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5 Games, Free Mech  This weekend you can win a free unreleased Phoenix Mech! Win 5 games anytime between April 18 at 10am PDT and April 22 at 10am PDT, and get the Thunderbolt TDR-9S with a MechBay...
Published Apr 16, 2014
Until Saturday April 19, the Fractal, Buccaneer and Hotrod Premium Patterns for Phoenix Mechs are 30% off the regular MC price! Select Red, White and Black colors are 50% off!
Published Apr 16, 2014
The fairgrounds come to the battlefield this week with all your favorite performers. For 11 days in April, a Hero BattleMech is on sale for 50% off the regular MC price! This fair is no ferris wheel ride; Mechs...
Published Apr 11, 2014
Pre-order the Timber Wolf now! ComStar Relay Message 18838299-0F1 ORIGIN: The Rock DESTINATION: Terra SENDER: Kell Hounds (CO: Phelan Kell) DATE: August 13, 3049 -------------...
Published Apr 10, 2014
"Hey look over there!" Stand out on the battlefield this weekend with 50% off the Hotrod and Applejack patterns! For that extra eye-catching flair, yellow paints are also 50% off.Everyone loves their...
Published Apr 4, 2014
Hello MechWarriors,This Friday April 4th at 10am PDT we will be having a short server downtime expected to last less than 2 hours.The MechWarrior Online game client will not be available for this period,...
Published Apr 3, 2014
We watched as the lone wise Raven flew across the battlefield, feeding all kinds of information about the enemy back to our commander. We all feared for its safety as we sat safely amongst our lance,...
Published Apr 1, 2014
Greetings Mechwarriors, We will be taking live servers offline for 15 to 20 minutes today at noon. We are doing this to fix a couple minor issues we noticed with the backend. These issues are not affecting...
Published Apr 1, 2014
The data migration is finished and now you can return to the Live Servers! Public Test has been taken offline. Thanks for playing! Check out the patch notes here:
Published Apr 1, 2014
We're excited to announce the UrbanMech UM-R60! This little guy packs quite the little punch with 1 AC/10 and 1 Small Laser for popping off those Mechs you know are hiding in an urban area. With a top speed...
Published Apr 1, 2014
Skye March Tactical Feed
Attention all Rangers.    Time to kill the enemy once again.

This Weekend you can win a unreleased Phoenix Mech and Mech Bay.  Win 5 matches anytime between April 18 at 10am PDT and April 22 at 10am PDT, and get the Thunderbolt TDR-9S with a MechBay for Free! No Opt-in required. Track your progress and redeem your TDR-9S & MechBay on the Challenges page on the MWO site.
clownwarlord Don't forget Kusak you also have to get 5 wins for Ashuraa and your self.
It is my pleasure and privilege to present the Awards and Promotions achieves for the month of March for the 3rd Summer Guard.

Arislen - SSG to SGM
Heist - SGT to SSG
MadOne - SGT to SSG
Victor von Death - SGT to SSG
Baxyl - SCP to SGT
Chimiryaha - SCP to SGT
Brru - CPL to SCP
Longshaanks - CPL to SCP
Normon - CPL to SCP
Sardanis - CPL to SCP
jeffpreston - PFC to Corporal

Baxyl - Royal Benefactor's Wreath
Chimiryaha - Senior Qualified
NoTime - Order of the Tamar Tigers; Lyran Medal of Honor (He's already been awarded this, but it doesn't hurt to announce it again)
Victor von Death - Master Qualified

Naseldrip Well deserved, Congrats to all!
Alexander Fury Congrads to all our deserving troops. 07
From: LT-Gen Darkhuntress RCOM 25th Regiment Skye Rangers
To: Skye Front Command

I would like to annouce the following promotions within the 25th Regiment.

The below mentioned Mechwarrios have shown skill and excellent abilities warranting these Promotions:

Harbinger of wrath to the rank of Corporal (CP)

Iskander novena
troll kim 80
to the rank of Senior Corporal (SCP)

Laath to the rank of Sergeant (SG)

Oggi86 for his continous effort to support and further the 25th to the rank of Leutnant (LT)

In addition I have the pleasure of annoucing that Mechwarrior Windgazer will be promoted to the rank of SG and LCOM within the 25th

To continue the following mechwarrios have earned medals supporting SR and the 25th Regiment, destroying our enemies at every possible moment....

Order of Tamar Tigers (OTT)


McKennsy Ground Pounders Medal (GPM)


McKennsy Hammer (McH)

In addition to the adchievemnt of the medal, VWinter is now Masterqualified

Naseldrip Well done, Congrats!
ELITE VENOM Congratulations to you all!
VWinter its a honor... 12ish year in SR but...still i humbeled on these occasions... i have 2 hammers ...
I just received a news burst from our forces from the 25th regiment.   I gladly pass on their greetings to you.  Now with no further addo....

From LT-Gen Darkhuntress RCOM 25th Regiment Skye Rangers
To Skye Front Command

 I would like to post the following seperate as to honor the mechwarriors that have participated and taken the extra step to defend the Honor and Name of the Skye Rangers and the 25th Regiment in particular.

Over the last several weeks a Clan Invasion Tournament was held in which the 25th Regiment participated.

In the first of which the Team of the 25th Skye Ranger Regiment was able to obtain the 4th place in the overall competition (out of 19 Teams)

Just this weekend on the 12th April 3050, the 25th Skye Rangers had to step up again, against the enemy Teams.

2 Team stepped up to defend the name of the 25th Skye Rangers, 1 Lead by QuimMorius and the other by Demoulius

It was a 3 part competition requiring to drop within Conquest, Skirmish and Assault modus... (3 of each with 1 open drop)

Not only were the amount of drops given, but the time allotment was also restricted allowing for no additional drops.

Under time pressure, and heavy enemy competition, the 2 Teams of the 25th Regiment adchieve the 3rd and 4th place out of 21 Teams in the overall rankings.

It need to be stated that in the individual ratings the Team lead by Demoulius adchieved the 1st place within the Assault matches with a large lead over the next teams
The Team lead by QuimMorius adchieved a 3rd Rank within the Skirmish competition.

In addition to this brief discription, the matches were recorded and can be viewed within the 25th Regiment forums...

I want to congratulat everyone and wish them good luck in the future...

LT-Gen Darkhuntress RCOM 25th Regiment Skye Rangers

Brawler I still can't believe we did that good . Was very thrilled when we heard we where 1st place at Assault and 3rd place ove ...
Demoulius It was a very fun event and scoring 3rd overall was just the icing on the cake Id like to thank the mechwarriors who j ...
QuimMorius Well done fellow Rangers, I'm proud of what we achieved during this Event. Special thanks to my lance for participating ...

For her hard work and tireless assistance in managing the Skye Rangers and this website, Skye Command is honored to promote Ashuraa to the Rank of Kommandant-General (KM)!

Congrats, Ash, and thanks again for everything!

Cipher Congrats! You definitely deserve it! Doesn't that make you the only KM-Gen in the Skye-Rangers? Pretty sweet. ...
Swordlord Congratulations!
ELITE VENOM Congratulations Ash!

The House Steiner Hub and Clan Wolf Alpha Galaxy present:


Posted Image

Posted Image

Prelude: On 22 March, units from all over the Inner Sphere rallied to defend their worlds for an invasion by several clan units. The Inner Sphere crushed them. But it's not enough just to stop them. It's time to kick them out of the Inner Sphere once and for all! And so, we are putting out a call for both Inner Sphere and Clan players, mercenaries, and lone wolves to participate in this grand event.


Saturday, 12 April 2014.

What time?

The afternoon session begins at 19:30GMT. (Lance leaders must be there 19:00GMT to claim a lance channel and hear the rules.) This time is specifically set up for our European friends, but all can participate.

The evening session begins at 8:30pm EST. (Lance leaders must be there 8:00pmEST to claim a lance channel and hear the rules.)



House Steiner Teamspeak!

For more details check out the post on MWO or in the TAC forums.

Darkhuntress ok well 25th partiipated with 2 teams... Places 3 and 4 in the overall.... out of 21 teams
QuimMorius 25th participated with two lances in the EU session and we places 3rd and 4th overall. ...
Deathshade o dang. missed it ...

Due to some real life events Rigger is unable to be on and get this through to you three great leaders; Arturus, Ashuraa, and Kusak. So I am here today to send these up the line with Riggers rubber stamp of approval (also he is attached to rubber stamp again if needed).


For Posidon67: Tamar Tigers

Posidon67 47 years of age and still trying to save up for the Battlemech WARHAMMER, and now after he reached his 2502 kill and selling of some of his woodworking he can hopefully afford it. Otherwise he might drone himself in booze and scantily clad women before he gets that chance. So with out further wait I recommend Posidon67 be given the award of Tamar Tigers so he can use the bonus to get the mech. Otherwise he might get lost caving which I call getting lost in a cave due to his depression of not having his WARHAMMER.

Written by: Clown
For DisasterArea: Ground Pounders

No one is really sure how old DisasterArea is, except that he is older then dirt. He joined the Kell Hounds in its founding not as a mech pilot but originally to pay off his gambling debt to one of the pilots and members of the Kell Hounds. While doing so one of the bases where attacked by Kurita and so Disaster got called upon to pilot a crappy Urban mech, which has now been long retired. With the current piloting of the Griffon and Locust by Disaster he has finally reached a mile marker of 1,000 confirmed kills. Even though he would love to pad his stats with being a lady killer but we all knwo the truth to be the opposite. So now when not working on his own mechs you can usually find Disaster toying with his brewery setup he has stowed in general barrack closet. Other then that infraction which we choose to over look Disaster Area deserves to be recognized for his achievements and should be honored with the Ground Pounders Medal.

Written by: Clown
For Clownwarlord: Tamar Tigers

Losing a bet, Clownwarlord was off on patrol one day. had his torn up Timberwolf on autopilot during a long stretch of nothingness. He sat asleep dreaming that he was fishing, or hunting instead of course, don't we all? Alarms started to whistle and sound off suddenly, set off by a contact on his radar. Clown jumped up trying to wipe the sleep from his eyes, and slightly still hung over from yet another night of drinking with the rest of the Hounds. Squinting and trying to focus his eyes off in the distance he spotted to the top end of what seemed to be a much smaller mech headed the other way about 900m and moving further away rapidly. Radar and his tactical computer confirmed it was a Panther. It was pointless locking his LRMs onto it due to it being already out of range nearly. Clown popped up his Dual Gauss rifles, steadied his aim and shot both weapons at the intruder. He sneezed as his pulled the trigger and missed, allergic to Kurtia scum. He re-steadied his aim aiming just a little high now that this Panther has now gone out to around 1100m. He fires once more Nailing the Panther directly in the back of the head with both shots. Clown steers his Timber wolf towards the wreckage to confirm his kill. After getting to the downed mech he confirmed one headless Panther, radioed out for a salvage truck to come pick it up and deliver it for the scrap its worth. (gotta pay for all the lost bets, and beer somehow eh?) Taking in the sight of a good shot he rummages through his bag and eventually pulls out a fairly good sized marker. Turning his alarms back on he gets out of his seat and opens the hatch climbing out. There is a huge set of marks off to one side of his mech, he sits down and starts counting 1, 2, 3, 4, finally settling on 2499 with a huge and almost tearful grin on his face he makes the 2500th mark. Grinning to himself "Guys lost that bet! tell me I'll never get 2500 kills in this lifetime! they're buying tonight!"

Written by: Rigger

If these could get posted and medals be awarded please (some of them have been waiting months ... Posidon67's has anyway. And lastly thank you.

Respectfully Again
Clownwarlord BCOM of the Kell Hounds

Naseldrip well done all
ELITE VENOM Congratulations to you all!
Raudulfr Congrat to all of you! First round is on me (and depending on how well that goes maybe the 2nd, 3rd and 4th)!
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April 2014
Win 5 Games, get a Free Phoenix Mech & Mech Bay! Awesome !!!
Danger Zone!
humm what takes sooo looong
Turret fix while under ECM, finaly!
You forgot about the beer!!!!
and please don't spam the board...m,y post is sufficient :)
FYI...I just posted on our Guild's behalf in the PGI "Be Featured" Thread: [link] ...
Welcome TCAT11 !
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