM, CCOM, BCOM)
, let it be known you will maintain your rank. I just need a suitable replacement, so present to me someone willing to do it."
"With all that said, promotions are as follows":

Jonas Fenmore : promoted to SSGM
Lord Skippy : promoted to LT1

Congratulations gentilemen.

Lt Gen The Zipper
AS, HoS, OTT, KOS, GPM , McH, RBW, MQ, and QMR

All, I just wanted to update everyone. I just checked our TS server billing statement and we are paid up for another year:

Type Date Information Amount Balance
Invoice Jan 05, 2017 Invoice #3719747 $254.49


Payment Mar 06, 2016 Jason Larson-Graham ( $-25.00 -$405.51
Payment Feb 19, 2016 Charlie Permelia ( $-50.00 -$380.51
Payment Feb 07, 2016 Charles Watts ( $-5.00 -$330.51
Payment Jan 30, 2016 Daniel O'brien ( $-50.00 -$325.51
Payment Jan 23, 2016 James Krot ( $-10.00 -$275.51

Thanks to all that contributed in 2016...! We surpassed our mark for this year's renewal by $151.02, which is credited to our account for next January's invoice! (I redacted email addresses for security purposes) :)

If you have the means and decide to contribute, please go to the following link:

.../Brigade Up!

It was time to make up for lost profit opportunities during December, but that was expected when most were on holiday leave. The new year opened with immediate contract assignments to the majority of the regiment, even COL Sevronis joined in on several of them. As the days passed on, many of the contracts required special care of varied degrees. It had become obvious a group for special operations was needed. Sevronis already had two pilots in mind to lead this new group, the problem was deciding which one. Zimobog had rank over Kurbeks currently, but the latter had been the the Legion much longer.

"A Trial of Position," Sevronis stated calmy, standing with Zimobog and Kurbeks in the barracks, while other pilots gathered around.
"You want us to have a what?" Kurbeks replied with a puzzled look.
The Colonel smirked and gave a chuckle. "Sorry, old habits. What I mean is a duel. In this case I'll say it's five rounds, one for each weight class with the final round being the choice of whoever is losing after the fourth match."
"Sounds like fun. I'm game," Zimobog approved with a nod and crossed arms. Kurbeks nodded his approval as well.
"Excellent, I know just the place," Sevronis added gleefully, wringing his hands.

Everyone had gathered at a small canyon a ways outside HQ. The opponents faced each other down in the center with the spectators up on the ridges, and their Phobos dropship nearby. One point was to be awarded for engine desctruction, while crippling a leg or neutering an oponent's weapon bays each awarded a point as well. The duel began with light 'mechs, of which Kurbeks took the first round win, adding another win in the medium class round to his total. Zimobog managed to take the win in the Heavy round, but lost a second win to Kurbeks in the Assault round. With Kurbeks currently in the lead, it was Zimobog's pick for the final round, of which they remained in assaults. Unfortunately, luck had not been with him this time, as Kurbeks pulled in another victory. After the matches, everyone gathered near Phobos. 

"Well that was entertaining," Sevronis announced higher up on the entry ramp. "No better way to solve a mercenary dispute than with a duel, and with this I proclaim Kurbeks the new LCOM of the Black Ops lance, with Zimobog and Durando under him. Just need to find you a fourth."
Cheers roared up all around until the Colonel held up a hand for silence. "From this point forward, I'm also going to allow sanctioned duels between Legion pilots and anyone can be challenged. Hell toss in a wager or two while you're at it." The cheering grew again, and it wasn't long before Sevronis felt a small instance of regret at announcement. Several pilots immediately challenged their RCOM, all waging on a promotion if they won, or lower pay for a month if they lost. They all won.

"And this is why I don't gamble...", Sevronis sighed to himself as he watched the last 'mech he lost in being dragged into Phobos by the salvage team.


TL;DR version


Durando - SCP


ZeWolfie - SG

Aerei - SSG

Griffster - SSG

USTheComedian - SSG

Makeciau - SSG

Kurbeks - LCOM / LT

Congratulations to the above! Strength through unity!

I would also like to welcome Shuben who came to us from the Kell Hounds recently! They didn't seem too happy at him...for some reason.

P.S.- I actually recorded the duel matches. I'll post them when I get around to editing.

[SSG] GDL Griffster NICE! Congrats to all.

Fellow 'Mechwarriors,

It is Skye Command's distinct pleasure to announce the selection of SenSGM William Slayer of the Snords Irregulars as 'Mechwarrior of the Month for February. Concurrent with this honor, he has been awarded the McKennsy's Ground Pounders Medal (GPM) and his name will be prominently displayed on all of our Roster pages for the entire month.

Congrats and thanks!

.../Brigade up!

[LT1] Canefire Well deserved William! Congrats.
[HPT-KM] Deathshade Congrats Man!
[PFC] Bjorn Bekker Congrats! o7

BattleTech: Campaign Operations ($39.99USD)
Forge your forces and prepare to fight any battle across the Inner Sphere! Campaign Operations completes the core rulebook series begun in Total Warfare. While previous rulebooks detailed game play at various levels—from a single MechWarrior, to a BattleMech company, to entire armies—this final volume focuses on the forces a player will build and run through any level of play.

Campaign Operations contains rules for creating and running forces, whether a down-on-their-luck mercenary battalion, or a fully-supplied House regiment. The volume also contains complete rules for devising solar systems, allowing players to recreate existing star systems or craft all-new worlds to challenge each other. The final sections of the book bring several options to the table for campaign play. Building off of previous sections in Total Warfare and Strategic Operations, the Narrative Campaign, Map-Based Campaign and Chaos Campaign rules allow players to build exciting, fun campaigns of almost any stripe for their newly-minted forces!

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February 2017
Urbie hero!!!
Welcome ShadowReaperPrime !
Ten (10) AWOL 'Mechwarriors removed from the SR Roster for not logging into the website for >6 months...
good luck with the new PC, Garrick...!
Welcome Oberron !
Finished my MBA a few weeks ago and bit the bullet: for the 1st time ever, paid someone else to build a PC for me. It arrives tomorrow!
TS down!
Welcome Longshot, Dark Specter & Zeerwen !
Info on the new PTS of the skill tree and the end of non-consumable modules
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