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Published May 4, 2016
Tournament Structure: Regional Qualifiers: -  Round Robin format -  1 Match of Conquest on Canyon Networks -  Drop Decks must meet the 2/2/2/2 weight class restriction -  Total...
Published May 2, 2016
Greetings MechWarriors, After evaluating the implementation of the Long Tom and your feedback since the April 19th patch and the April 21st hot-fix, we have completed a server-side change to scale back...
Published May 2, 2016
Available May 3rd 10 AM PDT Warhammer for C-Bills WHM-6R       6,036,947 C-Bills WHM-6D       5,871,629 C-Bills WHM-7S       6,485,947 C-Bills Rifleman for MC RFL-3N...
Published May 2, 2016
Viper Concept Art time-lapse by Alex IglesiasViper Package Pre-Order Here
Published May 2, 2016
50% off Faction Colors and Faction Cockpit Items Starts: April 29th 10 AM PDT (5 PM UTC)  Ends :May 10th 10 AM PDT  (5 PM UTC) 50% off Permanent Faction Patterns Faction ...
Published Apr 29, 2016
Published Apr 28, 2016
YOUTUBE ARCHIVE Did you miss the live Town Hall last night?  No worries MechWarrior, we got you covered! Part 1: Part 2: WHEN:...
Published Apr 28, 2016
PRE ORDER THE VIPER HERE Near Manufacturing Plant DSF-8 Paxon Clan Homeworlds 13 March 3039   The enraged titan lashed out. The Kingfisher, ninety tons of anthropomorphic tank,...
Published Apr 26, 2016
Greetings MechWarriors, UPDATE 04/26/2016 Two additional items have been added to this hot fix: • DropDecks: Fixed an issue where clicking a 'Mech portrait would revert your Ready status when Grouped•...
Published Apr 26, 2016
Skye March Tactical Feed

The Comms officer got a whiff of an aroma he hadn't smelled in a few months...ozone and melted wax.
He half expected to see severed heads in the styrofoam box marked "Evidence".
Sad to say it was just PPC fried post-it notes.
He started with the biggest one, stuck together in a chain:
Davroslyrad : SG + GPM + MQ
Charles A. Korinnski (CAK) : SenSGM
Centure Morrals : CP
Skumm : SG + GPM
Blood Eyes: SG + GPM for # of Confirmed Kills AND Winning 2-1 odds.
Kristee SSG
jmill1231: SG
Jhondra : SG + MQ
ModPodge : CPL
Skabs to be reinstated as SenSMaj. + MQ+GPM+OTT

Transfer to the 4th Ready Reserve:
Tcaine, Atuday, Zazen , R3dk1n9 , JewishLumberjack.

Transfer to Ryde Company
Thunden, ModPodge , Skabs , Kdorsen , Wilddog13 , MechWrecher.

Transfer to Vega Company
Soulkeeper305 , Braxden , Jhondra

Transfer to Albion Company: The Zipper

The comms officer just said "oh shit" , because the next styrofoam box he'd be recieving WOULD have severed heads in it.

[HPT] wamX Zipper? In Albion company? whut?

Xenon54z flips throught catalog of upgrades for his mech. The ping of a new message on the computer pulls his attention. More promotions for those brave souls who defend Skye. Seems like the eastern sectors are getting hit with more pirate raids than usual. Well these fellows have earned it.

  • IRNBRU promoted to Staff Sergeant.
  • Jaxell promoted to Senior Corporal.
  • Lilo promoted to Corporal.

Taking another look at the catalog; a paint job on his mech. Xenon54z grins as he places an order and sets up transport to the eastern sector. The pirates will never know what hit them when his mechs steps out looking fiercer than it already does!

Intimidating Paint Job


The Skye Rangers have formed two teams to officially represent the Skye Rangers

Team:  SRoT Jaegers led by team captain Greyfoxx


Team:  SRoT BBQ led by team captain Hrunting

As stated in the orginial World Championships thread all Skye Rangers were invited to join other teams if they so wished.  Well one of our kind has created a third "unofficial" Skye Rangers team for the EU Time Zone and still has spots to fill

Team:  CrazyBeavers led by team captain Kurbeks

The CrazyBeavers have a few spots left to fill so if you are interested please contact Kurbeks ASAP.  You need not be located in the EU region but you MUST be able to play during EU times.  The deadline to have final team rosters in is May 1st.  (AKA THIS SUNDAY!  SO DONT WAIT!)

[PFC] Kurbeks I can take one more
[HPT-KM] Deathshade You only need 51 percent to EU. The rest can be from anywhere
[HPT-KM] Deathshade Somebody has got to the job of gathering up players. I think Kurbeks has done a fine job. o7

Another event this weekend Mechwarriors. This one is a chance to get free Champion Battlemechs!

Play as many faction games as you can this weekend! Full details here!

[SenSGM] William Slayer As evidenced by this afternoon's European Time play, we really need scouting as well as Invasion forces!! Hope to s...
[HPT-KM] Deathshade Time to get your Faction Play fix on!
[HPT] MarauderIID Srox came back to Steiner. I hope to see more rangers in FW this weekend and tonight.

Fellow 'Mechwarriors and Citizens,

With the recent patch from PGI to MWO, our recruit/kick cost has MASSIVELY spiked. It now costs the guild $50,000 x # of guild members (~350) per recruit to invite a new member. While we have ~900 mil in the unit coffer, at ~18 mil per recruit incoming you can see how quickly we will drain the coffer at ~10-20 of these per week.

As such, and I hate to ask, but every SRoT who has the means, PLEASE consider donating in game to our unit coffers...on a regular basis

At least until PGI fixes this horrid patch feature...

My thanks! .../Brigade Up!

[PFC] Kurbeks Even if you reduce users by 20%, 20% cheaper recruitment costs will still be very high. So you should probably: 1) a)...
[LT] Canefire I think No Time may be onto something...sort of a "boot camp unit" to keep initial costs down and sort...
[SSG] VWinter Actualy the faction reset gave a good tool to see who hasnt logged on since. All freelancer in our unit havent so if you...

Rangers! PGI is currently offering a free day of Premium time. This is ideal for runninf Faction Play over the weekend, so grab it and join us on Teamspeak! See this page on the MWO website for details.

[GEN-A] Arturus Steiner a Thanks, Agatheis !!!

Now available for preorder here!

The Cyclops is one of the oldest Inner Sphere designs, produced in 2710 as a heavy assault BattleMech and headquarters unit for Star League Defense Force field commanders. The most important feature of the 'Mech though was its advanced electronics, especially the Tacticon B-2000 battle computer, which allows the pilot to effectively command up to brigade-sized units

This 'Mech introduces a new feature to MWO, including an upgraded sensors suite, which increases the sensor power of nearby 'Mechs as well as itself. This is a quirk unique to the Cyclops, so additional information is available in an FAQ here!

[PFC] Burke Nichols I am in. Of course, you have to buy the add on pack to get the Command Console and the ECM mech.
[PFC] Cathy Nine days after my Birthday, so its already bought, was hoping for a crusader, but perfectly fine
[PFC] Jexvrok i like it's special command console. gives a boost to nearby mechs
Standard Skye Timezone
May 2016
Another Clan mechs for ordering, prepare for onslaught
thanks arturus
Welcome Dreggar & Kash...!
Welcome back, Adran...!
I feel good.
Just got to tier 2! Whoopidoo!!:d
Lolz is that laptop? congratz
Ghah!! after nearly a month I have gotten my stupid computer repaired and am FINALLY downloading MWO again.... Mobo fried out, taking the hard drive, dvd rom and wifi card along with it...
2 more plp for Tourney group needed
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